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    It’s a given to participate in Musikgibbet. We play computer games and raise money for an important cause, it can’t go wrong. We do, of course, go all in even if it might not show on the podium.
    Stefan Engblom, Dada Life
    We aim to bring the same feeling delivered during DreamLeague Season 11 in Stockholm, Sweden, to our event in Leipzig, meaning that the tournament will be packed with exciting games, great entertainment, and an opportunity for Dota 2 fans to come closer to, and cheer for their favorite teams and players.
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    Over this past year, TV 2 Denmark has shown that they are able to provide the Danish audience with just that, a great experienced based on a combination of their high-quality production, a dedicated team, and our content. We are therefore excited to announce this new agreement which will make TV 2 Denmark the go-to source for DreamHack CS:GO content until 2023.
    Peter Nørrelund, co-CEO, DreamHack
    Over the past year, with TV 2 Zulu as a sender, we have embraced esports and have built an amazingly dedicated community across our live TV broadcasts and social platforms. The result has been high shares and a Danish vote in one of the biggest sports of the future for the younger target groups. That's why we're thrilled to have secured a big part of the core esports rights for a three-year period.
    Sune Roland Jensen, Content Manager, TV 2 Zulu and TV 2 Play
    We’re excited that OMEN by HP is joining us as DreamHack, with DreamHack Open and CORSAIR DreamLeague as part of it, is about to make it’s Rotterdam debut.
    Marcus Lindmar, co-CEO, DreamHack
    This event was tremendous when we brought it to Dallas, and we expect just as much, if not more, excitement in Atlanta.
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    In DreamHack we have had great success with launching FIFA Global Series Qualifying League programs in Denmark and Sweden this past year where our vision has evolved around creating strong live media products with massive volume in state of the art broadcast quality.
    Peter Nørrelund, co-CEO, DreamHack
    We are very happy and proud to welcome DreamHack as our partner, bringing years of international esports tournament experience to the table.
    Marc Rondagh, Business Development Manager, Eredivisie
    The DreamHack event experience is transforming from Bring-Your-Own-Computer to Bring-Your-Own-Device and DreamHack is pleased to announce Xbox will be joining us for DreamHack Winter 2019.
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    India has a very strong gaming community, which we got to experience first hand during last year's event. This makes DreamHack Delhi a natural next step in our effort in making the DreamHack experience the perfect culmination of the gaming year in India.
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    There’s no doubt that Pringles is a strong brand within the snacks segment, making our two companies a great fit, and we are sure that the visitors at DreamHack Winter will be just as happy as we are
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    We are extremely happy to be able to bring this huge tournament to our festivals. It really gives the core of the DreamHack festivals, the visitors, a chance to play for the big money.
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    Being able to team up with SJ to offer our visitors a fast, smooth and enviroment-friendly travel alternative feels great
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    The people of Elmia, and all of Jönköping, have always been great partners, welcoming gamers from all over the world to their city and supporting us as best they can, in whatever way they can.
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    Nordic Esport Summit is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in this booming and maturing markets and want to learn more, but also experience the largest CS:GO tournament in the Nordics live in Malmö Arena.
    Tomas Lyckedal, Chief Strategy Officer, DreamHack
    This debut event in Anaheim will be a not-to-be-missed experience for fans of esports and all things gaming.
    DreamHack Co-CEO Marcus Lindmark
    We at DreamHack are proud to continue our work with shaping MalmöLAN, which is a part of Malmö Game Week, into an exciting event for gamers in southern Sweden.
    Petter Sten, Product Owner, DreamHack
    We are thrilled to be part of these DreamHack events and can’t wait to give our customers special access to DreamHack Atlanta.
    Shiz Suzuki, assistant vice president of Sponsorships & Experiential Marketing, AT&T Communications
    It looks like this year’s regular season for both Smite and Paladins will be the most competitive ever, and we are excited to have it culminate in epic fashion at DreamHack Atlanta.
    Todd Harris, COO, Hi-Rez and President, Skillshot Media
    We had a great event with the eSuperliga Finals at Forum last season with several thousands of fans watching live. We’re very much looking forward to the eSuperliga Finals on April 17th, where we’ll once again deliver a world-class FIFA event along with DreamHack, Discovery and many Danish fans – this time in KB Hallen.
    Claus Thomsen, CEO, Danish League
    DreamHack produces top quality tournaments and we hope to see a DreamHack live event hosted within our shores in the near future.
