Volvo Penta unveils pioneering self-docking yacht technology

The Volvo Group has been carrying out research into autonomous vehicles and the transport systems of the future for several years. The group has produced a number of examples of self-driving concept vehicles for use in restricted areas, such as mines and ports. Volvo Penta’s self-docking solution represents another step forward in the development process for the group.The Gothenburg, Sweden, stopover of the Volvo Ocean race was the scene for the unveiling of what could be the most sought-after system in modern boating – Volvo Penta’s self-docking system. In a live demonstration, a 68 ft yacht fitted with the technology skillfully maneuvered itself into the tightest of spaces between two of the Volvo Ocean Race 65 racing yachts.   “Docking is one of the most challenging boat handling maneuvers – getting it wrong can be embarrassing, expensive and precarious,” says Björn Ingemanson, President of Volvo Penta. “Our IPS system has already taken great strides in making docking easier, and this new self-docking feature takes that process one important stage further. Its sensors and onboard computers react in milliseconds to changing wind and sea conditions, constantly making micro adjustments in power and steering angle of the IPS drive to keep the boat on its intended course into a safe berth. If necessary, the docking process can be paused, and the system will hold the boat stationary in the water. Even in changing sea conditions it can make the sea appear to stand still.” Safety is a primary factor in the ongoing development of the feature and, as with similar ‘self-parking’ technology in the automotive world, Volvo Penta’s docking system is not designed to be fully autonomous. While the system will also feature surround sensors that provide anti-collision alert and avoidance, the captain needs to remain at the helm during the docking process, ready to intervene if necessary. For more information, video and pictures from the live demonstration, please visit Volvo Penta . Here are a few other examples of the Volvo Group’s activities in the field of automation. ·  In 2016 the group presented a self-driving truck, the Volvo FMX, in the Kristineberg mine in northern Sweden. ·  In 2017 the group demonstrated a self-driving refuse truck for use in an urban environment as part of a research project in collaboration with the recycling company Renova. ·  In Brazil Volvo Trucks is investigating whether self-driving trucks can make an important contribution to the sugarcane harvest. ·  As part of the Volvo Group’s Innovation Summit in Beijing in November 2017, a demonstration was given of Hub-2-Hub, a concept truck that can travel autonomously from one hub to another. ·  The HX2 is an autonomous, electric load carrier developed by Volvo Construction Equipment. The second-generation concept machine is part of an electric site research project.  ·  Volvo has demonstrated a 12- metre autonomous bus. A prototype based on Volvo´s commercially produced electric city bus. 16 June, 2018 Journalists who would like further information about Volvo Penta, please contact:Contact person, Jennifer Humphrey Global Communication Manager Volvo Penta Phone: +46 31 323 3055                                                Email:                             For more information about Volvo Group autonomous solutions please contact: Joakim Kenndal at or on +46 31-323 72 29. For more information, please visit   The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, which employs almost 100,000 people, has production facilities in 18 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets. In 2017 the Volvo Group’s sales amounted to about SEK 335 billion (EUR 35 billion). The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden. Volvo shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Com Hem beats World Record for internet connection

Com Hem is providing DreamHack Summer with the world’s fastest internet connection of 1.6 Tbit/second through a direct link to the backbone, which is also used to supply broadband to Com Hem’s 700,000 broadband customers.   The technology used is called DWDM and the link was drawn 300 kilometres between Stockholm and Jönköping, which is most likely the first time a connection this fast has been set up at such a long distance for this type of event.   “Beating the world record and providing the world’s fastest internet connection is a milestone in Com Hem’s history and have been made possible by our modern network and our outstanding employees. It is important that a major broadband provider such as Com Hem has a stable, fast and flexible network that has more capacity to offer our customers when they need it. Today, we have demonstrated that we have this,” says Thomas Helbo, CTO of Com Hem.   “It is wonderful to be involved in breaking a world record and that Com Hem chose to do this with us at DreamHack Summer. Our visitors and participants are very discerning when it comes to connectivity and want it to work seamlessly, so it feels great to let them experience the world’s fastest internet access. We love to break records, and look forward to continuing our partnership with Com Hem and to together deliver powerful experiences and the best connectivity to our participants,” says Marcus Lindmark, CEO of DreamHack.  1.6 Terabit per second corresponds to 16,000, 100 Mbit/s connections, which is the most frequently used broadband service delivered by Com Hem to Swedish households. At this speed, 5 million people can stream Spotify at the highest quality simultaneously, or 230,000 people could watch Netflix in HD simultaneously, and it would take less than one second to download ten copies of Fortnite, one of the largest games in the market.   For more information, please contact:  Fredrik Hallstan, Head of PR Tel: +46 761 15 38 30  About Com Hem groupCom Hem offers broadband, TV, play and telephony services to Swedish households and companies. Our powerful and future-proofed network, with speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s, covers half of the country’s households, making the Com Hem Group an important driver of creating a digital Sweden. We bring our 1.45 million customers the broadest range of digital-TV channels and play services via top boxes as well as on-the-go for tablets and smartphones. The company was founded in 1983 and has approximately 1,100 employees. Com Hem is headquartered in Stockholm and operates through three subsidiaries: Com Hem AB, Boxer TV Access AB and iTUX Communication AB. In 2017, Group sales totalled SEK 7,136 million. The Com Hem share has been traded on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2014.  About DreamHackDreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival, with 11 events occurring in 6 countries across the globe in 2018. Our events represent a convergence of all aspects of the diverse culture of gaming. Our festival events are a platform for esports tournaments, bring your own computer LAN parties, cosplay competitions, music acts, technology exhibitions and panel discussions. In addition to our events, DreamHack is a production company with a focus on gaming, esports, and arena productions for both traditional TV and the internet. 

HYBRIT’s World-first Pilot Plant Wins Energy Agency’s Backing

The Swedish Energy Agency today confirmed its decision to provide financial support for the HYBRIT project in connection with the construction of a pilot plant that is expected to be completed by 2020. The plant will perform tests that will allow fossil-free steel production to be scaled up. Expenditure for the pilot phase is expected to total SEK 1.4 billion, of which project owners SSAB, LKAB, and Vattenfall will provide 63 percent. The support from the Swedish Energy Agency covers 25 percent of the cost for the actual pilot plant, and higher percentages of the different scientific projects. The Swedish Energy Agency‘s total contribution amounts to about 37 percent of the total estimated costs.. “Trials at pilot-plant scale are necessary to verify our conclusions from the small-scale laboratory attempts in a larger scale that is more similar to the future industrial process. They provide the basis for a clearer understanding of what happens within an interconnected industrial system and how we can achieve an efficient production process. This is a critical step in order to ultimately reach our goal of fossil-free steel production and to reap all its environmental benefits. With that in mind, we’re very happy that the Swedish Energy Agency has chosen to continue to support us,” says HYBRIT CEO Mårten Görnerup. “Our involvement with the HYBRIT initiative is helping drive the transition to both a fossil-free industry and a sustainable way of life. We’re also helping to promote the Swedish steel industry’s ability to compete in the long term as well as stepping up efforts to establish unique, green energy systems in Sweden,” says Remy Kolessar, Head of the Department for Research and Innovation at the Swedish Energy Agency. The funding provided by the Agency covers two subprojects:Project 1 (Preliminary studies on direct reduction based on hydrogen gas with a subsequent steel production process) concerns preliminary studies on the direct reduction of iron ore pellets using hydrogen gas and their subsequent melting in an electric arc furnace for the purpose of steel production. These studies aim to develop a technique in which pure hydrogen gas is used as the reducing agent in the production of sponge iron from iron ore pellets. This is both HYBRIT’s core concept and the phase that requires the most research and development. Project 2 (Preliminary studies on fossil-free pellet heating) investigates the development of a fossil-free heating technique for the sintering of iron ore pellets. The studies’ dual aim is to reduce emissions from existing pellet plants and to design a new pelletizing process. Two feasibility studies have been carried out since HYBRIT was launched in the spring of 2016. A research project was also started in 2017 using funds provided by the Swedish Energy Agency. This project comprises a large-scale collaboration between industry, academia, and research institutes aimed at identifying possible fossil-free options in the energy-mine-iron-steel value chain. The Swedish Energy Agency has previously contributed SEK 60 million in support of HYBRIT’s preliminary studies and research projects, together with a further SEK 10 million, equal to half the cost for the planning and design of the pilot plant whose construction will begin in June 2018. In 2024, HYBRIT will transition from the pilot phase to the demonstration phase (scheduled to run from 2025 to 2035), which will be equivalent to small industrial-scale production. The plan is to have established a fossil-free industrial steel production process by 2035. For more information, please contact: Amelie Winberg, SSAB,, + 46 70 221 13 72 Erika Lindblad, LKAB,, +46 72 524 12 41 Magnus Kryssare, Vattenfall,, + 46 76 769 56 07

Share buy-backs in Telia Company during week 24 2018

During the period June 11, 2018 to June 15, 2018, shares in Telia Company have been repurchased as follows.  +---------+-----------+---------------------------+-----------------------+|Date |Aggregated |Weighted average |Total daily transaction|| |daily |share price per day |value (SEK) || |volume |(SEK)                      | || |(number of | | || |shares)    | | || |           | | |+---------+-----------+---------------------------+-----------------------+|June 11, | 230 000| 42,4834| 9 771 182||2018     | | | ||   | | | |+---------+-----------+---------------------------+-----------------------+|June 12, | 620 000| 42,2373| 26 187 126||2018 | | | |+---------+-----------+---------------------------+-----------------------+|June 13, | 600 000| 42,1006| 25 260 360||2018 | | | |+---------+-----------+---------------------------+-----------------------+|June 14, | 200 000| 42,3430| 8 468 600||2018 | | | |+---------+-----------+---------------------------+-----------------------+|June 15, | 450 000| 42,6209| 19 179 405||2018 | | | |+---------+-----------+---------------------------+-----------------------+   All acquisitions have been carried out on Nasdaq Stockholm by Danske Bank A/S, Danmark, Sverige Filial on behalf of Telia Company. Following the above acquisitions, Telia Companys holding of own shares amounts to 20 233 675 shares as of June 15 2018. The total number of shares in Telia Company is 4,330,084,781.  A full breakdown of the transactions pursuant to article 5.3 of MAR and article 2.3 of the Safe Harbour Regulation is attached to this announcement. The total volume of Telia Company shares which have been bought back within the share buy-back programme from 23 April, 2018 until and including June 15, 2018 amounts to 20 233 675 shares. In total a maximum of 433,008,478 shares may be repurchased. For information about all transactions in the buy-back programme see the following link to Nasdaq Stockholm’s website:] For any queries about the buy-back program, please contact Investors Andreas Joelsson, Head of Investor RelationsTel: +46(0)70 863 33 Media Ralf Bagner, Press Officer                          Johanna Hansson Press OfficerTel: +46(0)70 338 72 48                              +46(0)73 086 47 14              This information is information that Telia Company AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 07.30 CET on June 18, 2018.  For more information, please contact our press office +46 771 77 58 30, visit our Newsroom  or follow us on Twitter @Teliacompany  .   We’re Telia Company, the New Generation Telco. Our approximately 20,000 talented colleagues serve millions of customers every day in one of the world’s most connected regions. With a strong connectivity base, we’re the hub in the digital ecosystem, empowering people, companies and societies to stay in touch with everything that matters 24/7/365 - on their terms. Headquartered in Stockholm, the heart of innovation and technology, we’re set to change the industry and bring the world even closer for our customers. Read more at                         

PHI and BioSpherix sign co-marketing agreement

Over 90 % of the drugs tested in humans never reach the market. The high failure rate is a result of that the initial laboratory test gives little or no information of how patients will respond to a new drug. Together, BioSpherix’s and PHI’s products create a novel and powerful concept, allowing researchers to achieve more physiologically relevant and accurate laboratory tests by making it possible to analyze the undisturbed kinetic behavior of cells in a controlled incubator environ­ment. Cell-based pharmaceutical research in a controlled incubator environment (left) vs. conventional cell-based research in an uncontrolled environment (right). “We are excited about collaborating with PHI. The combination of our Cytocentric technology with PHI’s Holo­Monitor technology provides the ability to monitor cells label-free in full-time physiologically relevant oxygen conditions.* This opens the way to more physiologically relevant results for biomedical sciences”, Alicia D. Henn, PhD MBA, Chief Scientific Officer, BioSpherix.*Human cells live naturally in an oxygen deprived environment. Conventional experiments are conducted at atmospheric and thus unnaturally high oxygen levels. This results in “oxygen high” cells, as the oxygen concentration is not controlled. “The general workflow of working with cultured cells has not changed since the 1950s, when scientists were able to keep human cells alive outside the human body for the first time. The combination of our cell friendly technologies takes cell-based biomedical research into a new area, promising to reduce the need for animal testing and the cost of pharmaceutical development”, Peter Egelberg, CEO and founder of PHI. About BioSpherix BioSpherix Medical®, located in Parish, NY USA, designs, manufactures, and sells advanced cell incubation for the control and optimization of laboratory cellular environments. Since its founding in 1982, BioSpherix has supplied equipment and systems to academic research, pharma­ceutical and bio­tech­nology organi­zations throughout the world for use in basic cell biology and stem cell research, as well as gene and cellular therapies.

