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Shooting Star PR is a media-focused agency set up in 2006 by former journalists Kate Strawson and Jez Ashberry. Since 2006 the agency has worked for more than 100 clients ranging from SMEs to large corporations and public sector bodies. Shooting Star PR has particular expertise in PR for property and construction, manufacturing, packaging, hotels, leisure and tourism, education and early years.


As a business we think it’s important to give something back to the local community and one of the ways we will do this from now on is by adopting a different charity every year.
Mark Newton, Freshtime’s Managing Director
SMA is a very rare condition and something which a lot of people are still unaware of. But for the families affected each year it can be devastating, and it’s difficult to know where to turn for help.
Emma Humphries, founder of the Ally Cadence Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (ACT for SMA)
For a school to come out of special measures so quickly is incredible – almost unprecedented
Jon Brown, Headteacher of Buckminster Primary School
It’s fantastic to have in Bishop Grosseteste University an institution at the cutting edge of education innovation and research right on our doorstep
Jon Brown, Headteacher of Buckminster Primary School
The American craft beer sector is a very crowded marketplace and it’s essential that brands have stand-out appeal on shelf
Lynn Sidebottom, Sales and Marketing Director at Beatson Clark
Embracing new technology and the way it can help your business prosper is something that all of us need to be doing.
Cllr Colin Davie, Executive Member for Economic Development at Lincolnshire County Council
2014 is set to be an exciting year for us as we continue to grow and look for new opportunities, and Charley will be playing an important role in our development
Kate Strawson, Director of Shooting Star PR
The scope and quality of the services that Shooting Star PR already provides means there are many avenues for us to explore as the agency continues to grow and develop
Shooting Star PR Marketing Associate Charley Sowden
This latest Lincolnshire Technology Hub has the chance to transform businesses; the possibilities are endless.
Councillor Colin Davie
The idea is to offer the opportunity to try out new equipment before making a purchase and access expert advice and support so businesses can grow.
Mike Poole, Business Development Manager at the University’s College of Arts
MIPIM represents an unrivalled opportunity for us to engage with potential investors and encourage them to bring their future development plans to Greater Lincolnshire.
Ursula Lidbetter (MBE), the Chair of the LEP
We’ve brought Malcolm in because food safety and food quality are things that we will never compromise on. It’s at the heart of our DNA as a food business
Mark Newton, Managing Director of Freshtime UK
My new role at Freshtime will allow me more responsibility and I’m looking forward to realising Mark Newton’s vision of what we can achieve in the future and how we can grow
Malcolm Read, Head of Technical at Freshtime UK
Embracing new technology and the way it can help your business prosper is something that all of us need to be doing.
Cllr Colin Davie, Executive Member for Economic Development at Lincolnshire County Council
Our food heritage is well established, contributing an estimated £1 billion to the county’s economy and employing around 35,000 people in agriculture or food production.
LEP board member Mark Tinsley
We always attend Food & Drink Expo as it’s a fantastic event which brings together hundreds of food and drink manufacturers
Beatson Clark Marketing Manager Charlotte Taylor
There is an increasing gap between the population and level of food production. Either half the population will die or we need to double food production
Mark Lynas
Internships are where higher education meets the world of work, and they benefit employers and students in different ways
Mark Bowen, Enterprise Development Manager at Bishop Grosseteste University
This type of scheme allows graduates to gain real work life experience after completing their studies; it also allows the employer to bring in extra resource when and where required, and the support provided by Bishop Grosseteste University makes it a very simple process.
Chris Brown, Business Development Manager at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce
It just made sense that we took that further and opened up a fully fledged sales division to meet demand now
Director Michael Hollamby
Around Valentine’s Day we all like to make a loved one feel special and a dog’s love is unconditional. To make it easier for people who cannot visit our centres, we have a shopping list on Amazon where people can select a gift and have it posted directly to a specific dog.
Catherine Foster, Head of Fundraising at Jerry Green Dog Rescue.
As a company Allen Signs has been fantastic to work with. The team grasped the vision Annie and I were trying to create and successfully met the brief.
Matt Clixby, Graphic designer and owner of Studio Deathray.
Since the opening of our Nottingham office we have been building up our client base and being involved in the rebrand of Annie’s Burger Shack has been a fantastic opportunity.
Glen Merryweather, Account Manager at Allen Signs
All of Allen Signs’ ideas were great and totally connected with my and Matt’s visualisation of the new restaurant.
Annie Spaziano, owner of Annie’s Burger Shack and Freehouse
The project is moving in to an exciting phase and we look forward to continuing to spread the word about the possibilities of superfast broadband to ensure as many businesses as possible benefit from free help and support available.
