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    The construction business is in an interesting stage where productivity, quality and resource efficiency can be radically improved. Aiforsite offers a holistic solution that can potentially drive the development of the whole industry, and we at Kiilto want to promote and drive this kind of development.
    Kiilto’s Chief Business Development Officer Ville Solja
    Our goal is to double our use of renewable, plant-based raw materials. We are continuously involved in high numbers of product development tests. For example, last year we succeeded in introducing plant-based substitutes for three large groups of raw materials.
    Tomi Peltonen, RDI Manager
    Insta will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year, and Kiilto has just reached its first century. Looking towards the forthcoming decades is a core aspect of both companies’ cultures. Young people are the builders of tomorrow’s working life and society,.
    Eeva Solja, Brand and Communications Director at Kiilto
    As the world around us is changing at an accelerated pace, we need to find new ways to develop and reinvent our business. Climate change is challenging us to really push ourselves in finding new, more sustainable ways to solve the needs of our customers.
    Ville Solja, Chief Business Development Officer
    Our portfolio includes green options. This lays the groundwork for a better discussion. I take professional pride in our innovativeness and bold, forward-looking approach in these respects.
    Juha Mikkonen, Regional Manager, Kiilto Industrial Bonding
    We did not make Our Promise to the Environment only in honour of our centenary – we did it because our goal of becoming the environmental leader in our sector is part and parcel of our business culture. It is the cornerstone we build on. We have set ambitious targets to keep our promises, and we take decisive steps every day.
    Eeva Solja, Brand and Communications Director
    If you want to head in the right direction, you can’t afford to be scared of change. Instead, when you must, you have to have the courage to lead the way, clear new paths and reach for the unknown.
    Tomi Takala
    As a product of this kind of testing work, we recently introduced a packaging containing recycled plastic for Kiilto Natura product line. Natura line containing products for professional cleaning is also otherwise a good example of environment-based product development, as the products in the line are manufactured from plant-based, that is renewable and biodegradable, raw materials.
    Oili Kallatsa, RDI Director 
    We want to help our customers to recycle. We want to do things that really matter, in accordance with the spirit of the circular economy.
    Heidi Kähkönen, product development manager at Kiilto
    Kiilto has given us valuable advice not only on recycling, but also on cleaning and hygiene in general. Such comprehensive service is important to us.
    Mikko Mustalampi, destination manager at Moominworld
    What is important in our research and development activities is that we find and deploy safer and eco-friendlier options, without making any compromises on the established Kiilto power and quality.
    Pia Sjöberg | R&D manager | Kiilto
    I am particularly impressed with Kiilto’s proactivity. It seems like they can always come up with an idea for development when they visit us. Their expertise is very solid.
    Mikael Snellman, QEHS Manager, Snellmans Köttförädling Ab
    The most important thing is to have products that work well and are safe to use.
    Jouni Virtanen | Chef | Restaurant Mami
    Delivery reliability and safety are top priorities.
    Rolls-Royce Rauma Plant Manager Teuvo Palo, machining and welding supervisor Markku Verronen and maintenance manager Timo Kakko
    Kiilto's sturdy local sales organisation ensures that the troubles and worries of the end users are responded to quickly and professionally.
    Jussi Holopainen | Chief Business Officer | SOL Services
    If a professional chef, a master craftsman, spends his time scrubbing surfaces using a bad product, it gets very expensive.
    Pekka Terävä | Owner, Chef | Ravintola Olo
    From a partner we also require a healthy developmental spirit and expertise to constantly create new and better ways to clean different materials.
    Jussi Holopainen | Chief Business Officer | SOL Services
    Without hygiene there is no top-tier restaurant – these two walk hand in hand. If the kitchen isn't clean and organised, the chef cannot operate rationally in the space.
    Pekka Terävä | Owner, Chef | Ravintola Olo
    If the restaurant does not have enough staff to clean up, then they probably don't have enough to serve the patrons. Restaurant work is craftsmanship, so being in a hurry reflects on everything.
    Pekka Terävä | Owner, Chef | Ravintola Olo
    Saving in time is by far the greatest benefit of spraying. And as we all know, in construction sites time is money.
    Jussi Lunden, SJM-Team's Managing Director
    Co-operation with Kiilto means working together in a very real, concrete sense.
    Minna Laatikainen | Production Manager | Valio Riihimäki
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