Gold Town Games – 30 percent increase in sales in quarter two of 2018

The expectation for Q2 is that the company’s net revenue will increase by approximately 30 percent compared to Q1’s net revenue, which was 4,55 million SEK. – March exceeded our expectations, so we are satisfied with sales continuing at the same rate as at the end of Q1,’ says Gold Town Games’s CEO Pär Hultgren. ‘Our goal is of course to further increase sales. The encouraging news is that we are in the ice hockey off-season but sales are still stable,’ says Hultgren. ‘It’s also gratifying to see that World Hockey Manager’s revenue nearly covers its expenses, and that most of the company’s costs can be attributed to our forthcoming new game, World Football Manager, and further expansion.’ During Q2, World Hockey Manager has also gone through its biggest update since its Scandinavian launch in September 2017. The training feature has evolved further and the new feature, Social League were implemented. During the first few days, some technical problems arose but the problems were solved and the features have been positively received. The introduction of the Social League, in particular, has driven a large increase in the number of matches that users play. But it’s still too early to say whether the Social League will have an impact on World Hockey Manager’s retention rate. – Updating the training feature and introducing the Social League elevates the product, says Hultgren. ’The features add depth to the gameplay, thereby increasing user activity. Both features are still at an early stage but the product team aims to fine-tune the features to improve the users’ gaming experience and, ultimately, encourage them to spend more time with the game and increase its lifetime value (LTV).’ During Q2 the total number of World Hockey Manager downloads will exceed 650 000. The company intends to spend less on marketing over the ice hockey off-season, as interest in hockey will be lower. – From the start of the season in August, we expect to increase our marketing budget and scale up the user base and net revenue,’ says Hultgren. ’The development work on World Football Manager (WFM) has intensified and will continue during the summer months, with the goal being soft launched at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany in the end of August.’ – We will work with World Football Manager in the same way as we did with World Hockey Manager. We will start with a soft launch on a smaller, English-speaking market to test the game’s onboarding and player experience. Based on the user data that the initial phase generates, we will work to hone WFM for the next phase, says Hultgren. For shareholders who want to more closely follow World Hockey Manager’s development, the company recommends the analysis tool, which delivers monthly data for sales and downloads. Pär HultgrenCEO, Gold Town Games This information is such information as Gold Town Games AB is obliged to disclose under the EU Market Abuse Regulation and the Securities Market Act. The information was provided by the above contact person, for publication on June 18, 2018 at 8.30 CET. SHORT ABOUT GOLD TOWN GAMES ABGold Town Games is a mobile game developer company based in Skellefteå. The company,led by CEO Pär Hultgren, consists of 18 people with experience of free-to-play, which is the dominant business model in the mobile gaming industry. The company focuses on sports manager games for the two largest mobile platforms, iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). The company’s first game, World Hockey Manager (WHM), was launched globally by the end of 2017. The goal is to continue developing the popular hockey game and using its proprietary technology and design platform for other sport manager games in the large arena sports.

Neste and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) are collaborating to drive sustainable aviation operations

Neste Corporation Press Release 18 June 2018 at 9 am (EET) Neste, the leading renewable products producer and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), a global leader in airport sustainability are collaborating in an effort to reduce air pollution, especially carbon dioxide emissions, from aircraft at DFW. Both parties share the view that environmental awareness is growing globally and actions to combat climate change are needed in aviation, the fastest growing means of transport in the world today. “We are happy to partner up with leaders such as DFW. Together, we are examining the solutions to reduce the emissions and carbon footprint of airlines operating from DFW. Besides the use of Neste MY Renewable Jet Fuel at DFW, we aim to work together in other solutions for decarbonizing aviation. This includes for example renewable de-icing, paints and plastics,” says Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President of Renewable Products business area in Neste. “We will give all our wide knowledge and expertise on sustainable renewable products to help DFW to achieve its targets.” “Through this partnership, we hope to explore new ways of reducing the Airport’s carbon footprint and help our partners do the same,” says Robert Horton, Vice President for environmental affairs at DFW Airport. “DFW’s goal is to implement programs that proactively enhance our status as a certified Carbon Neutral airport and reduce DFW’s environmental footprint as much as possible. We believe that partnering with Neste is a step forward in accomplishing our targets in increasing sustainability and decreasing emissions in DFW operations.” The partners are planning to explore opportunities for the use of renewable jet fuel, as well as investigate additional ways to enhance the sustainability efforts of the Airport. Also, they will investigate logistics and supply chain options to lay the groundwork for establishing a potential renewable jet fuel supply at DFW. The aviation industry has set ambitious targets to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from air transportation, including carbon-neutral growth from 2020 and beyond, and a 50-percent reduction of net aviation CO2 emissions by 2050. Currently, sustainable renewable jet fuel offers the only viable alternative to fossil liquid fuels for powering commercial aircraft.   Neste’s renewable jet fuel technology is proven. Its quality standards, aircraft engine performance, and storage stability and integrity have been tested and followed in thousands of commercial flights. Neste MY Renewable Jet Fuel (TM) provides distinct advantages to its customers by decreasing their environmental footprint. It made from renewable and sustainable raw materials and significantly reduces life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions. Neste CorporationKaisa LipponenDirector, Corporate Communications More information: Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President, Renewable Products business area, Neste, tel. +358 10 458 4128 Robert Horton, Vice President, Environmental Affairs, DFW Airport, tel. +1 972-973-5563 Neste in brief Neste (NESTE, Nasdaq Helsinki) creates sustainable solutions for transport, business, and consumer needs. Our wide range of renewable products enable our customers to reduce climate emissions. We are the world's largest producer of renewable diesel refined from waste and residues, introducing  renewable solutions also to the aviation and plastics industries. We are also a technologically advanced refiner of high-quality oil products. We want to be a reliable partner with widely valued expertise, research, and sustainable operations. In 2017, Neste's revenue stood at EUR 13.2 billion. In 2018, Neste placed 2nd on the Global 100 list of the most sustainable companies in the world. Read more: About Dallas Fort Worth International Airport: DFW Airport warmly welcomes more than 67 million customers along their journey every year, elevating DFW to a status as one of the most frequently visited superhub airports in the world. DFW Airport customers can choose among 176 domestic and 57 international nonstop destinations worldwide. Centered between its owner cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, DFW Airport also serves as a major economic generator for the North Texas region, producing over $37 billion in economic impact each year by connecting people through business and leisure travel. For more information, visit the DFW website  or download the DFW Mobile App for iOS  and Android  devices.

Two more Smart Eye-equipped cars launched this month

Imagine going for a first drive in your brand-new car. Image the smell of new leather seats, the roaring engine and that fine-tuned dashboard. But that’s not all, your car is also equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). Not only programmed to recognize your voice or taste in music but to make sure you stay alert on the road. Through precise eye tracking it will know if you’re tired, drowsy or simply not paying attention to the road ahead of you. And it will warn you, keeping you safe, as your car is equipped with Smart Eye technology.  “We’re strong advocates of using the latest scientific advances within AI, computer vision, and advanced hardware to help save lives on the road. Thus, it’s great to see yet two more cars being launched with our eye-tracking technology among its enhanced active safety features,” says Martin Krantz, CEO of Smart Eye.   Smart Eye is prevented from disclosing the name of the manufacturer at this time.   Smart Eye’s driver monitoring technology has received a total of 17 auto industry design wins so far, including 13 for the company’s second-generation eye‐tracking technology, which will be included in all car models of a new platform.   The new launches and the multiple design wins firmly establish Smart Eye’s position as the industry-leading developer of driver monitoring technology. Further international procurements are currently ongoing, with various global vehicle manufacturers establishing supplier relationships for both the first- and second-generation driver monitoring systems. Smart Eye is well‐positioned to achieve further successes in these processes.  For more informationMartin Krantz, CEO Smart Eye ABPhone: +46 70-329 26 98Email:  About Smart EyeSmart Eye was founded to bridge the gap between man and machine for a better tomorrow by developing ground breaking eye tracking technology that understands, assists and predicts human intentions and actions. Through combining deep, technical knowledge with playful creativity, Smart Eye consists of two business units. Its research instruments offer high performance in complex, real-world situations, paving the way for new insights in aerospace, aviation, automotive, psychology, neuroscience, medical and clinical research. Business unit Applied Solutions are embedded in next generation vehicles, helping the automotive industry take another step towards autonomous vehicles.   Founded in 1999, Smart Eye has offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, Michigan, USA and Tokyo, Japan as well as having partners, resellers and distributors in Europe, USA and APAC. Its solutions are used by more than 700 clients all over the world by leading research groups, brands and labs such as US Air Force, Nasa, BMW, Lockheed Martin, Audi, Boeing, Volvo, GM, and many more.  Smart Eye is listed on First North. Erik Penser is Certified Adviser and can be reached at +46-8-463 8000. This information is information that Smart Eye AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, on June 18, 2018 at 08:00 CET

GomSpace and Aerial & Maritime Ltd. enter MOU regarding delivery and operation of a global constellation

GomSpace A/S - a subsidiary of GomSpace Group AB (the ”Company”) and Aerial & Maritime Ltd. (“A&M”) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) following A&M’s decision to appoint GomSpace as the supplier of a global constellation of nanosatellites and ground segment systems. Fully operational by the end of 2021 A&M is able to provide global Air Traffic Surveillance increasing safety and reducing fuel consumption to the airline industry, including air navigational service providers.The system shall deliver processed ADS-B signals – compliant with ICAO and EUROCAE requirements for air traffic management. The terms and conditions of any future formal cooperation between the parties as to the subject matter of the MOU are yet to be negotiated and agreed upon. The parties expect to enter a formal turnkey contract in Q4 2018. The turnkey contract will have a value of up to 100 million USD. For more information, please contact:Niels Buus (CEO)Tel: +45 40 31 55 57                     Email: nbu @ About GomSpace Group AB The Company’s business operations are mainly conducted through the wholly-owned Danish subsidiary, GomSpace A/S, with operational office in Aalborg, Denmark. GomSpace is a space company with a mission to be engaged in the global market for space systems and services by introducing new products, i.e. components, platforms and systems based on innovation within professional nanosatellites. The Company is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier exchange under the ticker GOMX. FNCA Sweden AB is the Company’s Certified Adviser. For more information, please visit our website on     About Aerial & Maritime Ltd. A&M is a global data provider and the company’s satellites will be capable of monitoring civilian aircraft and vessels based on reception of ADS-B and AIS-signals, respectively. A&M is an affilitated company to GomSpace Group AB. Miscellaneous     +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+|This information is information that GomSpace is obliged to make public ||pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for ||publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, 8:00 a.m.||CET on June 18, 2018. |+------------------------------------------------------------------------------+

