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    With over 2.500 employees across four Nordic countries, it is important that everyone feels safe, inspired, included, and motivated. I am so pleased by the high levels of trust and confidence expressed by our employees which has made it possible for us to be Great Place to Work Certified® in 2021.
    Erika Rönnquist Hoh
    Teleperformance operates within an increasingly digital ecosystem that is constantly changing.  Together with Robert and his team, we will continue to deliver transformation initiatives that help companies re-engineer their operations and unlock value in an ever-changing business landscape. This is essential in Teleperformance’s next phase of growth and market leadership in the Nordic Region, as we leverage all of our transformation capabilities to take customer, client, and employee experiences to the next level.
    Erika Rönnquist Hoh, CEO, Teleperformance Nordic
    I am honored to be part of the Nordic Transformation team, consisting of highly experienced and technically incisive experts who have been integral in the region’s great performance and innovations thus far.  I look forward to working closely with my team, our senior leadership teams and supporting our clients in their digital transformation to identify new opportunities to reinvent their business, improve the customer journey, gain in efficiency and generate value.
    Robert Hagström, Chief Transformation Officer, Teleperformance Nordic
    We would like to thank Teleperformance for their dedication in supporting a great collaboration with Scandic. The fact that we received this award for the second year in a row, validates the high level of quality and commitment by both Scandic and Teleperformance in providing the best customer service.
    Robert Amundsen, CRM Manager, Scandic Hotels Norway
    Congratulations to Scandic, and to the team in Teleperformance Norway, for supporting Scandic in providing an excellent service to their end customers, which has been recognized by this award for a second year in a row. This award demonstrates our continuous commitment to making each interaction matter with all customers.
    Erika Rönnquist Hoh, CEO, Teleperformance Nordic
    What makes this partnership successful is the passion and commitment from both parties to create the framework for high employee satisfaction and brand loyalty.
    Pernilla Göthberg, Manager Destination Desk & Call Center, Scandic Danmark
    Winning an ECCCSA is something Teleperformance and Scandic can be very proud of. They have been through a vigorous judging process, meeting highly experienced judges that can recognise ‘the best’ from our industry. Congratulations!
    Ann-Marie Stagg, Chair of the Judges, ECCCSA
    This award recognizes our continuous commitment to our partners and their end customers. We would like to thank Scandic for their dedication in supporting such a great collaboration.
    Erika Rönnquist Hoh, CEO, Teleperformance Nordic
    Teleperformance’s goal is to lower its carbon footprint despite the increase in size and number of employees. The ISO 14001 environmental management system is one of the ways that will help us achieve this
    Jonas Olsson, CEO Teleperformance Nordic
    We are experiencing an exciting time of growth and are pleased to have moved into new premises that can support our growth strategy, and which further aids our goal to provide a sustainable and inspiring workplace for our employees
    Jonas Olsson, Chief Executive Officer, Teleperformance Nordic
    As a company which employs over 2,000 people in the Nordic region, we have a responsibility to promote sustainability in our workplace
    Markus Mauritzon, Chief Human Resources Officer, Teleperformance Nordic
    What we have noticed is that employees, especially the younger generation, like to be very involved in the environment they work in and what the company stands for and how that reflects on them. Therefore, we did a lot of interviews to get it right. Many of the features are designed after discussion with the employees
    Magnus Lindgren, Partner, White Architects
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