I already know exactly what I’m going to do with the product. I'll use it to line as much of the bare metal surfaces as I can, which in the van’s case will be everywhere! It'll turn it into a quiet and insulated quality conversion. I’m looking forward to closing the doors and the vehicle sounding like a Golf.
James Moreton
I’d like to congratulate Mr Moreton on his win and thank everyone who took the time to participate. I’m confident that Dynamat will have a huge impact on reducing road noise and allow him to enjoy some peace and quiet in his T5.
Mark Baker, Marketing Director of Celsus UK
The delegates that the team chatted with during the course of the roadshow really connected with the excitement which surrounds the re-launch of the brand in the UK. The attendees were fully engaged throughout, and the Celsus network is now completely up-to-speed with reintroducing this premium audio brand to the UK’s consumers.
Paul Baker, Managing Director, Celsus UK
Kicker has blessed me with the responsibility to travel the world and evangelise our products and our brand. This challenge is made much easier when I have the support, backing and enthusiasm of an exceptional distributor with which to work. The Celsus team has gone way above and beyond at energising our brand in the UK and I'm honoured to be a part of the success.
Aaron Malin, Global Trainer, KICKER Audio
With the launch of this site, Celsus is looking to appeal to new businesses and expand into new territories, as it explains at length the multi-use nature of the product ranges that we stock. We see the website as an ‘online CV’ for Celsus, allowing visitors to really get a feel for the business – our company ethos and our position in the market - before they engage with us.
Mark Baker, Marketing Director of Celsus UK
I’m absolutely thrilled, Dynamat is going to make driving my much-loved classic even more enjoyable. My son, Todd and I are going to get to work applying it as soon as possible.
Jeff Allison
We received an unprecedented level of interest in the competition, and on behalf of the Dynamat team I’d like to everyone who took the time to enter. I’d also like to congratulate all of the winners, and hope they enjoy the peace and quiet in their classics!
Mark Baker, Marketing Director of Celsus UK
I was aware of the high quality specifications of the Dynamat products, and as it happens I was going to buy them in the near future for my Alfa Romeo 146 project”. As part of my re-build I want to have a car that is beautifully quiet on the inside whilst on the outside still retains the Alfa roar. This is where I see the Dynamat and Dynaliner products helping me to achieve my goals.
Pietro Bisset
On behalf of the Dynamat team, I’d like to offer Mr Bisset our congratulations, and thank him for taking the time to enter the competition. I’m sure that the products he’s won will make a dramatic difference to his driving environment.
Mark Baker, Marketing Director of Celsus UK
We received an unprecedented level of interest for this competition and thank Mark and the team at Dynamat UK for allowing us to offer such a cool prize. We've been using Dynamat's product range for quite some time on our project cars and it's made a real difference. Refreshingly, it does exactly what the makers claim. Clever man, 'Les Noyse'! Clearly, our readers share that opinion, too.
Steve Hole, Editor of TKC Mag
The contemporary nature of this transformation is the perfect fit for the JL Audio and Dynamat products installed in the vehicle. The clarity of the JL Audio sound system when combined with the effectiveness of Dynamat’s soundproofing technology will allow Colin to enjoy his music exactly as it supposed to be heard.
Mark Baker, Marketing Director, Celsus UK
We knew that we needed a pretty special system to complement the contemporary design of this iconic project. Celsus Ice understood exactly what we were trying to achieve and offered the perfect products to ensure our client’s expectations, and indeed our own, were met – I think we have exceeded those expectations and produced a truly outstanding vehicle.
Paul Hames, Chief Designer, Ruskin Design Limited
Whilst Dynamat has always been well-recognised for its automotive achievements, the previous site fell short in acknowledging its capabilities elsewhere. The new site redresses this, whilst also taking a multi-media approach to connecting with our customers: be it through instructional videos, our social links or updating them on the latest developments in our ‘News’ section.
Mark Baker, Marketing Director of Celsus UK
KICKER is a welcome addition to Celsus’ product portfolio. There is an appetite for high-quality car audio solutions in the UK, and we’re excited to be helping KICKER develop this opportunity and regain their brand recognition.
Paul Baker, Managing Director, Celsus UK
The Celsus team have a demonstrated track record of excellence in bringing quality products to the audio consumer. We are very excited to have them representing us.
Reese Gray, European Sales Manager, KICKER
Being a petrol head and hearing the names JL Audio and Dynamat everywhere growing up, it was an honor and a privilege when we heard that these two huge car brands wanted to get involved in our show. As brand leaders in their field it has opened many doors for us and cemented relations with lots of well-known car clubs throughout the area. We are now recognized as being the main car event in Oxford, and all of this has happened in such a short time with the support of Celsus.
Smuj Singh, Waterstock
We think that the SoScene team have a brilliant concept on their hands with this event. They’re working incredibly hard to promote the UK’s aftermarket and car audio scenes, and we’re delighted to be associated with this kind of innovation. Building recognition for events like this is key to driving the market forward.
