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    We are very happy to welcome Catarina and Thomas to the strategically important role as asset manager. I am confident that their extensive experience will strengthen Kungsleden’s leading position in the Mälaren Valley and further develop our offering to local clients,”
    Mats Eriksson, Head of Real Estate Mälaren Valley, Kungsleden
    I am very much looking forward to starting at Kungsleden, which has made an impressive journey in recent years when it comes to switching to the long-term ownership and development of real estate. It’s motivating to be part of a successful team for Västerås’ largest property owner in one of Sweden's strongest growth locations
    Catarina Lundén
    It’s going to be exciting to develop the cluster Västerås City and create an even more attractive offering for new and current tenants. I also look forward to contributing with my experience to the team in Västerås and being a part of Kungsleden's corporate culture with values such as professionalism, consideration and joy
    Thomas Lundin
    We welcome Mölndals Däckservice as a tenant of ours
    Patrick Bernvid, Asset Manager at Kungsleden
    We are pleased that Kungsleden was able to provide us with suitable premises in a good location in Mölndal. We are a modern service station that offers everything from car services and repairs to the changing of tires and the storage of tires in our tire hotel. Accessibility and good facilities are prerequisites for our business
    Magnus Stenblock, CEO of Mölndals Däckservice
    We are happy about our partnership with an ambitious tenant that wants to contribute of Västerås City. For Kungsleden, it is important to have a strong hotel operator that constantly strives to develop its concepts and business. This initiative is further proof that the area is sought after and that Kungsleden is an attractive development partner
    Mats Eriksson, Head of Real Estate Mälaren Valley at Kungsleden.
    The prolonged cooperation enables us to invest in a completely new and unique spa experience, complete the renovation of all 202 rooms and corridors, and build an entirely new hotel entrance. All this makes our accommodation even more attractive to guests. I have wanted to take this step for a long time and it is fantastic to be able to realize it together with Kungsleden
    Tobias Hultberg, CEO of Hotel Plaza, Aros Congress Center and Hotel Esplanade.
    It feels great that we have found a property that meets our needs in Gärdet/Frihamnen. The fact that the neighbourhood is a media cluster suits us very well. Besides, we have already used studio premises in Rotterdam 1, so we are very familiar with them
    Per Tellander, CEO at Kanal 75
    We are very pleased to welcome Kanal 75 as a tenant. I hope and believe they will feel at home in Gärdet/Frihamnen, which is one of our priority clusters with great future prospects and an excellent location, close to Stockholms city, water and green spaces,
    Sven Stork, Head of Real Estate Stockholm at Kungsleden
    It's really gratifying to see so many of our employees on the leaderboard. A great tribute to our fantastic leasing team! Having a strong leasing organisation is very important for us as a long-term property owner with a focus on customer needs
    Biljana Pehrsson, CEO Kungsleden
    One of our key success factors is that we manage to be responsive to the needs of both existing and potential customers. This is facilitated by an increasingly concentrated real estate portfolio and a leasing team with really good local knowledge
    Lena Bredberg, Leasing Manager Kungsleden
    ”The Welandson family has been a shareholder of Kungsleden for several years over which we have gradually increased our ownership position. To us, this is a strategic and long-term holding. I am supportive of both Kungsleden´s new strategy and the transformation work that the board and senior management have completed over these years. Looking forward, we intend to keep our long-term ownership interest and we support the board´s proposal for a rights issue. As an expression of our support, we have committed to subscribe for the new shares pro-rata to our current shareholding and will underwrite the rights issue. We see this as a step towards further strengthening Kungsleden’s financial position as well as securing the Company´s strategy and future”.
    Gösta Welandson, largest shareholder in Kungsleden
    ”Today, Kungsleden is a high-quality property company which aims to deliver attractive total returns to our shareholders and build sustainable shareholder value. I am pleased that our main shareholder Gösta Welandson has expressed his support for the strategy developed by the board and management, and that he is willing to back the proposed rights issue. The rights issue will strengthen the Company´s financial position and enables reduction of financial leverage. Kungsleden will continue to refine its property portfolio and aims for financially disciplined growth. We have identified a large number of organic investment opportunities in the existing property portfolio, resulting not least from strong new lettings in 2016. Furthermore, we are continuously exploring selective and strategic add-on acquisitions in our clusters, of which the acquisition of Emporia Office in Hyllie in Malmö is a recent example”.
    Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Kungsleden
    JumpYard is going to be a trampoline park for everyone. The guests, everyone from children’s parties to corporate parties, will experience something new and really fun here. We’ve spent 18 months searching for the perfect location for a trampoline park in Stockholm, and we’ve finally found our dream space.
    Pelle Möller and Anders Karlberg
    I’m extremely pleased that we’ve been able to help JumpYard find a space that suits their operation and that has a location that will be a new destination for many Stockholmers in the future. We wish them the best of luck with this exciting new concept, and warmly welcome them as our tenant
    Sven Stork, regional manager of Stockholm at Kungsleden
    Ulrica Sjöswärd is highly experienced when it comes to property management and has a thorough knowledge of the property market in Gothenburg and southwest Sweden. With the addition of Ulrica, Kungsleden will gain a Head of Real Estate capable of leading the new asset management unit into the next growth phase. I’m delighted that Ulrica has chosen to join us and we welcome her to the team
    Biljana Pehrsson, CEO at Kungsleden
    I’m proud to have been given this opportunity and look forward to contributing my experience to the expertise of Kungsleden’s employees and together taking Kungsleden forward in Gothenburg and Malmö
    Ulrica Sjöswärd
    We are delighted to acquire this attractive office property in prime location at Emporia shopping center and Hyllie station. The property is a good complement to Kungsleden’s cluster in Hyllie and strengthens our customer offering in Malmö. The property is almost fully leased and we look forward to welcome tenants as Capgemini, Lantmäteriet, Peugeot and Atos Medical to us
    Ylva Sarby Westman, deputy CEO and CIO at Kungsleden
    I am very pleased that we have begun to realize the value of the residential development potential that we have identified in the portfolio. To sell properties with housing potential during ongoing zoning plan processes is in line with our strategy regarding potential building rights, that we adopted in the third quarter of 2016
    Ylva Sarby Westman, Deputy CEO and CIO Kungsleden
    We have identified an extensive residential development potential in Kungsleden's property portfolio and we are very pleased that we are now beginning to realize this potential.
    Ylva Sarby Westman, Deputy CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Kungsleden
    Biljana Pehrsson, CEO at Kungsleden.
    Our long-term ambition is to become one of Sweden’s largest and most profitable high-quality property companies. The fact that we now are a Large Cap company is yet another proof that we are moving in the right direction
    We are very proud to welcome the City of Gothenburg as tenant in Högsbo. They are our tenant in other parts of Gothenburg as well and we know their operations and requirements quite well. Högsbo has an exciting future ahead and has ambitious development plans that the city of Gothenburg manages in collaboration with us and other property owners in the area. This brings an additional positive dimension to this leasing.