Shooting Star PR Account Manager Cerri Delaney
The power of the internet can transform the way we do business, and with superfast broadband being introduced across the county at the moment, we need to be ready to make use of it.
Councillor Colin Davie, Executive Member for Economic Development at Lincolnshire County Council
It made sense for us to move to a more inclusive system and translate our key information sheet into foreign languages so that all of our parents can get the information parents need.
Sarah Steel, Managing Director of The Old Station Nursery Group
This will be our first appearance at BeerX and we’re really looking forward to speaking to the breweries and showing them the wide range of beer bottles we offer
Charlotte Taylor, Marketing Manager at Beatson Clark
As a mum myself I can understand the stresses parents face having to organise engaging activities or childcare for their young ones during school holidays
Abeer Bafaqih, owner of Coconuts Play and Party Centre and Daisy Day Nursery
Camp Coconuts is the perfect opportunity for parents to drop off their children in a safe environment supervised by a team of fully qualified staff
Abeer Bafaqih, owner of Coconuts Play and Party Centre and Daisy Day Nursery
Even if the weather’s bad we have our own base room and activities are planned to ensure the children are always entertained in a great space for them to enjoy a bounty of fun activities
Abeer Bafaqih, owner of Coconuts Play and Party Centre and Daisy Day Nursery
Jade is not only an inspirational athlete but an inspiration to everyone she meets. We’ll be following her progress in Sochi and we really hope to see her back in Lincoln with a gold medal!
Graham Meeson, Head of Education and Learning at BGU
More people are receiving health and social care services in the community, thanks to our single point of access phone number which is helping to free up hospital beds for people who need them most.
Dr Peter Melton Chief Officer for North East Lincolnshire CCG.
We’re delighted and proud to have reached the 10,000 customer mark. As well as being a fantastic resource for our own students, The Venue is successfully reaching out into the local community and giving people the chance to see both mainstream and more specialist films
Bev Bamber, Head of Conferencing & Events at BGU
We have all the information you need to help you plan your holiday including details on adapted rooms, the facilities in the resort, the airport and adapted transfers to and from your hotel.
Lynne Kirby, Managing Director
I want to thank everyone who put me forward for Shooting Star PR’s charity of the year.
Ethan Maull
Despite Ethan’s illness he is still filled with an admirable drive and passion to help others and raise money for charity.
Sam Maull, Ethan's mother
We were really touched by Ethan’s story and considered it a very worthy cause.
Cerri Delaney
After trailing through fields, down roads and near the railway track we were very worried for her safety.
Denise Browne, Deputy Manager.
Since arriving at our centre she has settled in well and we have named her Annie. She needs plenty of food as she is quite thin at the moment. Although she’s only been here for a short while she is well loved by all the staff.
Denise Browne, Deputy Manager.
This is fantastic news for theatre lovers in the city as it means they will be able to see an even wider range of top-drawer performances broadcast live without having to travel to London or even further
Bev Bamber, Head of Conferencing and Events at BGU
We’re really looking forward to hosting our very first murder mystery event. The Old Palace is the perfect backdrop as it’s a very historic building dating back to Georgian times and is steeped is elegance and grandeur.
The Old Palace Manager Sonja Brockman
This is a huge victory, not just for us, but for nursery providers everywhere
Managing Director of The Old Station Nursery Group, Sarah Steel
We are looking for an advocate from the North Lincolnshire business community, someone who is able to think strategically and take a broad view across the full range of issues affecting Greater Lincolnshire.
Ursula Lidbetter MBE, Chair of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP
We’re calling for people to get crafty with their knitting needles and donate items for dogs to enjoy in their kennels and during walks. Our centres are pretty much at maximum capacity presently so the dogs in our care are in need of a little help to keep out the cold.
Head of Fundraising at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Catherine Foster.
The fact that we have been allocated places for the new EYTS means this is the first time our training programmes will have covered the entire age range of learners, from babies to pensioners
Nigel Appleton, Dean of Teacher Development at Bishop Grosseteste University
The new Early Years Teacher Status is an important development because there is clear evidence that high-quality early education and childcare can have a powerful impact on young children and can fully prepare them for school and later life.
Nigel Appleton, Dean of Teacher Development at Bishop Grosseteste University.
We want government to invest in our strategy so that we can create even more jobs, help more businesses and increase the value of the economy both locally and nationally.
Ursula Lidbetter MBE, Chair of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP
We think it will be difficult for HMRC to interpret the judgement in a way as to not pay out any outstanding VAT claims and we eagerly await their response
Christine Newitt, VAT Partner at Duncan & Toplis
We invested a lot of time in lobbying on a national level to make it clear that Greater Lincolnshire, as a largely rural region, deserved to be given an amount which reflected our needs.
Ruth Carver, Manager of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP
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