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    Spring’s Vintage Stories collection is feminine, romantic and modern. We have worked on updated volumes and silhouettes, which you can also match with your mini
    Karl-Wilhelm Björk, designer
    The Newbie story started 10 years ago, with the company offering more sustainable clothes for babies and children. Now Newbie operates in 5 countries, and we are always working to grow. We are proud that we can now offer Newbie’s fairytale world in clothes, interiors and wallpaper, and hope that this will be well received by our #Newbielovers. Without Newbie’s faithful fans, we could never have got this far
    Desiré Westerberg, who is director of KappAhl’s Kids division
    Newbies saga startade för 10 år sedan genom att erbjuda mer hållbara kläder till baby och barn. Idag finns Newbie i fem länder och vi arbetar ständigt med att utveckla oss. Vi är stolta över att vi idag kan erbjuda Newbies sagovärld i kläder, inredning och tapeter, och hoppas att detta ska mottas väl av våra #Newbielovers. Utan Newbies trogna fans hade vi inte kommit så här långt.
    Desiré Westerberg, direktör för affärsenheten Barn på KappAhl
    This spring’s Limited Edition will hit stores just as we are starting to dream of the perfect spring wardrobe. The collection is influenced by retro sport styles, combined with a more preppy look. We have challenged the classic base of the collection with new volumes and peppy colours, to create a wonderfully fresh spring look
    Karl-Wilhelm Björk, designer at KappAhl
    KappAhl’s activities in the full year 2018/19 have been marked by intensive work to meet hard competition and declining footfall. They were also characterised by development to adapt to the industry’s transformation, in both the short and long-term
    Elisabeth Peregi, KappAhl's President & CEO
    t feels fantastic to know that we are meeting the high bar that we’ve set for KappAhl and that our Responsible Fashion sustainability strategy really is making a difference. Making the production of denim more sustainable will lead to significant resource savings and is a cornerstone to building a more sustainable wardrobe.
    KappAhl’s Head of Sustainability, Fredrika Klarén.
    Loungewear and kay/day are based on a phenomenon more than a trend. Rest and relaxation, a mindfulness about the need to tune out, chill and make time for reflection in a fast-paced world. With kay/day, the emphasis is on soft and gentle materials and colours
    Sophie Lilja Angin, Head of Design and Purchasing in the lingerie and homewear department
    Every garment in the collection makes its own contribution to more sustainable fashion. By using more sustainable materials, smarter technologies and making use of surplus and salvaged materials, we have created an inspiring and wearable collection. The garments are also easy to style, creating a wardrobe that is made for the long haul
    Mia Nyman, KappAhl’s design and purchasing manager for Woman.
    We are very proud to be supporting Bris’s vital efforts in a fundraiser with our customers
    Charlotte Högberg, coordinator of KappAhl’s donation to Bris
    Newbie is growing rapidly in popularity. In order to meet the great demand while we start to establish ourselves outside of London, we embark on a summer tour by bus. We have let ourselves be inspired by KappAhl's* founder Per-Olof Ahl, who in the 1950s went out on the roads when demand for KappAhl was greater than the supply of store premises.
    Camilla Wernlund, Newbie’s International Expansion Manager
    After the close of the first quarter of the financial year we see that KappAhl performed better than the industry in all sales markets. Sales increased by 2.4 per cent compared with the previous year, but the slowing consumption meant a continued high tempo of costly sales activities
    Peter Andersson, KappAhl's acting CEO aswell as CFO
    At KappAhl, we want to contribute to better, safer lives for all children. Round Up helps us and our customers to help by simple means.
    KappAhl’s Head Corporate Communications, Charlotte Högberg
    Sales for the quarter started cautiously but gradually increased. Attractive campaigns and an efficient supply chain have contributed to fewer clearance sales and a sound gross margin.
    Göran Bille, acting CEO at KappAhl
    In our fifth store in the UK we introduce several exciting new features - both in terms of events and inviting like-minded brands
    Camilla Wernlund, Vice President New Business at KappAhl, who is leading the Newbie Store expansion.
    We are committed to continuing to play an active role in driving the system changes that need to be made in our industry. With the SAC, we can harmonise our approaches to sustainability with other players in the industry, enabling us to pull together and make a greater difference.
    KappAhl’s CEO, Danny Feltmann
    Modern, flexible payment solutions – both online and in stores – are part of our aim of developing a seamless KappAhl.
    Charlotte Katz, Head of Digital at KappAhl
    Every way of shopping at KappAhl should be integrated. Online and physical stores aren’t different channels; they’re two parts of the same KappAhl. The customer chooses, we deliver. Because there is always stock online, this means that items are never sold out in stores, either,
    Charlotte Katz, Head of Digital at KappAhl
    Newbie has grown in step with our customers’ unbelievable engagement. It is now truly exciting for us to establish Newbie Store in one of the world's leading fashion capitals, London.
    Camilla Wernlund, responsible for Newbie and Vice President New Business at KappAhl
    This collection is a real bullseye: fashion-forward, and in sustainable materials
    Maria Segergren, KappAhl's Vice-President, assortment and design
    The second release of our Limited Edition collection combines high-fashion looks with sustainability, reflecting our own fashion ambitions moving forward
    Maria Segergren, KappAhl's Vice-President, assortment and design
    The quarter started cautiously but picked up towards the end. An aggressive market contributed to a higher percentage of discounted sales, which had a negative impact on the margin. Despite this, determined work on our new range strategy and pricing and campaign strategy has led to yet another good quarter.
