Brits have a real tendency to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to doing things that may cause stress – be it visiting a doctor, dentist or even a mechanic.
Dr Pixie McKenna
Just as minor coughs or colds can turn into pneumonia, minor motoring ailments can lead to much bigger problems>
Dr Pixie McKenna
“Norwich has made a commitment to make cycling more accessible and Cycle Republic will support cyclists of every level to get out on the road.”
Peter Kimberley, Cycle Republic Director:
Our customers told us that better safety products would encourage them to cycle more, and the illuminating Visijax Commuter Jacket will make it easier for commuters to be seen on the roads.
Ross Hubbard
We want more people to feel confident cycling on the roads – whatever the time of year and whatever the weather. We started with issuing VAT free prices on high-vis wear and are now proud to offer bike lights at VAT free prices for the rest of winter.
Emma Fox
While 2014 saw the rise of the MAMIL, we’re eager to show customers that 2015’s new trends aren’t all about lycra. We’ve been influenced by a variety of sources – bringing colour from the catwalk to bicycles, technology down from ‘the cloud’ and into cars and bike design from the velodrome onto the road.
Emma Fox, Commercial Director
Far from festive cheer bringing out the spirit of goodwill in motorists, our research shows that the winter appears to have the opposite effect.
Stefan Warhaftig from Halfords Autocentres
Behaviour such as tailgating and using car horns or lights to intimidate other road users actually increases as we near Christmas.
Stefan Warhaftig from Halfords Autocentres
It pays to take your time when you’re packing to avoid broken presents, unnecessary spillages and disappointed relatives.
Stefan Warhaftig
There are also serious safety implications to not packing your vehicle properly. Lose objects can fly forward if you brake sharply, uneven weight distribution can affect your car’s handling and unsecured items carried on the roof can become a serious hazard to other road users if they are dislodged.
Stefan Warhaftig
There are two things I can’t teach - common sense and experience. Common sense is taking advice and listening to the experts. Experience is what you get when you don’t!
SAS survival instructor Lofty Wiseman
I hope anyone planning to drive during the winter follows the advice contained in this guide and enjoys many more miles of safe motoring.
SAS survival instructor Lofty Wiseman
Driving in heavy rain, snow and ice can be daunting, especially for those with no experience of driving in such conditions. And it’s not just new drivers that this affects, last year’s mild winter means that even people who passed their test in the last couple of years may not have experienced driving in severe weather conditions before.
Stefan Warhaftig
We have worked with renowned experts in their field - including former SAS Sergeant Major John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman and three-time British Touring Car Champion Matt Neal - to share their knowledge and experience with other drivers in a format that is easy to digest.
Stefan Warhaftig from Halfords Autocentres
I hope anyone planning to drive during the winter follows the advice contained in this guide and enjoys many more miles of safe motoring.
SAS survival instructor Lofty Wiseman
Cloning a number plate is like stealing your car’s identity.
David Hammond
Offences such as driving away from fuel stations without paying, speeding, or avoiding blame if the cloned car is involved in a collision could lead to genuine owners incurring financial penalties or even criminal charges.
David Hammond
We wanted our Christmas ad to capture the magic and nostalgia of Christmas and evoke the feelings of being a child surrounded by that magic on Christmas Day, along with all the expectation and excitement that brings.
Karen Bellairs, Halfords Marketing Director says:
‘It’s great to see a delivery plan that stresses the importance of strong leadership being critical at both a local and national level. It’s music to our ears that the Government is committed to bringing about so many positive changes in cycling in England.'
Emma Fox, Commercial Director says:
“This is a landmark product that drivers will look back on as the defining moment when in car technology and smartphones became truly integrated.
Craig Matley, Halfords product manager says:
: “The lock is an ingenious solution to a problem that’s been around since people started riding bikes. We love Adrian’s approach and we’ll even fit it to customers’ bikes, swapping out their existing seat tubes. It is easy to use and offers a secure solution for locking up a bike or using with an existing U-Bolt lock to secure the saddle and back wheel. We look forward to watching this one fly off the shelves.”
Halfords Head of Trading for Cycle Accessories, Jim Berkerley said
“Forget faddish, disposable gifts. From taking your first shiny new bike out for a ride to a family sing-a-long in the car, Halfords has something that will help make some of life’s little journeys really special and memorable this Christmas.”
Emma Fox, Commercial Director says:
To arrive for an MOT with a tyre at or below the legal minimum of 1.6mm means weeks or months of neglect have taken place.
Stefan Warhaftig
When the first paper tax disc was issued in the UK over 90 years ago, no-one could have predicted how long the paper system would last or what modern motoring technologies lay ahead.
Richard Bowen, Product Manager
The death of the tax disc means that we’ve been able to respond to calls for us to broaden our range of in-car travel accessories that help motorists to stay connected safely whilst on the move.
Richard Bowen, Product Manager
Halfords is where many learner drivers begin their motoring journey - buying a copy of the Highway Code and L-plates before getting behind the wheel for the first time.
Richard Bowen
Our partnership with RED will help lower the cost of learning to drive and hopefully build a long-term relationship between Halfords and a new generation of drivers.
Richard Bowen
With an aging UK car fleet stimulating demand for replacement parts, the timing is right for Halfords to reassert itself in the marketplace.