    CK Lee, Head of Sports, Astro
    Dreamhack is a fantastic gaming and esports festival, as well as an important stop on the Dota Pro Circuit that excites players, fans and broadcasters all around the world. After our first successful developments in player and team analysis, an event partnership with Dreamhack is an exciting next step for SAP within the esports ecosystem
    Milan Cerny, Technology and Innovation Lead, SAP
    We now believe the time is right to really jump in head first, and we believe that the DreamHack Mobile Series will bring the right mix of a professional esports experience alongside open competition that fits the ideal structure for mobile esports.
    Michael Van Driel, Chief Product Officer, DreamHack
    DreamHack Festival is an absolute pioneer and is now considered one of the biggest players in esports.
    Stefan Zant, Managing Director and COO, 7Sports
    We had some ideas for how to incorporate a LAN into LTX 2019… and they were all terrible… Then DreamHack reached out about partnering for the event and we were like “Heck yeah!”
    Linus Sebastian, CEO, Linus Media Group
    It is time to take esports seriously and discover the possibilities of having a strong brand in this world as well. It is the right thing to do and I am happy that the clubs want to join in.
    Mats Enquist, Secretary General at Swedish Elite Football.
    I feel amazing! Very happy and proud about having my idea recognized by an incredible company such as DreamHack.
    Guilherme Ribeiro
    We are extremely proud to have the privilege of being the global exclusive partner (in our category) of DreamHack. Together, Esport-Management and DreamHack share the same passion for Esports and video gaming.
    Mike Hessabi, CEO, Esport-Management
    I couldn’t be more excited about the partnership with DreamHack and all of the esports offerings at this year’s fest
    Scott Osburn, Lights All Night Co-founder and Executive Producer
    We know first hand from our online broadcast viewership metrics that Brazil is home to some of the most passionate fans of gaming and esports.
    Marcus Lindmark, Co-CEO, DreamHack
    DreamHack’s 2019 calendar continues our strategy to grow our festival globally, while also continuing to celebrate the roots of our beginnings through ‘DreamHack Day’ each year on the 9th of December
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    As we continue to innovate the DreamHack experience we’re constantly looking for new ideas, and through The Harbor we found this structured way of receiving a lot more good ideas from our community, visitors and viewers – and use that to define where we should go next.
    Tomas Lyckedal, Chief Strategy Officer, DreamHack
    We are very satisfied that TV 2 has managed to secure the strongest TV rights in esports for ZULU.
    Editorial director Allan Hvid, TV 2 SPORT
    League of Schools offers the ordinary yet serious players a way to compete in their favorite games. Matchmaking and ranked games might be valuable tools for new esports athletes to become better but professionally executed, reliable and organized competitions are pretty scarce within esports and spread among the students.
    Philip Skogsberg, Challengermode
    The launch of the DreamHack Pro Circuit represents our commitment to Rocket League and we are looking forward to a big year where we can continue to innovate and create four of the most compelling Rocket League championships to date.
    Michael Van Driel, Chief Product Officer, DreamHack
    The DreamHack Leipzig is now open to visitors aged 12 years and older. At DreamExpo, all offers have been approved for the 12+ age group, with which we are making their often-expressed wish come true.
    Stephanie Scholz, Project Director, DreamHack Leipzig
    Following a great partnership kick-off in Austin earlier this year, we are excited to once again team up with Voodoo Ranger and New Belgium Brewing for our Atlanta event.
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    2018 has been a great year for the development of esports, and I can’t think of a better way to end the year – than going to DreamHack Winter, experience the leading digital festival in the world and also kick-off the next business year with amazing networking experience and great insights from some of the most interesting esports speakers out there.
    Tomas Lyckedal, Chief Strategy Officer, DreamHack
    We are happy to create this award together with mySafety Försäkringar, to highlight the good examples and place them in the spotlight.
    Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO, DreamHack
    We are delighted that we now can bring the DreamHack experience to Dallas as we know that we that we have a good following in the city. Dallas is, for me, a city well known for its many sports teams and being a central hub for esports as well in the state of Texas but also for the whole of the U.S.
    Marcus Lindmark, CEO, DreamHack
    We are very proud to finally unveil the eSuperliga. Several of the biggest clubs in Denmark have been engaged in esports for some time, while for others this is a new ballgame. Therefore, we are very happy to have DreamHack on board, bringing years of international esports tournament experience to the table.
    Claus Thomsen, President of the Danish Superliga
    DreamHack has always been the epitome of the celebration of gaming and esports globally and we are delighted to partner with Dreamhack on their Indian journey.
    Akshat Rathee, Founder and CEO, NODWIN Gaming
    We have the confidence that together with DreamHack we are starting a new tradition, and will as Ahoy organisation, give much priority to the further implementation of DreamHack Rotterdam and Rotterdam Games Week.
    Jolanda Jansen, CEO, Ahoy
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