Zubsolv® now launched in the EU, which triggers a EUR 3m milestone payment to Orexo

Uppsala, Sweden – June 18, 2018 - Orexo AB today announces that its partner Mundipharma has initiated the launch of Zubsolv (buprenorphine and naloxone sublingual tablet), for use in the treatment of opioid dependence, in the EU. The launch is triggering a milestone payment ofEUR 3 million (approx. SEK 30.6 million) from Mundipharma. It is estimated that there are approximately 1.3 million high-risk opioid users in Europe. Although estimates vary significantly, the vast majority of high-risk opioid users use heroin. “Taking the step out in Europe, is yet another important milestone for Orexo. There is a need for new and innovative treatments in light of such a serious health problem. Zubsolv will be an affordable and user-friendly treatment and the first therapy in Europe with a choice of up to six different strengths. This allows for finer titration and individualized dosing with potential for fewer tablets compared with existing treatments,” says Nikolaj Sørensen, President and CEO, Orexo AB. For further information, please contact:Orexo AB (publ.) Nikolaj Sørensen, President and CEO                 Henrik Juuel, EVP and CFOTel: +46 (0)18 780 88 00 Tel: +46 (0)18 780 88 00email: email: About OrexoOrexo develops improved pharmaceuticals based on innovative drug delivery technologies. The focus is primarily on opioid dependence and pain but the aim is to address therapeutic areas where our competence and technologies can create value. The products are commercialized by Orexo in the US or via selected partners worldwide. The main market today is the American market for buprenorphine/naloxone products, where Orexo sells the product Zubsolv®. Total net sales for 2017 amounted to SEK 643.7 million and the number of employees at year-end was 90. Orexo is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap (ORX) and is available as ADRs on OTCQX (ORXOY) in the US. The head office, where research and development is also performed, is situated in Uppsala, Sweden. For more information about Orexo please visit, You can also follow Orexo on Twitter, @orexoabpubl, LinkedIn and YouTube. For more information about Zubsolv® in the US, see the product and market websites and About ZubsolvZubsolv (buprenorphine and naloxone sublingual tablet) is licensed in the US and EU for the treatment of opioid dependence and used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, which includes counseling and psychosocial support.EU marketing authorisation was received in Q4 2017 following the submission to the EMA of a registrational bioequivalence study compared to reference product Suboxone® (buprenorphine and naloxone). Zubsolv has a safety profile that is similar to other buprenorphine and naloxone treatments. The most commonly reported adverse events with Zubsolv include insomnia, headache, constipation, nausea, excessive sweating and drug withdrawal syndrome. This information is information that Orexo AB (publ.) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, at 8.00 am CET on June 18, 2018. 


The repurchase will be carried out in accordance with the Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 (the “EU regulations”) and will be managed by Swedbank deciding on trading decisions, independent of Karo Pharma, regarding the timing of the repurchase. The repurchases are subject to the following terms. Acquisitions of shares shall be conducted on Nasdaq Stockholm in accordance with its Rule Book for Issuers and in accordance with the EU regulations. The acquisitions will be performed on one or more occasions during the period until 31 August 2018, to a price within the registered range for the share price prevailing at the time, and in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/1052 as regards to price. A maximum of 2 464 990 shares may be acquired to a total value of maximum SEK 86,3 m. Payment for the shares shall be made in cash. Reporting will be made to Nasdaq Stockholm in accordance with applicable rules. The transactions will also be made public and published on Karo Pharma’s website Repurchase of shares may not result in Karo Pharma holding own shares, at any time, exceeding 10 per cent of the total number of shares in the Company. At the time of this press release, the total number of shares in the Company amounts to 164,332,782 and at this time Karo Pharma does not hold any own shares. This decision applies in addition to the board of director’s decision on 9 May 2018 regarding repurchase of own shares, which was announced through a press release by Karo Pharma on the same day. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Peter Blom, CEO, +46 (0) 70-655 56 98 or ABOUT KARO PHARMA Karo Pharma is a Specialty Pharmaceutical company, which develops and markets products for pharmacies as well as directly to the healthcare sector. Karo Pharma is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap. This information is information that Karo Pharma AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the above contact person´s agency, at 08:00 CEST on 18 June 2018. This press release is also available at and

Clavister Signs Distribution Agreement with BlueWorks

Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. June 18, 2018. Clavister, a leader in high-performance network security solutions, has announced the signing of a distribution agreement with BlueWorks, a Mexican based distributor that will offer Clavister to partners and customers. "The security situation in Mexico is at a critical juncture with a need for high performance cybersecurity solutions,” says Javier Salazar CTO at BlueWorks, “When we found Clavister’s technology and its features, we knew our partners and their end customers would find that this was the right choice for them.” Clavister’s unique and in-house developed operating system alleviates the problem of known security vulnerabilities that plague other platforms. Clavister offers firewalling, antivirus, authentication and user access management solutions, which together form a complete and cohesive network security ecosystem. “Mexico is an exciting market with large enterprise businesses that BlueWorks can tap into with their channel partners. We are especially looking forward to expand our business with Managed Security Service Providers, a customer group that the team at BlueWorks has strong experience with,” states Clavister’s Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Andreas Åsander. For more information, please contact:John Vestberg, President and About Clavister Clavister is a leading security provider for fixed, mobile and virtual network environments. Its award-winning solutions give enterprises, local and federal governments, cloud service providers and telecoms operators the highest levels of protection against current and new threats, and unmatched reliability. The company was founded in Sweden in 1997, with its solutions available globally through its network of channel partners. Clavister is a member of Intel’s Network Builders program (, a cross-industry initiative.

Azelio demonstrates game-changing technology for low cost solar energy storage

Azelio's unique solution is based on Stirling Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with multi-hour Thermal Energy Storage (TES). It can be built in a modular way from small to very large installations with maintained low cost and high efficiency. The system is distributed for local production and storage of heat, which can at any point be withdrawn from the storage and converted into electricity for 24/7 capacity. The technology is well suited for areas with weak or non-existent grids. It can thus be used to accelerate the roll-out of electricity to the more than one billion people in the world that lack that access as of today, enabling societal growth. Since the greatest energy recovery is obtained in the conversion phase, Azelio is using an aluminium alloy as a storage media for its very specific phase changing characteristics. This storage media does not need refilling to maintain its efficiency, as opposed to common storage technologies using salt or water. Azelio's main market focus is initially projects in the size of 500 kW to 20 MW, targeting a gap on the global energy market. “Showcasing this technology is a great milestone for Azelio. We have now proven that this world-unique solution works and together with our partners we will continue the development and commercialization. Low cost and clean electricity that is made accessible on demand also in remote locations at all hours of the day is really a game changer”, says Jonas Eklind, CEO of Azelio. Azelio just secured a significantly oversubscribed private placement of 100 MSEK and is planning for a listing on the Stockholm stock exchange. In 2019, a verification project will be built together with the strategic partner, Masen (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy) in Morocco. For more information, please contact Jonas Eklind, CEO of AzelioTel: +46 709 40 35 80Email: About AzelioAzelio is a privately held Swedish high-tech SME specialized in Stirling engine-based renewable energy systems, with a highly efficient Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) solution with low cost and modular multi-hour Thermal Energy Storage (TES). This technology is revolutionizing for its unique ability to generate clean electricity to a low cost, at all hours of the day. The company has its headquarters in Gothenburg, with 60+ employees and production facilities located in the heart of the Nordic automotive and aerospace clusters in Uddevalla and an engineering centre in Åmål and a sales office in Beijing. The Stirling engine is produced in a state-of-the-art assembly line and the company has access to the most advanced material suppliers and engineering centres of excellence in Northern Europe. Since inception the company has raised to more than one billion SEK. In June of 2018 the company changed its name from Cleanergy to Azelio.

Gaming Corps and Chimney Pot to cooperate on innovative interactive narative project

In a first step, Gaming Corps and Chimney Pot aim to cooperate on developing and promoting a demo production with ambitions to be sold to a major streaming content provider along with keeping the IP-rights to be able to also monetize through traditional platforms in the games industry. The two companies has entered a term sheet regarding the cooperation, where Gaming Corps commits to invest 500 KSEK into the demo along with providing project management, while Chimney Pot commits to invest production resources equivalent to 2 MSEK into the demo. The term sheet forms the basis for reaching a definitive long form agreement before July 15, 2018.   Mike Doyle, new CEO of Gaming Corps and production veteran from companies that include THQ, EA and Twentieth Century Fox says, "We feel enormously privileged to be able to partner with a truly elite creative production house like Chimney Pot. We are especially excited to begin to blend feature film visual fidelity and storytelling with the compelling interactive mechanics of the video game industry. Our goal is to set the next bar for interactive narrative experiences and to become the next content channel for all streaming platforms." For more information about Chimney Pot, please visit: IR- och PR related questions:Mike Doyle, CEO, Email:   This information is information that Gaming Corps AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 08.30 CET on June 18 2018.  

Epiroc trading on Nasdaq Stockholm starts today

“It is very exciting for us to now be listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and to start the journey as an independent company,” said Per Lindberg, Epiroc’s President and CEO. “We are proud of our long and productive heritage in the Atlas Copco Group, and at the same time we look forward to serving our customers in an even more focused way and to deliver customer and shareholder value.” The Annual General Meeting of Atlas Copco AB decided on April 24, 2018, to distribute all shares of Epiroc AB to the shareholders of Atlas Copco AB. Atlas Copco shareholders have received one Epiroc share for each of their Atlas Copco shares. The total number of outstanding shares in Epiroc AB is 1 213 738 703, whereof 823 765 854 A shares and 389 972 849 B shares. Epiroc serves customers in the mining, infrastructure and natural resources industries in more than 150 countries. The company focuses on providing equipment, services and solutions that enhance productivity, safety, and cost efficiency for its customers – for instance, Epiroc is advancing the drive toward fossil-free mines with its growing fleet of battery-operated mining vehicles, and it is at the forefront of automation solutions for the industry.   Notice to our news subscribers via Cision:Some of you have received this press release because you subscribe to news of Atlas Copco, Epiroc’s former parent company. If you wish to stop receiving news from Epiroc, please send an e-mail to or use the link on this page to unsubscribe.  If you want to continue receiving Epiroc corporate news you do not need to take action. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you. 

