• Ramona Janson

    Marketing & Communications

    Box 6777 113 43 Stockholm, Sweden
    +46 8 610 22 00
    +46 709 488 809
  • Quotes

    “Teleperformance Nordic continues to find ways to leverage the Group’s unmatched worldwide operating footprint. By providing an attractive recruitment package which include flights, accommodation, and various benefits, we offer employees and candidates an additional career path and a chance to explore living and working abroad which we believe would greatly contribute to their overall professional experience and CV.”
    Jonas Olsson, Chief Operations Officer, Teleperformance Nordic
    The wide scope and sheer quantity of our awards ranges from technology, campaign process and workplace facility design to client partnerships, social media and sustainability.
    Yannis Tourcomanis, CEO Teleperformance CEMEA
    We are delighted to partner with Vattenfall and look forward to supporting their strategy for a strengthened customer focus and customer centric approach.
    Maarit Laaksonen, Country Director Finland at Teleperformance Nordic
    It has been key for Lindex to find a global partner in customer experience management, which can support us in this growth and secure an excellent service for our customers. We want to offer a world-class fashion experience and believe that Teleperformance has what is required to help us deliver this to our customers.
    Cécile Anthyme-Grahn, Interactive Concept Manager at Lindex.
    In order to keep high customer satisfaction standards, while connecting physical and digital marketplaces, retailers must now align all their marketing, multichannel customer experience and communication activities to provide an effortless and trendy customer journey.
    Jonas Berggren, CEO at Teleperformance Nordic
    We are delighted to partner with Lindex and to contribute to enhancing the customer journey and their customers’ fashion shopping experience.
    Jonas Berggren, CEO at Teleperformance Nordic
    This new and expanded agreement with iZettle demonstrates how we can grow with our client as a partner and how our global footprint can help Nordic companies be successful around the world.
    Jonas Berggren, CEO Teleperformance Nordic
    Due to the rapid changes in technology and customer engagement, outsourcing of the customer service function has evolved into a strategic partnership
    Jonas Berggren, CEO Teleperformance Nordic
    This certification demonstrates our commitment in enforcing stringent security controls
    Mikael Kiltorp
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