We are very proud of what our cadets have achieved during the last three years. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to get here today.
John Bazley, Head of Academic and Certification Programmes for the Academ
I’m very proud to welcome our friends from Shanghai Institute of Technology, and honour their work in the Solent Showcase gallery. This international partnership enriches the school, and underpins the University’s commitment to providing an excellent teaching experience with an international focus.
Peter Lloyd, Director of the School of Art, Design and Fashion at Southampton Solent University,
An opportunity such as this is second to none, as it allows us to bring industry and education together, reinforcing the vocational aspects of the degree and enhancing the real learning aspect.
Lydia Southwell, course leader at Solent University
It was great to meet students at Southampton Solent and hear first-hand about what makes a valuable university experience.
Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson
He listened to our point of view and was particularly interested to hear about the University’s support and counselling services. He recognised higher education can be an anxious time both financially and personally, worrying about money and getting the right grades.
Solent University’s Students’ Union president, Naomi Oiku
Graduation is a celebration of the academic achievement and new skills of our students and a time to look forward to their future success. We are proud of our students during their time with us and we follow with interest the impact they have as graduates on our societies and economies – locally, nationally and internationally. “I am confident that as products of an enterprising and dynamic university, our graduates will find innovative ways of responding to the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly globalised world.
Professor Graham Baldwin
“The Saints Foundation is a key player in sport development and coaching in the local area, so it is really exciting to have signed a formal agreement that will enable our students to take part in their projects, gaining crucial experience in real-world coaching and volunteering roles.”
Kevin Harris, Course Leader Sport Coaching and Development
It’s a huge honour to receive such an accolade from such a renowned organisation. It adds to the confidence I have gained since obtaining my engineering qualification and gives me the belief that upon embarking on this new career, if I work hard enough and do my best, I can achieve anything I set my mind too.
David Barfoot
“The YMCA works in partnership with many agencies and has now developed strong links with Southampton Solent University, which is making a real difference to our communities”
Andrew Simpson, Area Director of YMCA Newtown Youth Centre
An important part of our vision as a university is to be a catalyst for social justice and through the charity, these awards are helping local organisations address this important issue. We are proud to be able to help in this way.
Professor Mike Wilkinson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement)
The students will be vital in helping with these groups. I can’t effectively run a group of eight people by myself because there would be conversations going all over the place. If four students attend these groups, each couple of people have a dedicated person there to lead the conversations and start them off.
Paul Hedges, senior project officer at Saints Foundation
“I had the opportunity to work as a Business Analyst at GradWeb, a company providing customizable web-based software designed to meet the specific graduate recruitment needs of employers and blue chip companies. My lecturer strongly recommended this opportunity to me and I am really thankful that I followed her advice.”
Katie Pontin, Southampton Solent University graduate
Throughout the process the build has enhanced the experience for our students by providing student work-placements, on-site learning and guest lectures as part of their courses, so not only is the pod built for our students, but it is with the support of them as well, all adding to their learning journey.
Professor Graham Baldwin, Vice Chancellor
It is great to be shortlisted by the AHRC as they represent some of the most significant research into arts in the academic context. The work involved a team of people who invested their skills and talents into the project and it is very positive to get this work seen by a wider audience.
Senior Lecturer Julian Konczak
“It’s great to have the investment from the University for this exclusive facility. For the students especially, to have access to this kind of technology is amazing – not many places in the world can boast this sort of experience for their students!
Pete Richardson, technical instructor for media technology at Solent
I am really pleased that we were chosen to be the Green Party's provider for all their website content from their conference. It gave students from all the courses within the television and sound programme group the chance to work on a high-profile live political event. This kind of opportunity rarely comes along and it provides invaluable experience for students looking to work in news and current affairs.
Sean Lancastle, Broadcast Business Development Manager in Solent’s School of Media Arts and Technology
When I saw an advert for the series and encouraged the group to audition they had only gigged together once. To create a successful career in the music industry I believe that you need to be an opportunist and sometimes take a blind leap of faith; thankfully it has paid off this time and here we are!”