Continued discussions with FDA on proposed remetinostat phase III design results in delay in planned start of study

Stockholm, Sweden — Medivir AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: MVIR) today announced that the Board of Directors have decided to continue the discussions with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to agree on the design of the planned pivotal phase III clinical study of remetinostat for the treatment of early-stage cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL). The aim of the continued dialog with the FDA is to agree upon the design for a phase III study that could, if successfully completed, lead to the approval of the company’s most advanced candidate drug within oncology. The start of the study will not be possible earlier than 2019, and thus not in 2018 as previously communicated. “We firmly believe that remetinostat has an important role in the treatment of various cancers, including early-stage cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, where there is a great unmet medical need”, commented Christine Lind, CEO of Medivir. “Medivir’s commitment to develop remetinostat is based on its significant commercial potential, and therefore it is of utmost importance that we design a phase III study that meets the expectations of the regulatory agencies. Further discussions with the FDA are needed to ensure that we can initiate a pivotal study that will allow us to bring this drug through approval and to patients”, she continued. Details of the phase III study design will be published at a future date when finalized. For further information, please contact:Erik Björk, CFO, Medivir AB, mobile: +46 (0)72 228 2831John Öhd CMO, Medivir AB, mobile: +46 (0)72 529 62 00 This is information that Medivir AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, at 08.30 CET on June 18, 2018. About remetinostatMedivir is developing remetinostat as a topical application for use in early stage CTCL. Remetinostat is a histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor. HDAC inhibitors are approved for treatment of CTCL in late-stage patients but are not recommended for early-stage patients due to their significant side effects. The unique design of remetinostat enables topical application, making it active only in the skin. As soon as it reaches the blood stream, it is degraded, avoiding the side effects associated with other HDAC inhibitors. In the phase II study, remetinostat demonstrated a dose-dependent efficacy on skin lesions (the primary endpoint) and on pruritis (itching), and high tolerability with no systemic adverse events. About early-stage cutaneous T-cell lymphomaCutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) is a rare form of blood cancer that shows up first in the skin. A key unmet medical need for patients in early-stages of CTCL is efficacy on cancerous skin lesions and the symptom of significant itching. CTCL affects around 20,000 people in each of the US and Europe and approximately 75 percent of patients are in early stages[1]. In its early stages, the disease is confined to the skin and is not immediately life threatening. Patients do however experience a reduction in quality of life due to disfiguring lesions and disease symptoms, mainly significant itching. Patients also suffer an increased risk of infections as the protective skin barrier is no longer intact. Existing treatments do not sufficiently address the patient need. Thus, patients are in need of an efficacious but also highly tolerable treatment, since the early stages of disease may last for many years. [1]Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  About MedivirMedivir is a research-based pharmaceutical company with a focus on oncology. We have a leading competence within protease inhibitor design and nucleotide/nucleoside science and we are dedicated to develop innovative pharmaceuticals that meet great unmet medical need. Medivir is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap List (ticker: MVIR).

NeuroVive out-licenses targeted LHON therapy to BridgeBio Pharma’s new subsidiary Fortify Therapeutics

LHON is caused by mitochondrial DNA mutations in subunits of NADH dehydrogenase (complex I), leading to reduced oxidative phosphorylation and energy production in retinal cells. The disease predominantly affects young adults, and results in sudden onset of progressive and severe vision loss. The licensed succinate prodrugs have the potential to overcome the disease by bypassing the dysfunctional metabolic pathway, providing an alternate source of energy to the retinal cells. “As a targeted treatment for a genetic disease, the LHON program is a clear fit with the BridgeBio model,” said Neil Kumar, Ph.D., CEO of BridgeBio. “We have been impressed with the ability of these compounds to rescue specific genetic mitochondrial deficiencies, and we have assembled a team of international experts to further develop a subset of the NVP015 chemistry to address this devastating disease.” Fortify Therapeutics will develop selected lead compounds derived from NeuroVive’s novel NVP015 succinate prodrug program into drug candidates for the localized treatment of LHON. These compounds have been selected because they have properties that make them suitable for delivery to the eye. The licensing agreement for this particular subset of the NVP015 program has a total deal value of approximately $60 million USD, which includes limited initial funding for research, and later milestone payments and a single digit royalty stream, that are dependent on successful development and market approval. “The agreement with BridgeBio is important to both NeuroVive and our innovative NVP015 program, as it validates the quality of the program, our business development model and potential in a variety of mitochondrial disorders,” commented NeuroVive CEO Erik Kinnman, M.D., Ph.D. “We will work closely with BridgeBio to further develop this chemistry subset and make the LHON program successful. It is important to note that our intentions for the NVP015 program are unchanged, and we are progressing towards experimental proof-of-principle during 2018.” This information is information that NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out below, at 08:30 a.m. CET on 18 June 2018. NeuroVive contact: Erik Kinnman, CEO+46 (0)46-275-6220, BridgeBio contact: Michael Pettigrew+1 650-391-9740, NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ)Medicon Village, SE-223 81 Lund, SwedenTel: +46 (0)46 275 62 20 (switchboard), About LHONLeber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) is a disease caused by mitochondrial DNA mutations in subunits of NADH dehydrogenase (complex I), a component of the electron transport chain. This results in dysfunctional oxidative phosphorylation and ATP production, leading to degeneration of the retinal ganglion cells and loss of central vision. LHON most commonly affects males in their second or third decade of life. The prevalence of LHON in Europe is between 1:30,000-1:50,000. About NVP015One of the most common causes of mitochondrial diseases relates to Complex I dysfunction, i.e. when energy conversion in the first of the five protein complexes in the mitochondrion that are essential for effective energy conversion does not function normally. This is apparent in disorders including Leigh’s Syndrome and MELAS, both of which are very serious diseases with symptoms such as muscle weakness, epileptic fits and other severe neurological manifestations. The NVP015 project is based on a NeuroVive innovation in which the body’s own energy substrate, succinate, is made available in the cell via a prodrug technology. A prodrug is an inactive drug that is activated first when it enters the body by the transformation of its chemical structure. Results from the NVP015 project were published in the prestigious Nature Communications journal in August 2016. About BridgeBio PharmaBridgeBio is a privately held clinical-stage biotech company developing novel, genetically targeted therapies to improve the lives of patients. The BridgeBio approach combines a traditional focus on drug development with a unique corporate model, allowing rapid translation of early stage science into medicines that treat disease at its source. Founded in 2015 by a team of industry veterans, the company, based in Palo Alto, CA, has built a robust portfolio of nineteen transformative assets, each housed in its own subsidiary, ranging from pre-clinical to late stage development in multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiology, neurology, dermatology and endocrinology. The company's focus on scientific excellence and rapid execution aims to translate today's discoveries into tomorrow's medicines. About NeuroVive NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB is a leader in mitochondrial medicine, with one project in clinical phase II development for the prevention of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (NeuroSTAT®) and one project in clinical phase I (KL1333) for genetic mitochondrial diseases. The R&D portfolio consists of several late stage research programs in areas ranging from genetic mitochondrial disorders to cancer and metabolic diseases such as NASH. The company’s strategy is to advance drugs for rare diseases through clinical development and into the market. The strategy for projects within larger indications outside the core focus area is out-licensing in the preclinical phase. NeuroVive is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Sweden (ticker: NVP). The share is also traded on the OTCQX Best Market in the US (OTC: NEVPF).

Scandic strengthens its Executive Committee with strategic expertise within digitalization, branding and marketing

The new Executive Committee will include a new position of Chief Information Officer with responsibility for digitalization and developing the guest experience with the help of IT and new technologies. There will also be changes to the previous position of Chief Commercial Officer, which will be divided into two functions: a Chief Customer Officer responsible for brand strategy, marketing and the loyalty program among other things, and a Chief Commercial Optimization Officer responsible for sales and distribution. The other functions within the Executive Committee will remain unchanged.   -  Scandic has grown quickly in the last few years and we have seen a need to be more customer focused at the same time as we must ensure that we have the right expertise in the right places. As previously announced, towards the end of 2017, we began an overview of our organization to support this objective. I am convinced that our new organization will help us take advantage of opportunities in the market and further strengthen our position by allowing us to continue to grow and enhance our adaptability in the increasingly dynamic and digital travel industry, says Even Frydenberg, President & CEO of Scandic. To strengthen the Executive Committee within these important areas, Scandic has recruited Ann Hellenius as Chief Information Officer. Ann has solid experience in driving digitalization and earlier, she was CIO at both Bankgirot and the City of Stockholm. She is also a member of the Digitalization Council of the Swedish government. Scandic has also recruited Niklas Angergård as Chief Customer Officer. Previously, Niklas was CMO at Tieto, reporting to the CEO. He also has many years of experience in brand strategy, marketing and customer satisfaction from companies including Klarna, Telia and SAS. Additionally, Jan Lundborg has been appointed Chief Commercial Optimization Officer. He has a strong commercial background from SAS and Amadeus. Currently, Jan is Vice President Revenue Management & Distribution at Scandic and since 2009, he has successfully managed and built up the Group’s revenue management function. -  I am very happy to welcome Ann Hellenius, Niklas Angergård and Jan Lundborg as new members of Scandic’s Executive Committee. Ann and Niklas are both highly skilled within their respective areas and will contribute valuable expertise to Scandic. And Jan has successfully led and developed our work within sales and distribution. This is an important and prioritized area that is under significant transformation, so it is only natural that it is now becoming part of our Group management, says Even Frydenberg. The changes to Scandic’s Executive Committee will take effect immediately. Jan Lundborg will start his new position right away and Ann Hellenius and Niklas Angergård will begin in the fall. In the meantime, Even Frydenberg will continue as acting Chief Customer Officer.   Scandic’s new Executive CommitteePresident & CEO                                        Even Frydenberg Chief Financial Officer                                Jan Johansson Senior Vice President HR & Sustainability    Lena Bjurner Vice President Business Development         Jesper Engman Chief Information Officer                             Ann Hellenius Chief Customer Officer                               Niklas Angergård  Chief Commercial Optimization Officer        Jan Lundborg Managing Director Sweden                         Peter Jangbratt Managing Director Norway                          Svein Arild Steen-Mevold Managing Director Finland                          Aki Käyhkö Managing Director Denmark                        Jens Mathiesen Managing Director Europe                          Michel Schutzbach For more information, please contact:Henrik Vikström, Director Investor Relations, Scandic Hotels GroupEmail: henrik.vikstrom@scandichotels.comPhone: +46 70 952 80 06Peter Bodor, Director of Communication (interim), Scandic Hotels GroupEmail: peter.bodor@scandichotels.comPhone: +46 70 648 70 65


Q-Free has been awarded a contract from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) for an ATMS signal integration project. The contract comprises development of a traffic signal module that will enable MAXVIEW, the centralized intersection control SW from Q-Free’s subsidiary Intelight, to be integrated with Open TMS, the Advanced Traffic Management System from Q-Free Open Roads currently used by PennDOT. The contract is valued at 20 MNOK and will be released in phased deployments starting fall 2018. Working with PennDOT since 2012, Q-Free implemented a single statewide platform to promote coordinated traffic management and operations using OpenTMS. With this new traffic signal module integration, PennDOT can add up to 10 000 intersections to the ATMS system, which will allow traffic operators to manage entire traffic networks in an integrated real-time environment. -We are excited at the prospect of adding traffic signals integration to the already robust ATMS system operating at PennDOT. We very much value PennDOT as a partner and appreciate their continued confidence in Q-Free as their go-to provider for everything related to ATMS, commented Christopher Melton, Managing Director for Q-Free Open Roads. -This is pioneering work and a great example of how Q-Free’s leading solutions within different fields of traffic management can be combined and integrated in new ways to create additional value for customers, said Håkon Volldal, President & CEO of Q-Free ASA.   For further information, please contact:  President & CEO, Håkon Volldal: +47 977 19 973CFO, Tor Eirik Knutsen: +47 950 50 062   About Q-Free  Q-Free is a leading global supplier of Intelligent Transportation Systems comprising tolling, parking, infomobility, traffic management and C-ITS/connected vehicle solutions. Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, the company has annual revenues of approximately 1 billion NOK (125 MUSD), approximately 400 employees, offices in 17 countries, and a presence on all continents. Q-Free is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker QFR.  Twitter: @Q-FreeASA 