    Nicklas Arfvidsson, Regional Manager Gothenburg at Kungsleden
    We are delighted that Jobman has chosen to stay on as a tenant in Upplands Väsby. As a long-term property owner it’s important to establish strong relations with our tenants so that we can offer the best possible product based on their needs. I believe Jobman’s decision to stay with us for an additional five years is proof that we have succeed
    Sven Stork, Regional Manager Stockholm at Kungsleden
    We are delighted that investor interest was high. Bonds spread the risks in our combined borrowings and are therefore an important funding source for Kungsleden
    Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Kungsleden
    We are delighted to be able to welcome Umia Stockholm as our tenant. The fact that we quickly could see to their requirements regarding location, space and scope shows the strength in our cluster strategy. Umia is also in the forefront of its industry, which we can relate to. We now look forward to a long relationship with Umia
    Fredrik Lindén, Lease Manager at Kungsleden
    Adding Stockholm to our business is an important milestone in Umia’s continued expansion. The premises in Västberga suit our requirements and needs with its strategic location allowing us to swiftly access the entire region
    Rolf Danielsson, CEO Umia Stockholm AB
    We have for quite some time studied how Holar 1 can be utilized in the best possible way for both tenants and us as owners. Organisations in Kista require flexible accommodation solutions and Holar 1 has a location close to green areas in a calm part of Kista suitable for residential purposes. This is why we look forward to working with Kista Hotel Apartments in the development of Holar 1 into an apartment hotel of the highest quality and with an exciting concept
    Frida Stannow Lind, Head of Property Development at Kungsleden
    With our experience from the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as our work at our sister hotel Slagsta Gate Hotell, we see great potential in developing the Holar 1 property. Kungsleden has a vision and concept that correlates with ours, enabling us to quickly get an exciting and modern product in place in Kista City. The hotel will function as a second home for those either on weekly commutes or those travelling in from abroad on short-term contracts
    Anders Olofsson, Partner and Chairman at Kista Hotel Apartments
    We are of course glad to be able to welcome MKS Instruments AB to Isblocket, and that we have now filled the property with exciting companies who all contribute to Hyllie’s impressive growth. We look forward to, in cooperation with our tenants, actively take part in the development of Malmö’s most expansive area
    Tobias Nilsson, Property Manager at Kungsleden
    We look forward to moving into Isblocket this summer! Hyllie is of interest to us as the location enables us to recruit from both Copenhagen and southern Sweden. The close proximity to Copenhagen Airport is also of importance as we have international employees who regularly travel to Malmö. We are excited to be able to move into these new and modern premises, which will be the basis for our global activities and growth ambitions
    Jakob Mohr Christensen, CEO at MKS Instruments AB
    We are delighted to lease such a large and well-known space to a brand new entertainment concept that will become an important contribution to Växjö and its inhabitants. We will adapt the premises in close dialogue with Knock ‘em Down so that we create the best possible circumstances for the business, the customers and the property
    Tobias Nilsson, Property Manager Kungsleden
    We are proud and happy to finally realise our vision. Starting this autumn Knock ‘em Down will open its doors on Västra Esplanaden in Växjö with bowling, pool, shuffleboard as well as a restaurant and a bar. It will be an exciting and fantastic journey for all of us
    Malin Berggren, Knock 'em Down
    We are delighted to be able to welcome Team Sportia as a tenant at Kungsleden. Team Sportia’s concept and offering to the people of Malmö could not come at a better time as Malmö has been voted “Bicycle City of the Year” four years in a row. We believe it is important to match each property’s attributes and location with our tenant’s offering and needs, which we believe we have succeeded with in terms of the agreement with Team Sportia
    Peter Olsson, Property Manager Kungsleden
    Kungsleden’s property in Jägersro is located in a well positioned and established retail area. Together with Kungsleden, we wish to create a unique offering to the people of Malmö in what will likely be the largest bicycle store in Scania
    Jesper Andersson, Team Sportia
    Stockholm is a unique city with fantastic open areas behind our beautiful facades, but often closed off for the general public. Instead, we want to open a welcoming courtyard and create a destination together with Nobis – an oasis in the city – in Stockholm’s most expansive and exciting areas where everybody will be welcome to experience something special
    Biljana Pehrsson, CEO Kungsleden
    We want to offer a hotel project of high quality to a good price. We will offer smaller rooms but to the same high quality and experience as we have at our other hotels. This is a concept which I have wanted to develop for a very long time and I look forward to realizing it together with Kungsleden
    Sandro Catenacci, CEO Nobis AB