Esther Frake, Lecturer in Popular Music
We’re six strangers from different countries, different backgrounds and different cultures but our love for music and crazy personalities unites us as group that work to create magic on stage.
A cappella gives you the power to give 100% of what you’ve got, it’s just you and your voice, nothing else. It's unbelievable what can you create with only human voices; it's fresh and once you start it becomes addictive.
Making a series of such high quality is an achievement by anyone's standards. That it has been produced by students and staff here at Solent University makes it extra special. I am very proud of this nomination - it is very well deserved.
Tony Steyger, Academic Leader for Solent Productions
I am extremely proud that Solent TV's flagship production has gained recognition at Raindance. This large scale production wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the talented staff and students involved and the backing of the University, for which I am very grateful.
Hayley Smith, Producer
We know how nerve-wrecking results day can be; but if you’re not sure what to do with your results, don’t panic! Clearing teams are there to help you through the process to finding the right course and university.
Rebecca Hollington, Solent’s Recruitment Events and Prospects Manager
Even though netball is a non-contact sport, we can still be very prone to knee and ankle injuries. Having access to the physiotherapist and these facilities have helped me become stronger as an athlete.
Megan Somerville, 14, from Eagles Netball
The collaboration with Southampton Solent University’s HPA service has been invaluable in supporting the players’ physical development. It has added huge value by providing the players with experience of an elite training environment.
Lois Fidler, Technical Director of the Hampshire FA Girls Centre of Excellence
Winning gold in the team event at the Commonwealth Games was such a great achievement for me, but to do it as an individual at the World University Games is definitely one of my greatest achievements.
Kelly Simm talking to British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS)
Solent have been brilliant ever since I started university and so supportive, so I am very thankful for what they do for me.
Kelly Simm, Solent student and gold medal winner
The students’ work is of a high standard and they presented it very well. Those exhibiting demonstrated a good level of understanding, well grounded in the fundamentals of construction, along with excellent communication skills. Believe me that when I compare this with some other universities, this is sometimes so often lacking and this does affect a graduates’ employability.
Alex Naraian, a Solent Graduate and now Associate Director at ADAM Architecture and Councillor of CIAT South East Region
The cadets have every reason to be proud, not only of what they have achieved during the last three years, but also of the importance of the work they have been trained to do.
Andrew Hair, Director of Warsash Maritime Academy
We saw the Shirley Estate focal path as a community project and wanted the resident's voice to be embedded in the artwork. I interviewed residents in their homes, on the path, in their schools, in their park and café, and the community centre. Some of them had been living in Shirley Estate since 1967, when it was built
Nick Long, School of Art and Design Programme Group Leader
The new Shirley Estate focal path captures the life experiences and hopes of this community. Along with St James Park, which is adjacent to the estate, and improvements that our Decent Neighbourhoods team are making to the gardens and open spaces, Shirley residents have yet another beautiful addition to their area.
Councillor Warwick Payne, Cabinet Member for Housing and Sustainability
EVER AND ANON, meaning now and then, or from time to time, underlines our pride in these students and our intention to remain in contact with them as they flourish in the creative industries
Jennifer Anyan, Programme Group Leader for media and fashion styling
I set out to uncover areas that the public don’t usually see and confront the issue of sustainable quarrying. I like to pose questions in the viewers’ minds, usually I get asked ‘Where is this? It can’t be England’ and that is what inspires me, to create images that confront the viewers, making them question what it is they’re looking at and its wider implications.
Tom Parker
I always had a desire to attend university but making the decision to move away from home was a hard decision but one that with hindsight, I am delighted I made. The three years at Solent have been the best of my life and the course has helped widen my knowledge and develop my skills within the arts.