Saab Shows Full Scale Model of the SLWT Torpedo at UDT 2018

The main focus for Saab during UDT will be the SLWT torpedo with a full size model as well as a new animation and a 360 degree VR-video. Saab continues the development of the new light weight torpedo system which will handle the toughest environment in the world, the Baltic Sea. The new system is ordered by Sweden and Finland. The project is ongoing and Saab is now looking for the third customer on the export market. “The project with the SLWT is going well, we recently concluded a successful test campaign with our first prototype torpedo that fulfilled all set requirements. The development now continues with addition of more advanced functionality and step by step with more equipment being added and verified“, says Stefan Sjogren, Programme Director, Lightweight Torpedoes. Saab will also demonstrate its new 3D imaging technology — UWSLAM System. The system is a stereo underwater real-time 3D reconstruction with high performance and image based navigation. The demonstration will be held by Fredrik Lundell and Jimmy Jonsson from Saab Dynamics Image Processing & Optronics Development and Technology department. “The uniqueness with the UWSLAM System is its highly optimized algorithms which is derived from the requirement for a defense and security company. The highly optimized algorithms leads to a fast real-time 3D reconstruction. Within the undersea naval defense, this technology can be used to create high detailed 3D maps, search for mines, identify objects, and even navigate“, says Jimmy Jonsson, Image Processing Specialist. For the first time on UDT Saab will show the maritime patrol aircraft; Swordfish, the high-end, multi-role platform that offers strategic ISR capabilities over both sea and land. The Swordfish will be demonstrated in an AR-solution where the visitors can experience the cutting-edge solution. This year UDT will be an exhibition as well as a conference, Two of Saabs papers will be from the operational perspective and performed by The Swedish Armed Forces; Sea Wasp, performed by Rasmus Andersson, Chief Area Search Unit 4th Naval Warfare Flotilla and AUV62-AT performed by Captain Fredrik Palmqvist, Commanding Officer 4th Naval Warfare Flotilla. Saab will have a total of six papers on the UDT exhibition and conference. There will be a lot more from Saab during UDT, for example Grintek and Medav will show solutions for Electronic Support Measures (R-ESM and C-ESM) and Saab business area Kockums will provide more insight on the submarines and the Mine counter-measure vessel — MCMV. For further information, please contact:Saab Press Centre,+46 (0)734 180 us on twitter: @saab  Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions within military defence and civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents around the world. Through innovative, collaborative and pragmatic thinking, Saab develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. 

Fortum actively participating in developing electric aviation in Finland

FORTUM CORPORATION PRESS RELEASE 18 June 2018  Fortum is participating in the Helsinki Electric Airplane Association’s project that is testing an electrically-powered airplane. The first serial produced electric airplane purchased in Finland, the Pipistrel Alpha Electro, is scheduled to take its maiden flight in Finland on 31 July 2018 at 10 a.m. at the Helsinki-Malmi Airport. “We believe that the electrification of transportation is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We have been a pioneer in the development and expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the Nordic countries. Now we want to apply the experience we’ve gained about the EV charging infrastructure in the development of the rapidly evolving electric aviation,” says Heli Antila, Chief Technology Officer, Fortum. The use of electricity in aviation reduces emissions into the atmosphere and noise around airports. The solution is to use fully electric motors in small airplanes and hybrid technology in bigger passenger airplanes. “By participating in this first electric airplane project in Finland, we will gain valuable knowledge about the charging of electric airplane batteries, battery life and power consumption during the different phases of flying. We can apply this information in the development and building of the aviation infrastructure,” says Project Manager Tapio Poutiainen from Fortum. In addition to collecting research data, the Pipistrel Alpha Electro electric airplane will be used diversely in pilot training.   “Because an electric airplane is cheaper to use compared to conventional airplanes, it enables more people to enrol in flight school – those who are enthusiasts or those who are dreaming of a piloting career. Based on some estimates, the use of an electric airplane in flight school could decrease the cost of the training by up to one third,” says Janne Vasama from the Helsinki Electric Airplane Association.       Fortum CorporationGroup CommunicationsFurther information:Tapio Poutiainen, Project Manager, Fortum, +358 50 343 6820, 

Triton has signed an agreement to acquire Unident AB

Stockholm (Sweden), 17 June 2018 - Funds advised by Triton (“Triton”) have signed an agreement to acquire Unident AB (“Unident”). Unident is a leading distributor of dental consumables and equipment as well as a provider of lab services and dental analytics software on the Nordic market. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed. "We want to support the management and employees of this business by investing in and supporting the growth and development of the company. We will contribute our strategic insights from the industry and region and we look forward to working together with the management team and the Board of Directors in building a stronger company", said Peder Prahl, Director of the General Partner for the Triton funds. “Triton combines a willingness and financial ability to support Unident’s further growth, with a strong health care industry expertise and a solid track record in building businesses across the Nordic region. We look forward to working together as co-owners. Our vision is to be the first choice for dental clinics throughout the Nordics when they seek a reliable partner for the supply of dentistry consumables, equipment and related services”, said Marcus Nordwall, co-founder and CEO of Unident. “It has been a busy first year for our Triton Smaller Mid Cap (TSM) team, as this represents already our fourth platform acquisition, this time led out of our Nordic office. Unident is our first health care investment, a core sector we seek investing in, and we are happy that its founders and management chose us as the preferred future partner. Unident is a great company and we seek to support the company’s expansion by providing capital, regional reach and relevant sector expertise, available through the Triton platform”, added Andi Klein, Investment Advisory Professional and Advisor to the Triton Funds. About Unident Unident was founded in 1992 by brothers Marcus Nordwall and Christian Nordwall. Headquartered in Falkenberg, Sweden, with over 150 employees across offices in Stockholm, Horten, Copenhagen and Helsinki the company sells and markets equipment and solutions for the dental clinics market throughout the Nordic region. For more information:   About TritonThe Triton funds invest in and support the positive development of medium-sized businesses headquartered in Europe, focusing on businesses in the Industrial, Business Services and Consumer/Health sectors. Triton seeks to contribute to the building of better businesses for the longer term. Triton and its executives wish to be agents of positive change towards sustainable operational improvements and growth. The 36 companies currently in Triton's portfolio have combined sales of around €13.2 billion and around 89,000 employees. The Triton funds are advised by dedicated teams of professionals based in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Luxembourg and Jersey. For more information: Press contacts: TritonFredrik Hazén +46 70 948 38 10 UnidentMarcus Nordwall + 46 70 764 85 51

Autoliv prices EUR 500 million bond issue

Autoliv expects to use the net proceeds from the offering of the notes for general corporate purposes, which may include forming part of the expected cash transfer to Veoneer ahead of the spin-off of Veoneer. As previously announced, Autoliv intends to provide total cash liquidity of approximately $1 billion to Veoneer (funded through a mixture of new external funding and existing cash). The spin-off is expected to be completed on June 29, 2018, with trading in Veoneer to begin on July 2, 2018. Inquiries: Media: Thomas Jönsson, Corporate Communications, Tel +46 (0)8 587 206 27 Investors & Analysts: Anders Trapp, Investor Relations, Tel +46 (0)8 587 206 71 Investors & Analysts: Henrik Kaar, Investor Relations, Tel +46 (0)8 587 206 14 Important Information NOTHING IN THIS COMMUNICATION CONSTITUTES AN OFFER OF SECURITIES FOR SALE IN THE UNITED STATES OR ANY OTHER JURISDICTION WHERE IT IS UNLAWFUL TO DO SO. THE NOTES REFERRED TO IN THIS COMMUNICATION HAVE NOT BEEN, AND WILL NOT BE, REGISTERED UNDER THE UNITED STATES SECURITIES ACT OF 1933, AS AMENDED (THE “SECURITIES ACT”), OR THE SECURITIES LAWS OF ANY STATE OR OTHER JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES, AND THE NOTES MAY NOT BE OFFERED OR SOLD, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, WITHIN THE UNITED STATES OR TO, OR FOR THE ACCOUNT OR BENEFIT OF, U.S. PERSONS (AS DEFINED IN REGULATION S UNDER THE SECURITIES ACT) EXCEPT PURSUANT TO AN EXEMPTION FROM, OR IN A TRANSACTION NOT SUBJECT TO, THE REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS OF THE SECURITIES ACT AND APPLICABLE STATE OR LOCAL SECURITIES LAWS. This communication is for distribution only to persons who (a) are outside the United Kingdom or (b) have professional experience in matters relating to investments or (c) are persons falling within Article 49(2)(a) to (d) (“high net worth companies, unincorporated associations, etc.”) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (all such persons together being referred to as relevant persons). This communication must not be acted on or relied on by persons who are not relevant persons. Any investment or investment activity to which this communication relates is available only to relevant persons and will be engaged in only with relevant persons. This communication relates to an offering circular which has been prepared on the basis that any offer of securities in any Member State of the European Economic Area will be made pursuant to an exemption under the Prospectus Directive from the requirement to publish a prospectus in accordance with Article 3 of the Prospectus Directive. The expression Prospectus Directive refers to Directive 2003/71/EC (as amended), and includes any relevant implementing measures in the Member State concerned. About Autoliv Autoliv, Inc. is the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, and through its subsidiaries develops and manufactures automotive safety systems for all major automotive manufacturers in the world. Together with its joint ventures, Autoliv has more than 72,000 employees in 27 countries. In addition, the Company has 23 technical centers in nine countries around the world, with 19 test tracks, more than any other automotive safety supplier. Sales in 2017 amounted to about US $10.4 billion. The Company’s shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ALV) and its Swedish Depository Receipts on Nasdaq Stockholm (ALIVsdb). For more information about Autoliv, please visit our company website at Safe Harbor Statement This release contains statements that are not historical facts but rather forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements include those that address activities, events or developments that Autoliv, Inc. or its management believes or anticipates may occur in the future, including those related to the timing, pricing and completion of the notes offering and the timing and completion of the spin-off and cash transfer. All forward-looking statements are based upon our current expectations, various assumptions and/or data available from third parties. Our expectations and assumptions are expressed in good faith and we believe there is a reasonable basis for them. However, there can be no assurance that such forward-looking statements will materialize or prove to be correct as forward-looking statements are inherently subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause actual future results, performance or achievements to differ materially from the future results, performance or achievements expressed in or implied by such forward-looking statements. Numerous risks, uncertainties and other factors may cause actual results to differ materially from those set out in the forward-looking statements, including general economic conditions and fluctuations in the global automotive market. For any forward-looking statements contained in this or any other document, we claim the protection of the safe harbor for forward-looking statements contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, and we assume no obligation to update publicly or revise any forward-looking statements in light of new information or future events, except as required by law. 

HSwMS Gotland to be relaunched after a complete Mid-Life Upgrade

Submarines are designed to operate for decades in challenging environments whilst remaining adaptable to the tide of technology and future threats. To keep them cutting-edge of technology, Sweden’s Gotland-class submarines have received regular overhauls and upgrades along their operational life. “The relaunch of Gotland is an important milestone in the evolutionary development of the Swedish submarines. After a comprehensive upgrade, integrating the latest generation of important systems such as the Stirling Engine, modern sensors and new management functions, Gotland is almost a new submarine, ready to take on missions around the world“, says Gunnar Wieslander, Senior Vice President, head of business area Kockums at Saab. The relaunch ceremony will take place in Karlskrona on June 20. Please visit for interviews, images and infographics regarding the relaunch. The site will be made available as from 11.00 on June 20. For further information, please contact:Saab Press Centre,+46 (0)734 180 us on twitter: @saab  Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions within military defence and civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents around the world. Through innovative, collaborative and pragmatic thinking, Saab develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. 

