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    Head of Brand and Communications - Northern Europe

    1 Trafford Wharf Rd, Stretford
  • Melissa Southern

    Brand Specialist - Great Britain

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    The recovery trend in the global construction industry has continued and we have made a good start to the new fiscal year. It is pleasing to note that we have not only made gains compared with the low basis from 2020, but also achieved growth of around 6 percent in local currencies versus the first four months of 2019
    Christoph Loos, CEO
    When Covid hit, I had to work out how to deliver effective training to Hilti employees in a format that I never thought was possible. We were faced with the challenge of converting all of our material into a digital format, meaning we lost a key element of the training which was hands-on experience with the tools.
    Michaela Hunter, Training Officer
    My team is national based so before the pandemic, I would usually spend 2-3 nights a week away from home. Over the past year, that hasn’t been possible and I haven’t been able to join my colleagues in their cars during field rides.
    Charlie Ashworth, Implementation & Care Manager for Tool Services
    Working in Logistics during the pandemic has hugely challenged us as a team, as we simply can’t do our job remotely. The biggest impact it had for me personally was the greater focus of putting people first. I have always looked to do this, but the stress and pressure the team were under gave greater emphasis to keeping them safe – both physically and mentally.
    Emma Ross, Regional Head of Warehousing
    As a team lead, one of the key areas of focus for me during the pandemic was to remain close to the team – especially by having more regular ‘check-in’ meetings. More frequent and open conversations about personal circumstances is a lot more prevalent now than before. Whilst personal well-being is always an important factor in developing a high-performing team, the situation demonstrated just how important it is.
    Kim Walowsky, Head of Digital, Brand & Communication
    My impressions of the Northern Europe region have been very positive so far. I feel really welcomed and everyone has helped me to integrate. People are very passionate about what they do here, and there’s a strong resilience – especially after everything that happened last year. I’m really happy to be here.
    Rainer Ringgenberg, Head of Region Northern Europe
    We understand how important productivity and health and safety are to our customers, which is why we’re always looking for new ways to enhance both. Direct fastening in general is much safer than traditional drilling and fixing, but the DX 6 gives workers that ease of use and versatility we know they look for, so we’re really excited to see what they think.
    Arman Ahmad, Hilti Product Manager for Direct Fastening
    We are convinced that long-term success is only secured through business decisions that value environmental, people and social aspects equally with economic factors.
    Christoph Loos, CEO of the Hilti Group
    We are aware that this is a journey with several stations still ahead of us. But we have set ourselves ambitious goals, are committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact and will leave no stone unturned. At the same time, we also want to support our customers in the construction industry in becoming more sustainable
    Christoph Loos, CEO of the Hilti Group
    We are very happy with the outcome of this succession planning cycle, providing the next generation of highly talented Hilti team members the great chance to formulate the future corporate strategy and to lead Hilti to the next level of sustainable success. It is satisfying to see that in the future Board of Directors the family will be represented again, underlining the character of a family company with its long-term orientation and strong values
    Michael Hilti, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors
    2020 was a turbulent business year which also shows in our figures. Overall, we came through the pandemic year with a black eye and were able to avoid compromising the financial stability of our company. At the same time, we continued to invest into our strategic priorities
    Christoph Loos, Hilti CEO
    The continuous development of our products, and persistent research into new technologies for our customers, result in numerous patent applications every year. Ranking among the top 100 most active applicants underscores Hilti's capacity for innovation
    Andreas Keil, Head of Intellectual Property
    Let’s consider MEP planning: Without BIM, the support structures are planned on-site and separately by each trade involved in the construction process which can lead to higher costs and a reduced productivity. Whereas BIM facilitates end-to-end planning of all trades in one go, so that support structures can be shared. This results in greater productivity on site and less material wastage
    Karl Johnson, Technical Marketing Manager for BIM & MEP
    The DCH 150-SL builds on the strengths of its predecessor in terms of speed, durability, cutting depth, accuracy and dust extraction. We’ve designed the tool with workers in mind and we’re excited to be adding this to our Diamond portfolio
    Allan Juul-Nielsen, Hilti Product Manager
    The productivity of the construction industry has been lagging behind other sectors for years. Margin pressure and shortages of skilled labor are already facts of life in our industry and make it increasingly difficult to overcome productivity shortfalls. But leveraging the opportunities offered by digitization will compensate for it. We do this by intelligently linking processes, teams and data.
    Jan Doongaji, Member of the Executive Board, Hilti Group
    We looked at which routine work on the construction site is among the most stressful, and that is primarily overhead work. From the beginning, it was important to us to develop a robotic solution that supports our customers where it is most needed. The Hilti Jaibot takes over the most strenuous and exhausting tasks, working alongside the installation team.
    Julia Zanona, Product Manager for Robotics at Hilti
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