Ella Stanley
Despite its importance, there is virtually nothing about the shipping industry included on the national schools’ curriculum, which is significant when you consider that it offers very real employment opportunities. Part of our research will examine whether this is a conscious career choice or if young people still at school or at Sixth Form College are simply unaware of the variety of careers at sea available to them.
Dr Kate Pike, Senior Research Fellow at Solent
“…it is evident that each artist has contemplated his or her personal history or social concern and confronted the theme with technical and intellectual integrity…to listen to a variety of voices which vibrate the air and resonate onto the realm above the visible
Dr Atsuhide Ito, Senior Lecturer in BA (Hons) Fine Art
the diversity of age, culture, nationality and personality all help to create a fantastic learning environment
Wendy White, BA (Hons) Fine Art student
The advice I’d give to other students is whatever you’re doing, do what you enjoy. If you’re lucky you’ll be doing it the rest of your working life.
Student Amber Alexander
We are grateful to the sponsoring companies for supporting the course, and for confirming the high quality of work that is produced by our students. The awards this year particularly reflect the ‘industry readiness’ of our graduates.
Senior Lecturer Andy Douglas
We have a strong record in supporting and encouraging students’ entrepreneurial talent. Any student who has a business idea can find a range of services to turn their idea into a reality, including work-based learning, training schemes, funding, one-to-one mentoring, office facilities and business events
Vice chancellor Professor Graham Baldwin
Since I graduated, Southpoint has gone from strength to strength. Word-of-mouth has helped me get more clients – recently I’ve worked with Visit Hampshire, the Royal College of Music, Southampton City Council, Heart FM – and I’ve recently recruited other graduates to help with larger projects, for example I’ve taken on a broadcast engineer to help with our online live streaming service, Southpoint Live.
Rowan Johnson, BA Hons television and video production
It has been great; you learn more with a hands on approach and it has given me a real insight into the role of an acoustic consultant.Over my four years at Solent I have been lucky enough to have gained valuable experience in festival noise, studio design and outside broadcast, and these experiences tie the acquired knowledge in with real life scenarios and help craft attendees into professional members of staff.
Stephen Hale, BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering student
The students worked really hard and were extremely professional – a real credit to the University. There were only a handful of noise complaints over the whole weekend and the local Environment Health Officers were very happy over all.
Jonty Stewart, Senior Lecturer in BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering
I wouldn’t be able to run the noise management effectively without the Solent students Jonty recommends to us.I will be using them again on the NASS festival and Boardmasters later on in the summer. I hope this gives them good experience and many of the students from Solent have gone on to either work for Vanguardia or other acoustic consultancies around the country.
Warren King, Project Manager at Vanguardia Consulting
The work by students at this year’s degree show is outstanding. They have used innovative and creative designs that create a powerful, striking exhibition
Nick Long, Programme Group Leader
A topic of disregard for most and a glimpse of hope and excitement for others, the paranormal topic of discussion is as an age-old argument across people of all nationalities, cultures and religions
Sam bullock, graphic design student
The work by our final-year students is once again outstanding, and creates an impressive and colourful exhibition. They have worked hard on their projects and it is great to get such positive feedback from the public. I’m sure these final projects will inspire our first and second-year students
Jonny Hannah, Senior Lecturer
As an artist I want to create awareness for key elements that can’t help themselves
Paige Dawson, illustration student
The thing I’ve enjoyed most about Solent is meeting like-minded people and the amazing equipment. My advice to other students is to make the most of the equipment on offer, like the print room and workshop
Mia Leo, illustration student
As a county we have seen the explosive growth of the sport, from one team to over 20 in the past year with 300 players participating weekly.
Matt York, Football Development Officer at Hampshire FA
With the potentially crippling over-use of the NHS, it is imperative that the UK population takes much greater ownership of their health and wellbeing to help relieve the stress placed on this service.
With the potentially crippling over-use of the NHS, it is imperative that the UK population takes much greater ownership of their health and wellbeing to help relieve the stress placed on this service.
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