MTG’s NENT Group acquires remaining shares in Splay

****  NOTES TO EDITORS MTG (Modern Times Group MTG AB (publ)) is a leading international digital entertainment group and we are shaping the future of entertainment by connecting consumers with the content that they love in as many ways as possible. Our brands span TV, radio and next generation entertainment experiences in esports, digital video content and online gaming. Born in Sweden, our shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (‘MTGA’ and ‘MTGB’). This information is information that MTG is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out below, at 11.25 CET on 18 June 2018.  About Nordic Entertainment Group Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) is the Nordic region’s leading entertainment provider. We entertain millions of people every day with our streaming services, TV channels and radio stations, and our production companies create exciting content for media companies around the world. We make life more entertaining by enabling the best and broadest experiences – from live sports, movies and series to music and original shows. Headquartered in Stockholm, NENT Group is part of Modern Times Group MTG AB (publ), a leading international digital entertainment group listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (‘MTGA’ and ‘MTGB’). NENT Group is proposed to be listed separately on Nasdaq Stockholm during the second half of 2018.  Contact (or Tobias Gyhlénius, Head of Public Relations; +46 73 699 27 09) (or Stefan Lycke, Head of Investor Relations; +46 73 699 27 14) Download high-resolution photos: Flickr Follow  / Facebook  / Twitter  / LinkedIn  / Instagram  / YouTube  

KPMG Sweden sells Business Accounting Services division to IK Investment Partners

Business Accounting Services is a leading provider of accounting, payroll and related advisory services with approximately 300 employees across Sweden. The transaction represents an attractive opportunity for both employees in accounting and payroll administration and for KPMG as a whole. In February 2018, IK announced the acquisition of Aspia, which operated as a separate division within PwC, supporting over 27,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Aspia is one of the leading companies in accounting, payroll and related advisory services with 71 offices and approximately 1,100 employees across Sweden. The transaction is expected to close 2nd July 2018.  The plan is to integrate Aspia and Business Accounting Services, and the combined entity will operate under the brand name of Aspia. Together, the two businesses had a turnover of more than SEK 1.25 billion.  "Aspia and Business Accounting Services share similar expertise, service offering, customer base and presence as well as cultural heritage. Both companies have a vision to innovate and create new ways of working for SME businesses, especially through our strong digital service offering, and we can’t wait to welcome our new colleagues," said Magnus Eriksson, Service Line Leader at PwC and Incoming CEO of Aspia.  “The acquisition of Business Accounting Services marks an important milestone for Aspia, and we at IK are incredibly proud to be part of this combination of two great businesses,” said Alireza Etemad, Partner at IK Investment Partners.  “Aspia will give our employees in Business Accounting Services a new home where their expertise is a core skill, with good opportunities to be competitive as well as resources to develop staff skills and drive technology development in the sector. At the same time, KPMG will strengthen its audit agenda and free up resources for strategic efforts in the digital arena and recruiting key employees," said Magnus Fagerstedt, CEO of KPMG Sweden. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The transaction is subject to customary approvals.

Hyon’s module-based fuel cell solutions for maritime receive world’s first approval-in-principle from DNV GL

The English version is an in house-translation. In case of any discrepancy, the Swedish text will prevail. Hyon AS is a joint venture owned by PowerCell and the two Norwegian companies Nel and Hexagon Composites, which manufactures, among other things, electrolysers and hydrogen gas tanks. Based on the three companies' products and know-how, Hyon has developed a complete and module-based power generation solution for ships that now has received an approval-in-principle from the certification company DNV GL. DNV GL is a world-leading certification company and one of the world's largest classification societies for ships and offshore. This is the first time that a power generating unit based on hydrogen and fuel cells receives an approval for use in ships from DNV GL. Commercial shipping affects the environment, through emissions of both carbon dioxide and particles, and the International Maritime Organization, IMO, has set the goal of halving emissions from shipping by 2050. In order to achieve that goal, increased use of non-fossil and renewable fuels will be required for both propulsion and power generation. "A power generating unit based on fuel cells is significantly smaller than one based on diesel or gas with equal power and does not emits greenhouse gases, particles, sulphur or nitrogen oxides," said Arild Eiken, Maritime Technical Manager of Hyon AS. "As the shipping industry is changing, hydrogen fuel cells will become a very attractive alternative. Already, confirmed field tests that utilise fuel cells and combinations of fuel cells are already under way for different types of vessels," said Arild Eiken. The now approved fuel cell solution can be installed above or below the main deck and encompasses cabinets from 100kW up to containers of megawatt power.

Splay and Nice One to become SplayOne

· Two companies within Nordic Entertainment Group merge to create one Nordic powerhouse in branded entertainment  · SplayOne to begin pan-Nordic operations in autumn 2018; Vigor Sörman named CEO  · SplayOne to be fully owned by NENT Group and included in NENT Studios   Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) companies Splay and Nice One will merge to create SplayOne, a new Nordic powerhouse in branded entertainment operating as part of NENT Group’s studio business; NENT Studios. As the Nordic region’s leading digital video network and online media house, Splay helps brands succeed in social media. Nice One is a content partner born in the entertainment industry and helps brands create formats and ideas reaching beyond traditional advertising. Both companies are part of NENT Group (Nice One as a fully owned subsidiary) but currently operate independently.  The new company SplayOne will focus on creating branded digital content that helps advertisers engage audiences on a wide range of platforms. The company will have a total of 116 employees in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, and will be fully owned by NENT Group. SplayOne will be part of NENT Studios, which spans 31 companies in 17 countries. Vigor Sörman, founder and current CEO of Splay, will be CEO of SplayOne. Anna Hammerlid Tollesson, currently CEO of Nice One, will continue as CEO of SplayOne Sweden. The local management team of SplayOne in Sweden will also consist of Mårten Forslund, Viktor Linnell, Emanuel Eddyson and Mikael Ljung. Anders Jensen, NENT Group President and CEO: “Every day, Splay and Nice One help companies develop and enhance their brands by creating engaging content for millennial viewers across a range of platforms. Bringing together these talented storytellers as SplayOne will give the new company a unique position in the Nordic branded content market.” Morten Mogensen, CEO of NENT Studios: “NENT Studios comprises some of the most highly regarded and awarded production companies in the industry, and we are delighted to welcome yet another amazing storyteller to the family with SplayOne. Splay and Nice One are a perfect match; both are experts within the growing field of branded entertainment, and with this merger we will bring even greater stories to our customers.” Vigor Sörman, CEO of SplayOne: “Successful content marketing is all about entertaining stories and smart distribution. SplayOne stands out in both areas and will enable brands to cut through the noise in an effective and relevant way. We’re building a Nordic powerhouse in branded entertainment.” Further details of SplayOne’s brand, organisation and strategy will be presented in early autumn.  **** NOTES TO EDITORS  Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) is the Nordic region’s leading entertainment provider. We entertain millions of people every day with our streaming services, TV channels and radio stations, and our production companies create exciting content for media companies around the world. We make life more entertaining by enabling the best and broadest experiences – from live sports, movies and series to music and original shows. Headquartered in Stockholm, NENT Group is part of Modern Times Group MTG AB (publ), a leading international digital entertainment group listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (‘MTGA’ and ‘MTGB’). NENT Group is proposed to be listed separately on Nasdaq Stockholm during the second half of 2018.Contact (or Tobias Gyhlénius, Head of Public Relations; +46 73 699 27 09) (or Stefan Lycke, Head of Investor Relations; +46 73 699 27 14)Download high-resolution photos: Flickr Follow  / Facebook  / Twitter  / LinkedIn  / Instagram Privacy policy :NENT is part of MTG; to read our privacy policy, click here 

Proact partners with NetApp and Cisco to improve cloud infrastructure delivery

As customers continue to modernise their data centres and look towards hybrid cloud models, Proact can offer design, implementation and optimisation skills to help organisations leverage on powerful FlexPod IT infrastructures. Managed Private Cloud solutions are built on FlexPod and enable organisations to realise a cloud-like, ‘as a Service’ model for their on-premises IT. Proact can enable a streamlined transition to a Managed Private Cloud that is located on-premises but managed remotely by some of the industry’s best specialists. By adopting a Managed Private Cloud alongside Proact’s 24/7 Service Management, organisations can ensure that critical customer data remains secure while also advancing cloud capabilities. The combination of Proact and FlexPod continues to be a platform for innovation and investment protection. Proact’s service portfolio now includes ready-to-use solutions for the latest virtualisation software, enterprise applications and databases, incorporating the latest technologies from Cisco and NetApp. "As one of the first and largest FlexPod Premium Partners in Europe, Cisco and NetApp technologies have been used for many years as part of our enterprise-class managed services. We are therefore thrilled to add the new Managed Private Cloud solution to our portfolio, giving us even stronger capabilities to efficiently and effectively manage on-premises private clouds for our customers across Europe." says Paul Bates, Vice President for Managed Services at Proact. Proact can now also offer a series of pre-tested and validated vertical-based solutions including FlexPod Data Centre for Epic HER, an application for healthcare customers. “These solutions will help our customers tackle industry-centric challenges, where key applications can be deployed quickly and organisations can overcome the hurdles of diverse, dynamic and distributed data” continues Paul Bates. Siva Sivakumar, Senior Director, Data Centre Solutions at Cisco Systems, says: "With these new offerings we are helping organisations accelerate deployment of their business-critical applications by providing a secure, robust and flexible private cloud infrastructure that has the speed and simplicity of public cloud." Additional resources Press release from NetApp   Press release from Cisco 

Catella advises Coop in mega transaction in Aarhus

Coop, one of Denmark’s largest retail companies, has sold a 131.300 sq.m. business-, campus- and retail portfolio in Aarhus South to one of Denmark’s largest privately held real-estate companies Dades A/S. Dades A/S is owned by Novo Holdings, Tryghedsgruppen and Aase and Ejnar Danielsen’s Fund.For more than a century, Coop has owned and operated businesses in and around Aarhus South; and since 1996, they have managed to successfully develop and convert properties previously used for their own purposes. The significant investments that Coop has made, have turned the quarter into a modern business, campus and retail destination and have been pivotal in turning Aarhus South into the vibrant, active and modern neighbourhood that it is today.Catella Corporate Finance conducted a structured bidding process that has proven successful and generated significant amounts of interest among both Danish and international investors.“The successful transformation of the area that Coop has patiently officiated has clearly been instrumental in bringing this solid investment case to life”, says Jesper Bo Hansen, Head of Corporate Finance at Catella. He, too, points out that Catella has complete faith that Dades will manage and continuously develop the area of great benefit to tenants, retailers and the millions of visitors that frequent the neighbourhood every year.Historically, the transaction is one of the largest ever carried out in Aarhus. Due to the size of this mega transaction, the final closing is dependent upon the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s approval.“We appreciate the trust that Coop has shown Catella and we are pleased that we have been able to successfully execute the sales process of this portfolio that has been in Coop’s ownership for more than a century”, says Jesper Bo Hansen and acknowledges the divestment as an insightful and strategic decision in line with Coop’s focus on investing in their core business, including digitalization and modernization of their retail stores.For further information, please contact:                                    Jesper Bo Hansen   Jonas Burvall    Head of Corporate Finance      Head of Group Communications   +4533937593    +4684633310  Catella is a leading specialist in property investments, fund management and banking, with operations in 14 European countries. The group has assets under management of approximately SEK 180 billion. Catella is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in the Mid Cap segment. Read more online at