Mark Baker, Marketing Director, Celsus UK
We relish these opportunities to allow people to interact with the Dynamat brand and ask us any questions that they might have. Nothing beats a ‘hands-on’ demonstration of the products, as they really drive home just how effective the technology involved is.
Paul Baker, Managing Director, Celsus UK
This incentive scheme is Celsus’ opportunity to give something extra back to customers who have supported us so steadfastly. The more you spend with us over the coming months, the higher the value of the reward event, making restoring your vehicle with Celsus even more rewarding.
Paul Baker, Managing Director
Sarah Jane brings to our busy internal sales team a new dynamic and a wealth of experience. She will head up support for our new business development and assist the European sales team
Paul Baker | Managing Director, Celsus UK Ltd
The video’s there to help drivers understand how simple it now is to access the wealth of DAB stations they enjoy at home on their existing car radio
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
The sound that JL Audio and AVA produced in Modestep's vehicle was incredible
Matt Bilotta | Co-Founder, Bass Music Movement
It was good to be able to listen to the music how it was intended to be heard
Tony Friend | Modestep
Bass is quite easy to make loud but this has the full frequency, and the loudness of the full frequency, without losing anything, it’s really impressive
Josh Friend | Modestep
DABmotion can bring all of the pieces of the jigsaw that garage installers will need to fully develop the market for digital radio conversions
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
We’re delighted with the award, especially as we’ve now replaced DABmotion 1001 with the significantly enhanced DABmotion ROLA
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
A restored classic car often looks great, runs great but still feels feel like an old car
Chris Bennett | Dynamat
A restored classic car often looks great, runs great but still feels feel like an old car, unless you use Dynamat
Chris Bennett | Dynamat
Dynamat will cut road noise by up to 80%
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
We could not ask to work with a better partner
George Jenkins | Vice President of International Sales, J L Audio
The quality of the car audio range has generated tremendous following
Paul Baker | Managing Director, Celsus
With the pace gathering, it’s clear that Tick Mark accreditation is going to be essential for those wanting to maximise the opportunity; consumers will be guided towards these trusted products and services
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
In many cases the trade, let alone the motoring public, are still not aware of just how quick and cost effective it is to access the full range of DAB stations. This is why we’re excited to hear DRUK’s plans to now put car conversions firmly into the spotlight
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
We are very much looking forward to METS 2014 as we seek to explore opportunities for marine audio business in Europe, and beyond
George Jenkins, VP-International Sales, JL Audio, Inc
Digital radio in car is a much better listening experience
Ed Vaizey | Government Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy
Too many motorists are still simply not aware that they can upgrade their existing car radio to access DAB choice
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
We see this as the beginning of the DAB opportunity. If we can be first locally to provide digital radio upgrades, then we’re in a great position as demand grows
Andy Sava | Managing Director, Brunswick Garage
It’s great to find such enthusiasm for new technology – and the technicians all passed with flying colours
Paul Baker | Managing Director, Celsus
Having been loaned a Celsus DABmotion DAB1001 conversion kit, I have seen first hand the improved sound quality and breadth of stations available
Wendy Williamson | Chief Executive, IAAF
It was clear right away that Wendy has really strong knowledge of the digital radio roll-out and commitment to ensuring the aftermarket responds quickly to maximise the profit opportunity
Paul Baker | Managing Director, Celsus
DABmotion ROLA is 100% ‘Tick Mark’ approved; We expect this to become increasingly important as marketing activity from Digital Radio UK intensifies.
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
The revisions to the AFC technology have improved performance, alongside the better usability ROLA gives, so we can deliver even more enjoyment
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
There’s been really strong interest amongst owners of classic vehicles and for restoration projects where factory-fitted noise reduction and heat shielding was so limited
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
We find once people experience the Dynamat difference for the first time they say they would never build another car without it
Chris Bennett | Director of Business Development, Celsus
An automobile is inherently noisy. It is a rolling sheet metal box powered by explosions, traveling on pothole and crack covered roadways
Scott Whitaker | Founder and CEO, Dynamat
People get DAB in car for the listening choices. Whether it’s test match cricket, extended coverage of the sporting events or all this summer’s music festivals, you can be certain DAB radio has it all completely covered
Mark Baker | Marketing Director
We have a fantastic network of retailers who are focussed and driven; we must thank them for their support of Celsus and JL Audio
Paul Baker | Managing Director, Celsus
We could not ask to work with a better partner; it is the people behind our excellent product that really make the difference, flourishing results in the UK and Europe make it obvious Celsus reflect this
George Jenkins | Vice President of International Sales, J L Audio
We aim to work with proactive garages throughout the UK so the DAB profit opportunity doesn’t get lost to the major chains
Mark Baker | Marketing Director, Celsus
Every garage that stopped to talk about the opportunity left requesting more information
Paul Baker | Managing Director, Celsus
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