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Peab is a leading Nordic construction and civil engineering company with about 15,000 employees and about SEK 52 billion in net sales. The Group has strategically placed offices in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Company headquarters are in Förslöv on Bjäre Peninsula in southern Sweden. The Peab share is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.


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  • Peab AB
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    We are very pleased. This contract means a great deal to us and we appreciate the confidence the customer has shown Peab. Building essential facilities for society is important to a company like Peab, Nordic community builder that we are
    Gro Skaar Knutsen, Region Manager Peab
    We are proud of our long range collaboration with Enköpings Hyresbostäder and pleased that we have been entrusted to continue developing housing in Enköping with new rental apartments. The fact that Enköpings Hyresbostäder is investing in eco-labeling and energy efficiency is also important. As the Nordic Community Builder we have to be able to build sustainably, not just for today’s residents but for those in the future as well
    Mikael Hultqvist, Region Manager Peab
    Winter and summer road maintenance is an important job that carries considerable responsibility. We are proud that we have been entrusted with the take of public roads in Kalmar
    Göran Wiking, Region Manager at Peab
    I am incredibly pleased that we were entrusted to build the new school building. Building schools means building for society and it is a source of motivation and pride for our entire organization
    Kjetil Nordang, Region Manager Peab
    This is a project that suits Peab as a community builder. We have already started on the preparatory work and our goal is to achieve a comprehensive good result for both the customer and user, a result we can later proudly communicate
    Matti Joensuu, Region Manager Peab
    This contract is a continuation of the close collaboration between Peab and Kojamo, which began with the purchase of the building site. We have built several premises in the past few years and look forward to our excellent cooperation continuing in this project
    Marko Rinkinen, Region Manager Peab
    It is both a pleasure and an honor to be part of the investment SkiStar is making with SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället in Sälen. This will be an important building project considering the fact that the airport Peab is in the process of producing nearby will most likely cause a hike in the number of visitors to Sälen
    Nils Staffansson, Region Manager Peab
    We are both happy and inspired to participate in Lundbergs continued development of Linköping
    Anders Bergeling, Region Manager Peab
    After a strong finish we can conclude that 2018 was a stable year in which our business developed positively
    Peab´s CEO Jesper Göransson
    We are proud to be a part of this investment by Vattenfall. We will create the foundation for the new heating plant which, in the future, will make it possible for the inhabitants of Uppsala to enjoy fossil free heating
    Carl Johan Söderberg, Region Manager Peab
    This is a good transaction for Peab’s Project Development business as it liberates capital at the same time we continue to have a share in future developments via our joint venture company Centur
    Göran Linder, Business Area Manager Project Development
    This building will be the hub of healthcare on Malmö hospital grounds. We’ve already started on the groundwork of the service building. We’re happy, and find it stimulating, to continue developing this important building for the hospital grounds
    Bratislav Marjanovic, Region Manager Peab
    We will restore and build on the existing buildings when we house the ship so that the entire Hurtigruten Museum will be new and modern
    Gro Skaar Knutsen, Region Manager Peab
    Tornet is one of Peab’s significant joint venture companies. Our ownership in Tornet provides us with a balanced exposure of apartments in major cities. After a period of development the company now has a number of apartments under its management that contribute positively to the result in business area Project Development. We look forward to further developing the company together with Balder and Folksam
    Göran Linder, Business Area Manager Project Development
    We are working on construction of Sälen’s new airport to the fullest and are very pleased to have also received an order for the new road to it. The airport will open the door for more tourism, which will promote growth and development in the area
    Jörgen Eriksson, Region Manager at Peab
    The new garrison will bring new jobs and more people to live on Gotland. This will give schools, shops and other companies the opportunity to expand which strengthens the community
    Göran Wiking, Region Manager at Peab
    Peab continued to develop positively during the third quarter and all the business areas except Project Development presented an improved operating profit. The market situation continues to be good with a stable demand in Sweden, Norway and Finland
    Jesper Göransson, CEO Peab
    I’m very happy to welcome Lotta onto our team. She has a great deal of experience as a leader along with extensive knowledge about the industry
    Jesper Göransson, President and CEO of Peab
    We are really pleased to be able to participate in the development of an efficient transportation hub that contributes to growth in the Sundsvall region. The new railroad will make it possible to shift goods from roads to railroads, which is a big plus for the environment
    Jörgen Eriksson, Region Manager Peab
    I’m very happy to welcome Camila onto our team. She has a great deal of experience in communication and good insight into issues important for society. Camila has the right energy and expertise to spread further knowledge about Peab’s extensive operations
    Jesper Göransson, President and CEO of Peab
    Being an active part in improving the environment is important to us. The total capacity of the wind farm will be 353 MW, which is enough renewable energy to provide 220,000 Swedish homes with household electricity.
    Jörgen Eriksson, Region Manager Peab
    It’s exciting to be part of the process of building the department store of the future together with IKEA and at the same time contribute to the development of Mölndal City
    Stellan Haraldsson, Region Manager Peab.
    As the Nordic community builder we are particularly pleased to participate in the renovation of one of the most important buildings in Sweden and construction of a part of the country’s future House of Parliament
    Lars Enroth, Region Manager Peab
    Platinan is a fantastic project with a design that will make a definite imprint on Gothenburg
    Stellan Haraldsson, Region Manager Peab.
    We look forward to building Gårda Vestra together with Platzer. The building will make an impression on the cityscape and be like a portal into the city
    Deputy Region Manager Peab, Patrik Svens
    Building a swimming facility is an interesting and demanding project. Peab has the expertise required to ensure quality in its construction
    Region Manager Peab Nils Staffansson
    We have been looking forward to this job that gives Peab and Annehem the chance to satisfy Peab’s need for more practical premises, making it possible to modernize workflows
    Bratislav Marjanovic, Peab Region Manager
    We have been responsible for this work in the city of Helsingborg during the past eight years and we are very pleased to be able to continue cooperating over the coming ones
    Göran Wiking, Peab Region Manager
    We look forward to contributing, together with the Swedish Transport Administration, to improvements in safety and trafficability
    Berth Larsson, Peab Region Manager
    We look forward to beginning to develop these office buildings with the top location next to E4 in Ulriksdal.
    Göran Linder, Peab BA Project Development Manager
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