Elekta Unity, world’s first high-field MR-linac, receives CE mark

STOCKHOLM, June 18, 2018 – Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) today announced that its Elekta Unity magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT) system has received CE mark, clearing the technology for commercial sales and clinical use in Europe. “Receiving CE mark for Unity is a big achievement in revolutionizing the field of radiation therapy and a real watershed moment for treating cancer,” said Richard Hausmann, President and CEO, Elekta. “The change that MR/RT will bring in cancer therapy is paramount in advancing patient treatment. I’m thankful to the MR-linac Consortium members, Philips (our MR technology partner) and our dedicated employees for helping us reach this important day.” Unity has the potential to transform how clinicians treat cancer by enabling the delivery of the radiation dose while simultaneously visualizing the tumor and surrounding healthy tissue with high-quality MR images. Unity also integrates advanced tools that allow clinicians to adapt the patient’s treatment to this current anatomical information. “Unity is a tremendous innovation in patient care, one that enables a scan-plan-treat approach to developing tailored regimens that should yield substantive clinical benefits,” said Bas Raaymakers, PhD, Professor of experimental clinical physics in the Department of Radiotherapy at University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht. UMC Utrecht is a founding member of the Elekta MR-linac Consortium and the inventor of the high-field MR-linac concept. Raaymakers adds: “I am thrilled that our vision of personalized radiation therapy is becoming a clinical reality.” About Elekta UnityUnity employs a premium high-field diagnostic-quality (1.5 Tesla) MRI that provides unparalleled image clarity, giving clinicians greater flexibility in their approach to radiation therapy and ensuring that each patient receives optimal care based on individual tumor characteristics. Unity integrates MR imaging, linear accelerator technologies and advanced treatment planning into a single platform, allowing clinicians to see and track difficult-to-visualize soft tissue anatomies while radiation dose is being delivered. For the first time, this new technology addresses an unmet need in cancer therapy, enabling clinicians to confidently see and track the target during treatment and respond accordingly, personalizing therapy for each patient every time they are treated. To learn more, visit Elekta Unity has CE mark but is not available for commercial distribution or sale in the U.S. This is information that Elekta AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication at 14:15 CET on June 18, 2018. (REGMAR) ### For further information, please contact:Oskar Bosson, Global EVP Corporate Communications and Investor RelationsTel: +46 70 410 7180, e-mail:  Time zone: CET: Central European Time Raven Canzeri, Global Public Relations ManagerTel: +1 770 670 2524, e-mail: raven.canzeri@elekta.comTime zone: ET: Eastern Time

Saab and Damen announce partnership for the Tamandaré Class Corvette

Saab will provide, in case the partners' proposal is chosen by the Brazilian Navy, the complete combat system including the world leading Saab 9LV Combat Management System (CMS). The Saab 9LV is the most modern and proven open architecture CMS on the market today, known for its flexibility and easy integration of third-party modules as well as high performance mission equipment. The 9LV is based on experience from more than 300 successfully delivered systems, used by navies from several countries. Damen will be responsible for supplying the ship Sigma 10514, an off-the-shelf product that will be adapted according to the requirements of the client. This project is proposing a large technology transfer programme, in addition to partnerships with local companies, benefiting the Brazilian defence industry. The companies are ready to prove to the Brazilian Navy that they are reliable as long-term partners, because this is part of the business culture of these companies. “Saab is looking forward to the cooperation with Damen and the local partners for the CCT programme. We believe our proposal meets the requirements of the Brazilian Navy and offers the added value of industrial cooperation and transfer of technology that are intrinsic to Saab’s way of doing business, says Marianna Silva, Head of Saab do Brasil. “We at Damen appreciate the increasingly important task of the Brazilian Navy to safeguard the maritime domain against its existent and future threats and challenges. We are looking forward to participate in a constructive way in this process”, says Mr. Richard Keulen, Director Naval Sales of Damen. “We also are confident that our product will integrate perfectly with those of Saab”. Saab, Damen, and partners will be at RIDEX (Rio International Defence Exhibition), in Rio de Janeiro, from June 27 to 29, at Pier Mauá, in a shared stand located on D24 area. More information on the proposal of Saab, Damen and partners will be disclosed during the exhibition. For further information, please contact: Saab Press Centre, +46 (0)734 180 018  Follow us on twitter: @saab  Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions within military defence and civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents around the world. Through innovative, collaborative and pragmatic thinking, Saab develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. 

Ahlstrom-Munksjö responds to increasing demand for industrial filtration applications by investing EUR 28 million in its Filtration business

AHLSTROM-MUNKSJÖ OYJ, PRESS RELEASE, JUNE 18, 2018 at 16:45 EEST Ahlstrom-Munksjö continues to grow its attractive Filtration business as customer demand increases globally. In the Filtration and Performance business area, the company will invest about EUR 28 million to expand manufacturing capacity as well as product capabilities. The project will start in 2018 and is expected to be completed during the first half of 2020.  Fulvio Capussotti, Executive Vice President of Business Area Filtration and Performance, states: “This investment will enable us to create additional capacity in Turin, Italy, and will allow us to support growing demand for high-end filtration materials. Turin is already Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s largest plant globally and this investment will further consolidate our position as one of the leading global platforms for high-performance filtration material development and production. This investment also includes rebuilding and modification of our existing plants in Malmedy, Belgium and in Ställdalen, Sweden. We see an opportunity to use the remaining capacity of these two plants to develop unique filtration solutions for industrial applications, without affecting our ability to serve and support our existing customers at these plants.” The investment supports Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s strategic ambition to maintain a leading position in selected niches of the global fiber-based solutions market that offer positive growth outlook and are supported by sustainable market drivers. The company has responded to growing customer demand by successively expanding its filtration manufacturing capabilities globally through several new and expansionary investments in the past few years. Today, Ahlstrom-Munksjö is one of the global leaders in filtration materials for the transportation and industrial sectors. The Filtration and Performance business area develops and produces filtration materials for transportation as well as industrial applications. It also produces glass fiber for flooring products and wind turbine blades and makes nonwoven materials for automotive, construction, textile and hygiene applications and wallcover materials. For further information, please contact:

Raketech publishes prospectus and announces price range in connection with the listing on Nasdaq First North Premier