    It is of course very encouraging that we during a period of nine months have managed to lease 9,000 sqm in a competitive market. We believe that our success partly relates to the fact that our properties, with Kista One leading the way, have attractive locations in Kista with modern and functional premises matching our customers’ needs. But also because we have a professional team located in Kista who know both our customers and the market
    Diana Eriksson, Asset Manager Kista
    Enen 10 is a well-known property with a first class location in the central parts of Södertälje, however it needs renovation. ÅF is anticipated to move in this autumn and we expect the project to be completed by year end 2017. We see a great potential in Södertälje with Enen being an important profile property in the area
    Frida Stannow Lind, Head of Property Development at Kungsleden
    We are delighted to be able to welcome Regus into our property Kista One. The demand for attractive and modern office space under shorter contracts is large in Kista, making Regus’ operations an important addition to Kista One
    Sven Stork, Regional Manager Stockholm at Kungsleden
    I look forward to working with Henrik and I am convinced that his transactions experience will further strengthen our organisation and our efforts to optimise and expand the property portfolio
    Ylva Sarby Westman, Deputy CEO and CIO at Kungsleden
    I am delighted to be part of Kungsleden’s transactions team and together with them continue the past years’ successful work with the property portfolio. Kungsleden has become a new company and I look forward to contributing towards a continued positive development
    Henrik Gerdin
    I am happy to be able to welcome Lernia to Kungsleden’s property Keflavik in Kista. Lernia is a large and professional company with skilled employees who will now move into new premises that suit their needs. To be able to quickly offer premises to businesses with specific demands and needs shows to the strength of our cluster strategy
    Christofer Elg, Property Manager at Kungsleden
    It is important for both our customers and employees that our premises are available, enjoyable and flexible. Kungsleden’s premises in Keflavik fulfill these demands with the close proximity of Kista Galleria, transportation, but also how the premises are designed. We now look forward to developing our Kista operations together with our employees and our landlord
    Liselott Mannberg, Premises Coordinator at Lernia AB
    We very much look forward to moving into Isblocket during the spring. When we earlier this year realised that our current premises in central Malmö will soon be too small, it immediately became evident that Hyllie was our first and possibly only alternative. The convenience of the Öresund Bridge and Kastrup Airport are of course attributes that appeal. We are part of the Danish auto group Nic Christiansen Gruppen who has its head office in Kolding on Jylland. Being close to Denmark of course assists both business and communications. That Isblocket also happens to be the most attractive building in the area is a bonus
    Jonas Lindow, CEO BC Sweden AB
    We are delighted to in a short period of time be able to welcome five new tenants into our prestige project in one of Malmö’s most exciting areas. We see great potential in Hyllie and will together with the City and the other property owners continue to actively develop the area towards a dynamic and sustainable city district
    Gert Ternström, Regional Manager
    We are delighted to be able to welcome MIPS AB as a tenant. The company is in the absolute forefront within its area of expertise and pushes the market forward through the research they accomplish. It’s important for us to match the tenant and the property, which we with this property’s unique attributes and MIPS’ requirements believe we have succeeded with.
    Suzanne Nobel, Lease Manager Kungsleden
    Kungsleden today takes an additional important step in its refinement of the corporate strategy to own, manage and develop commercial properties in Sweden’s growth regions, by divesting the remaining part of our shares in Nordic Modular Group (NMG) to Inter IKEA Investments AB, who acquired 65 percent of NMG from Kungsleden a year ago.
    Biljana Pehrsson, CEO Kungsleden
    Nordic Modular Group has developed positively during the past year and strengthened its position as a leading company on the market for modular buildings. We see a great potential in developing the company towards continued growth and good profitability
    Henrik Jonsson, CEO Inter IKEA Investments
    It is with great joy that I assume the role as Head of Leasing at Kungsleden. I have been a part of the company since 2013 and had the privilege to enjoy the past years’ exciting journey. I will in my new role work closely with the Leasing Managers and together continue to work towards a sound tenant mix, which will contribute to the area and our clusters, lowered vacancy levels and a sustained positive development for the company as a whole.
    Lena Bredberg
    I am extremely proud and satisfied that we have managed to acquire a property cluster in one of Stockholm’s largest city development areas, and thereby strengthening our customer offering in central Stockholm. The acquisition means that we will exceed our expansion goal for 2017 as we reach SEK 27 billion in property value already this year, and more than 40 per cent of the total property value will be located in Stockholm.
    Biljana Pehrsson, Chief Executive of Kungsleden
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