Paul Tomlinson
The average age of cars on UK roads is at a thirty year high - which we anticipate will drive demand from owners of older vehicles for major replacement parts.
Paul Tomlinson
Nine out of ten car owners that have either sold or traded in a vehicle in the past 12 months told us they had carried out some pre-sale polishing and more than three quarters of them achieved a better price because of this.
David Howells, Halfords paint protection expert
When it comes to putting money back into the pockets of hard-pressed motorists, it’s clear that banishing unsightly scuffs and scratches prior to selling a car can add hundreds of pounds in value.
Donna Howard, from G3 Pro Car Cleaning
‘Organised gangs have mastered how to get around high-tech security devices, leading to a significant rise in car thefts across the UK. To guard against falling victim to these car thieves, Police are advising drivers to invest in a physical deterrent. Classic steel steering locks first became popular in the Eighties and Nineties but remain an extremely effective way of stopping and deterring thieves when technology alone is not enough.’
David Hammond, Car Security Buyer at Halfords
The Raleigh Chopper is not only a design classic, but also a childhood icon and we’ve seen lots of demand from parents wanting to recreate the magic of their favourite bike for their children. The nostalgia trend has helped this much loved retro bike make a comeback this summer.
Hannah Coupland, Assistant Buyer for Mainstream Cycling at Halfords
The warmer weather is great for wildlife but those extra bugs and beasties can be tough on your car’s paintwork. We’re noticing motorists are investing in specialist products this year to keep the effects of Mother Nature at bay.
Dave Swaysland
Our research shows there is a real knowledge gap when it comes to cycling safety and maintenance. Halfords has helped almost 45,000 children learn the basics over the past year and in school, school holiday and community workshops we’re helping as many children as possible stay safe on their bikes, but there are still too many cyclists without proper knowledge of cycling safety.
Emma Thomas, Senior Comunications Manager
“Congratulations to Alistair and Jonny on yet another incredible result, we are so proud of the Brownlee brothers.”
Halfords CEO Matt Davies
“Everyone knows I am passionate about cycling, and I want to encourage as many women as I can back onto their bikes which is why I am so proud of the fact that my classic bikes are for everyday women. You don’t have to wriggle into lycra to ride them and they are perfect for nipping down to the shops or a ride around town or countryside, with friends.”
Victoria Pendleton MBE
, “Unfamilar roadsigns, lack of local knowledge and driving on the opposite side of the road can all lead to a disconcerting driving experience on the continent.
Dave Poulter, Halfords Auto Category Director
With around a fifth of drink drive accidents happening the morning after, these handy devices will advise you whether you are safe to drive by showing you your blood alcohol level within 2 minutes.
David Hammond, product manager
they contain active ingredients that mean their useful life is up to two years so drivers who first purchased them when the law was introduced in 2012 - and have not used or replaced them since - could find that they are near to or passed their use by date.
David Hammond, product manager
“REAR’s are the latest cycling tribe we’ve identified, inspired by the likes of Pippa Middleton and Victoria Pendleton. With women riding alongside men in the Tour de France for the first time in 25 years, there’s no better time to get pedalling.”
Karen Bellairs, director of cycling at Halfords
“Health, congestion, pollution, more liveable cites - whatever topic you want to choose, the bicycle can be a large part of the answer. In fact it's the only form of mechanised transport that actually contributes to our society - the UK gains £590 a year for every extra regular cyclist.
Chris Boardman MBE, co-founder of Boardman Bikes and British Cycling Policy Advisor
“We know that child safety is the number one priority for customers purchasing a car seat. However, whilst we ensure every seat that we sell is fitted properly when it’s first purchased they are often removed for use in a second car or loaned to grandparents, which can mean they aren’t correctly fitted again when re-installed.
Eloise Hawkins, Halfords child seat product manager
“This research shows dads love having a clean and shiny car in the driveway, but even we were surprised to see dads would rather wash the car with the kids than watch sport like the World Cup together – showing spending time doing traditional bonding activities is still popular this Father’s Day. “So during this weekend’s heat wave, if you are one of the third of Brits who has never washed their parent’s car, roll your sleeves up and get scrubbing!”
David Howells, Car Washing Expert
Our managers have also reported a rise in the number of customers that are taking more interest in their car’s brakes as a result of the extremely wet winter and widespread flooding that the UK experienced – which appears to have reminded many drivers of the importance of being able to stop effectively.
Rory Carlin
“On behalf of Boardman Bikes I am delighted by today’s news. We look forward to building on the success we have had to date with independent retailers, in international markets and with Halfords. This step will take the brand to the next level and their backing will allow us to further develop our research & development and extend our award-winning cycling ranges.”
Chris Boardman, founder and Chairman of Boardman Bikes commented:
For many new drivers the dream of freedom and personal mobility that having a car represents is a far cry from the reality they experience once they have passed their test.
Rory Carlin
A significant proportion of new drivers dramatically underestimate the cost of motoring and the importance of on-going maintenance in particular – placing an increased reliance on the bank of mom and dad
Rory Carlin
“This is a massively exciting project for Halfords. It brings together two iconic British brands with nearly 240 years of combined heritage and marks our return to motorsport.
Louise Robinson, Halfords category manager
“Norton only partners with high quality brands that have a complimentary vision of premium workmanship and design, so we are proud to be working closely with Halfords and utilising its extensive range of professional tools.
Simon Skinner, Norton’s Head of Design
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