    Danny Feltmann, president & Ceo
    With Limited Edition, we want to create a slightly sharper wardrobe that still has a classic feel. The pieces have straight lines with feminine touches. This is a new thinking collection that we can’t wait to launch. I’m so excited about wearing the pink coat and lace maxi dress
    Maria Segergren, KappAhl’s vice president for assortment and design
    In the second quarter of 2016/2017 our continued clarification of the collections together with our price and campaign strategy contributed to increased sales of 6.5 per cent compared with the previous year, of which the increase in comparable stores was 1.9 per cent.
    Danny Feltmann, President and CEO
    Lovisa’s idea for smart clothing is both spot on and an inspiration to us at KappAhl. We work hard to find creative solutions that promote more sustainable fashion consumption. And this is just what Lovisa has done in our competition, with her design for multifunctional dresses
    Maria Segergren, KappAhl’s vice president, assortment and design
    By creating a garment that can be used in different ways and in different situations, you extend its lifespan. In a playful and creative way, we can actually make a smarter choice for our environment and future. Sustainability is as simple as that
    Lovisa Malmberg Gomis
    Access to more sustainable fashion is an important issue. Whether as producers or consumers, we must all help to close the loop for our clothes. We need more sustainable materials and more sustainable production methods, and the clothes need to be collected in again once the consumer is finished with them.
    Maria Segergren, Vice President of Assortment and Design at KappAhl
    The “Feel” concept kicks off a long-term project, which is intended to position KappAhl and create increased clarity and relevance for our target market. It feels particularly good to be launching ”Feel” with Paulina Porizkova, because she is a strong and self-confident natural beauty who provides a metaphor for the Feeling that we want to communicate
    Joakim Holmstrand, Marketing Director at KappAhl
    I like the black trousers that I wore for the campaign! I took three pairs home with me, but wish that I had taken them all. They fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable. Particularly
    Paulina Porizkova
    With all member benefits in one place we simplify for the customer and at the same time, we get an effective, personalized communication channel.
    KappAhl's Vice President Marketing Joakim Holmstrand
    Our ambitious sustainability work have produced results - The goal is for our share of sustainable fashion to continue increasing every year.
    KappAhl CEO Danny Feltmann
    KappAhl's third quarter is sound and showing a continuing positive progress. The sound result comes from our price strategy, with a focus on full price sales, and our amended campaign strategy.
    Danny Feltmann, President and Chief Executive Officer
    We will do our utmost to contribute to the folk festival that the Eurovision Song Contest is.
    KappAhl's Vice President Marketing Joakim Holmstrand
    The level of creativity in the competition entries surpassed our expectations. We see real potential to develop the winning entry here at KappAhl – in more ways than one.
    KappAhl's Head of Design Paul Laing.
    Maria's mission is to create clear and attractive fashion for KappAhl's customer, the woman in the prime of life and her family. It is the heart of the business and I look forward to her becoming a part of this.
    KappAhl's CEO Danny Feltmann
    The second quarter outcome shows a continued strong financial position. The strong gross margin, as in the previous quarter, is a result of our pricing and campaign strategy. Lower overhead expenses in the quarter also contributed to the sound operating profit.
    Danny Feltmann, President & CEO
    Through our wide variety of stores, from complete KappAhl stores to rolling out our strongest brands as single branded stores, we get the right flexibility in our establishments.
    KappAhl's CEO Danny Feltmann
    The competition is a part of KappAhl contribution in the development of ways of working towards sustainable design and manufacturing.
    KappAhl's Head of Design, Paul Laing
    The first quarter was a strong quarter for KappAhl... In all, KappAhl delivers an operating margin that approaches the long-term target of ten per cent
    Danny Feltmann, KappAhl's President & CEO
    The different penguin designs symbolise that all children are different yet unique in their own way, and that it’s important that all children be allowed to be themselves.
    Fredrik Levy, Designer at KappAhl
    With his Nordic perspective and the results he has achieved during his career he has what it takes to successfully lead and develop KappAhl.
    Anders Bülow, Chairman of the Board
    The past year has been an intermediate year for KappAhl in terms of sales and profit growth. Nonetheless, it was an important year with a great focus on initiatives for the future.
    Anders Düring, acting President and CEO
    The children's messages about what ‘Fine as I am’ means to them are simple and straightforward. As we read through all the fantastic entries, we were moved and proud of the tremendous commitment shown by the children.
    Charlotte Högberg, Head of Corporate Communications
    An important part of our plan for KappAhl is to develop strong brands and make them available to more people.
    KappAhl's CEO Johan Åberg
    KappAhl and Mary found one another at once through their great commitment to sustainability
    Carina Ladow, Vice President Assortment and Design at KappAhl
    “Sales in the second quarter increased by 1.7% compared with the previous year and the gross margin was stable, 57.8 (57.7)%. With good Christmas sales and a well-implemented discount strategy inventories are at satisfactory levels and the operative cash flow is continuing its positive trend...”
    Johan Åberg, KappAhl's President and CEO.
    KappAhl is one of the premier fashion suppliers for Swedish men. This obliges and our collection has something for every fashion conscious man, it is tailored and well-dressed with the right details!
    Carina Ladow, KappAhl's Vice President Assortment and Design
    The response has been amazing! Imaginative motifs and important messages have been sent in by children of all ages including entire school classes.
    KappAhl's Head Public Relations, Charlotte Högberg
    Unlocking the discarded textiles is one of our industry major environmental challenges. Making sustainable operations more accessible to our customers is an important key to a more sustainable textile production and use.
    KappAhl's CEO Johan Åberg
    KappAhl, like the rest of the industry, was affected by the warm autumn. Efforts to achieve higher margins and lower costs continue. To sum up we are delivering a gross margin and operating profit in line with the previous year.
    Johan Åberg, President and CEO
    The format has met the right target audience, also for interesting new customers, and we have had very good exposure.
    KappAhl's CEO Johan Åberg
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