Raketech Group Holding plc (”Raketech”, the ”Company” or the “Group”), a Nordic leading online-based marketing company, today publishes its prospectus and announces the price range for the initial public offering (the “Offering”) of its shares and listing on Nasdaq First North Premier. The Offering in brief · The Offering is being made to institutional investors internationally and in Sweden, as well as to the general public in Sweden. · The final Offering price is expected to be set within the price range of SEK 26 – 34 per share, corresponding to a market capitalisation of approximately SEK 639 – 835 million, before the Offering. · The Offering comprises at least 11,764,705 and up to 15,384,615 newly issued shares, where the number of shares is determined based on the final price in the Offering so that the Company will receive approximately SEK 400 million before transaction costs. The Offering also includes 2,335,670 existing shares sold by six selling shareholders. · Certain selling shareholders and seven additional shareholders (together with the selling shareholders “Selling Shareholders”) have granted an option to Danske Bank A/S, Danmark, Sverige Filial (“Danske Bank”) and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (“SEB”, together with Danske Bank, the “Managers”) giving Managers the right to purchase up to 2,658,042 additional shares to cover potential over-allotments or other short positions, if any, in connection with the Offering (the “Over-allotment option”). · Providing that the Over-allotment option is fully exercised the total value of the Offering amount to approximately SEK 530 – 551 million, corresponding to 45 – 51 percent of the total number of outstanding shares post completion of the Offering. · A prospectus with full terms and conditions is published today 18 June 2018, on the Company's website · The first day of trading for Raketech’s shares on Nasdaq First North Premier is expected to be 29 June 2018, under the symbol "RAKE". The expected settlement day is 3 July 2018. Michael Holmberg, CEO of Raketech: “Since start, for eight years ago, we have grown to become one of the leading actors on the iGaming market with a unique product offering. We are a motivated, experienced and dedicated team that look forward to a continued sustainable and long-term growth through a clear operative model with focus on optimisation of current assets, innovation as well as acquisitions of qualitative assets. We asses that where the organisation is today is an adequate timing for broadening the shareholder base and apply for a listing on Nasdaq First North Premier. The offering will pander our continued growth, contribute to an optimised capital structure, increase the acquisition opportunities and establish a diversified ground of new Swedish and international shareholders. In addition, the listing on Nasdaq First North Premier will increase the awareness of the Company among customers and potential employees as well as contribute to an increased transparency and quality in the iGaming market.” Christian Lundberg, Chairman of the Board of Raketech: “Raketech is with high operational capabilities and advanced technical solutions, operating in the fast-growing European gambling industry. The Company has great opportunities to drive the continued development of the industry through responsible affiliate services focusing on user value, thus securing long-term and sustainable growth. At the same time, we will continue to drive the active acquisition agenda where we target high quality assets with leading market positions. With a clear strategy for continued profitable growth, we are excited to broaden the ownership base and offer the opportunity for an enlarged group of shareholders to follow us into the exciting future of the Company.” Background and reasons for the Offering Raketech is a marketing actor whose primary business involves using its online products to influence iGaming market users who are interested in sports and gambling and to guide them towards the best gambling services. By providing products with high-quality and relevant content the Group increases awareness among users of the offerings of various gambling operators and other advertisers to make it easier for the users to choose an end-service. Raketech attracts a wide audience through various types of online products via browsers and applications. In 2017 the Group directed approximately 67,000 NDCs to its partners, had almost 28 million visitors to its largest product in terms of number of visits, Altogether, the Company’s TV guides had 94 million page views during the year. Raketech was formed in 2010 to focus on the affiliate business, primarily for online poker in the Swedish market. Since then the Group has grown and is now also focusing on online casinos, online sports betting and media products, and has expanded its product offering into the entire Nordic market. The Company’s revenue has grown continuously – both organically and through acquisitions – and has been profitable every year since the start. In the 2017 financial year the Company’s revenue amounted to approximately EUR 17.1 million. The board of directors and Raketech’s senior executives, as well as the Selling Shareholders (consisting of existing board members and senior executives in the Company) are of the opinion that this is an appropriate time to expand the Company’s shareholder base and apply for a listing on Nasdaq First North Premier. The Offering and the listing will support the Company’s continued growth, give Raketech access to the capital markets and establish a diversified base of new Swedish and international shareholders. Raketech also believes that the listing on Nasdaq First North Premier will increase awareness about the Company among customers and potential employees. The board of directors of Raketech intends, in accordance with an authorisation under the articles of association, to resolve on an issuance of new shares and the Offering covers both existing shares and newly issued shares in the Company. The Offering is estimated to raise around SEK 400 million for Raketech before issue costs of around SEK 35 million, which are to be paid by the Company in connection with the Offering. Raketech therefore expects to receive net funds of around SEK 365 million. Raketech intends firstly (up to approximately EUR 30 million) to use the net funds to optimise the current capital structure, secondly (up to approximately EUR 4.1 million) to settle amounts committed on acquisitions, and thirdly (up to any eventual amounts remaining after the first and second-hand purposes) to make potential new and near-term value-creating acquisitions. The exact distribution of the net funds depends among other things on possible new acquisition opportunities. The Offering · The Offering is being made to institutional investors internationally and in Sweden, as well as to the general public in Sweden. · The final Offering price will be determined within the price range SEK 26 – 34 per share. The price range has been set by the Company’s board of directors and Selling Shareholders in consultation with the Managers based on the judged investment interest from institutional investors. The Offering price to the public will not exceed SEK 34 per share. The final Offering price will be determined by the Company’s board of directors and the Selling Shareholders in collaboration with the Managers, and will be announced by way of a press release on or about 29 June 2018. · The Offering comprises at least 11,764,705 and up to 15,384,615 newly issued shares, where the number of shares is determined based on the final price in the Offering so that the Company will receive approximately SEK 400 million before transaction costs. The Offering also includes 2,335,670 existing shares sold by the Selling Shareholders. · The Offering may comprise an additional of maximum 2 658 042 shares, corresponding to 15 percent of the total number of shares that is comprised in the Offering, to cover potential over-allotment in relation to the Offering. The Over-allotment option can be exercised by the Managers completely or partly during the first 30 days from the first day of trading of the Company’s shares on Nasdaq First North Premier. · The value the Offering amounts to approximately SEK 461 – 479 million, corresponding to 39 – 44 percent of the total number of outstanding shares in the Company. Providing that the Over-allotment option is fully exercised the total value of the Offering amounts to approximately SEK 530 – 551 million, corresponding to 45 – 51 percent of the total number of outstanding shares post completion of the Offering. · The bookbuilding period for institutional investors starts 19 June 2018 and will progress to 28 June 2018. · The subscription period for the general public in Sweden will take place during the period 19-27 June 2018. · A prospectus with full terms and conditions is published today 18 June 2018, on the Company's website · The first day of trading for Raketech’s shares on Nasdaq First North Premier is expected to be 29 June 2018, and the shares will trade under the symbol "RAKE". The expected settlement day of the Offering is 3 July 2018. Prospectus and application A prospectus will be made available on the websites of Raketech and Danske Bank ( Regarding the offering to the general public in Sweden, customers of Danske Bank, Avanza and Nordnet can apply to purchase shares through their online services. Preliminary timetable · Publication of the prospectus:                                                        18 June 2018 · Application period for the general public in Sweden:                     19 June - 27 June 2018 · Bookbuilding for institutional investors:                                          19 June - 28 June 2018 · First day of trading of Raketech’s shares:                                      29 June 2018 · Settlement date:                                                                             3 July 2018 About Raketech Raketech is an online-based marketing company. Its primary business involves offering products that enable the Company to guide users in the iGaming market who are interested in sports and gambling to the best gambling services. By providing products with high-quality, relevant content the Company increases users’ awareness of the offerings available from various gambling operators and other advertisers, enabling users to choose an end-service more easily. Raketech works through three operational areas: Core, Lab and M&A. In Core the Company develops and optimises its existing products, in Lab the Company develops innovative new products in-house or through joint ventures, and in M&A the Company acquires new assets in line with its overall acquisition strategy. The Company mainly uses two different marketing methods to attract traffic to its products: Performance-based marketing and Media-based marketing. Raketech’s product offering is divided into four product areas: SEO products, communities, online guides and social media. Raketech charges its partners using three main revenue models (revenue share, upfront payment and flat fee) and also applies a fourth model that is often a mix of the main models (known as a hybrid). During 2017 revenue from revenue share, upfront payment and flat fee models made up 55 percent, 26 percent and 20 percent respectively of Raketech’s revenue. The number of NDCs has increased since 2015 from 5,270 to 67,193 in 2017. The number of employees as of 31 March 2018 was 95. The Group focuses on around 20 websites which generate traffic and online players to more than 300 brands belonging to 80–100 different iGaming operators (also known as customers or partners). For the full year 2017 Raketech’s revenue amounted to EUR 17.1 million, corresponding to a year-on-year growth of 64 percent. The Group reported adjusted operating profit of EUR 9.0 million, representing a growth of 12 percent and margin of 52 percent. Raketech’s strengths and competitive advantages · A broad and strong product offering · A well-diversified product portfolio focusing on the most profitable verticals · A well-developed it platform · Innovative capacity · A strong history of strategic acquisitions · A scalable and dynamic business model · A large and broad customer base · Corporate responsibility A broad and strong product offering By working strategically, through its three operating areas, Raketech has developed a broad range of products that is constantly being optimised and is growing through the development of existing products, innovative new products and strategic acquisitions. The Company divides its product offering into four product categories: SEO, communities, online guides and social media. The current product range consists of around 20 main products with high-quality content, which satisfies the various needs of a broad spectrum of online players. The products include comparison sites, discussion forums for online sports betting, top offers for online casinos and TV guides. A well-diversified product portfolio focusing on the most profitable verticals Today the majority of Raketech’s revenue stems from lead generation products, mainly consisting of SEO products within the online casino and online sports betting verticals. In addition to lead generation products, the Company has broadened its product offering to include media products, mainly consisting of online guides and communities within online sports betting. To increase awareness of the Company’s products and thus also the traffic to these, the Company uses social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. An addition to Raketech’s product portfolio is its expansion into the affiliate market for financial marketing, for which it received a Best Financial Website award as early as the beginning of 2018. A well-developed it platform Raketech is a data-driven organisation with a high degree of automation. This has been achieved by investing in an in-house developed IT platform, The HUB, which brings together all of the Company’s internally developed systems and allows efficient data collection and analysis. The HUB enables centralisation of operations and provides the Company with extensive data in the form of traffic data, ranking data and revenue data for all of the Company’s products and partners. Innovative capacity The Company has succeeded in developing a large number of innovative products that complement the existing range of products in the iGaming market and that are appreciated by online players. The latest products to have been developed include Gambling Cabin and Playerr. Gambling Cabin expands the social aspect of iGaming and enables users to share their gaming experiences in video format, which is already an established concept in e-sport, among other areas. Playerr, meanwhile, combines all of the Company’s product categories in one mobile app – in other words, an all-in-one product. A strong history of strategic acquisitions Since 2015 the Company has made 21 acquisitions, the latest being Shogun Media, the assets of online casino affiliate Mediaclever and the SEO product which took place in Q2 and Q1 2018, respectively. Past acquisitions have been of varying size, mainly within the online casino and online sports betting verticals but also within financial affiliation. The Company has historically obtained significant strategic advantages and synergies from acquired assets. The Company has a well-planned acquisition strategy, which is based, among other things, on acquiring medium-sized assets and companies within the Company’s four product categories to complete its offering in current markets and expand to new geographical markets with predictable regulation, to achieve a stable growth. Raketech intends to actively continue acquiring and be complicit in the ongoing consolidation of the iGaming market. A scalable and dynamic business model The three key factors in Raketech’s business model are developing the existing product portfolio through Core, innovativeness through Lab and efficient integration of acquisitions through M&A. Through Core and Lab the Company is growing organically, while the M&A side accounts for the Company’s acquisition-driven growth. Raketech’s well-founded growth strategy is based on the Company’s ecosystem, which is made up of the Company’s four product categories. A large and broad customer base The Group works with more than 300 brands belonging to 80–100 different iGaming operators and generates traffic to the leading iGaming operators in the market, such as Betsson, Kindred, Bet365, Svenska Spel and Danske Spill. Through its media products the Group also has many customers other than iGaming operators. The Company has for instance through the online guide gained access to customers such as C-MORE, Viaplay and Eurosport. Corporate responsibility iGaming operators are often responsible for how external actors market their products. In line with increasing regulation, this means an increased risk for iGaming operators in their choice of affiliate. Raketech strives to be at the forefront as regards regulatory compliance and codes of conduct. The Company therefore works closely with its partners to comply with the strict rules and regulatory requirements that apply to both the Company and its customers. Advisors Danske Bank A/S, Danmark, Sverige Filial and SEB Corporate Finance, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB act as Joint Global Coordinators and Joint Bookrunners (the Managers) in connection to the offering. Gernandt & Danielsson Advokatbyrå KB act as legal advisor in Sweden, GANADO Advocates act as legal advisor in Malta and Vinge KB is the legal advisor to the Managers. For further information, please contact: Michael Holmberg, VD / Andreas Kovacs, CFO /   Email: Raketech Group Holding plc 6 Paceville Avenue, St Julian’s, STJ 3109, Malta  Important information This press release does not contain or constitute an invitation or an offer to acquire, sell, subscribe for or otherwise trade in shares or other securities in Raketech. Invitation to the persons concerned to acquire shares in Raketech will only be made through the prospectus referred to in this press release. The prospectus will contain, among other things, risk factors, financial statements as well as information regarding the Company’s Board of Directors. This press release has not been approved by any regulatory authority and is not a prospectus and accordingly, investors should not acquire any securities referred to in this press release, except on the basis of information provided in the prospectus referred to in this press release. In certain jurisdictions, the publication or distribution of this press release may be subject to restrictions according to law, and persons in those jurisdictions where this press release has been published or distributed should inform themselves about and abide by such restrictions. The shares or securities of Raketech have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”) or with any securities regulatory authority of any state or jurisdiction within the United States, and no shares or other securities in Raketech may, directly or indirectly, be offered, sold, resold, transferred, delivered or distributed to or within the United States. No shares or other securities in Raketech will be offered in the United States. There are no plans to register shares or other securities in Raketech, or to conduct an offering of such shares or securities, in the United States. This press release may not be announced, published or distributed, directly or indirectly, in or into Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa or the United States or any other country where such action is wholly or partially subject to legal restrictions or where such action would require additional prospectuses, other offer documentation, registrations or other actions in addition to what follows from Swedish law. The information in this press release may not be forwarded, reproduced or disclosed in such a manner that would contravene such restrictions or would require such additional prospectuses, other offer documentation, registrations or other actions. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in a violation of the Securities Act or laws applicable in other jurisdictions. This press release contains forward-looking statements which reflect Raketech’s current view on future events and financial and operational development. Words such as “intend”, “will”, “expect”, “anticipate”, “may”, “plan”, “estimate” and other expressions than historical facts which imply indications or predictions of future development or trends, constitute forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements inherently involve both known and unknown risks and uncertainties as they depend on future events and circumstances. Forward-looking statements do not guarantee future results or development and the actual outcome could differ materially from the forward-looking statements. The information, opinions and forward-looking statements concluded in this announcement speak only as of its date and are subject to change without notice. In connection with the Offering, Danske Bank may engage in transactions that stabilise, maintain or otherwise affect the price of the shares for up to 30 days from the first day of trading of the shares. Specifically, SEB, the Selling Shareholders and the Company have agreed that Danske Bank, in its capacity as stabilising manager (the “Stabilising Manager”), may over-allot shares or effect transactions with a view to support the market price of the shares at a level higher than that which might otherwise prevail. The Stabilising Manager and its agents are not required to engage in any of these activities and, as such, there is no assurance that these activities will be undertaken. If undertaken, the Stabilising Manager or its agents may end any of these activities at any time and they must be brought to an end at the end of the 30-day period mentioned above. Save as required by law or regulation, the Stabilising Manager does not intend to disclose the extent of any stabilisation transactions.

Vonovia to complete the offer to the shareholders in Victoria Park and extends the acceptance period

On 3 May 2018, Vonovia SE, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Deutsche Annington Acquisition Holding GmbH (“Vonovia Acquisition Holding”), announced a recommended public cash offer to the shareholders of Victoria Park AB (publ) (“Victoria Park”) to tender all their shares in Victoria Park to Vonovia Acquisition Holding (the “Offer”) at a price of SEK 38.00 in cash for each Class A and Class B share and SEK 316.00 for each preference share (the “Offer Price”).[1] The acceptance period has expired and, according to the preliminary outcome of the Offer, shares in Victoria Park have been tendered to such an extent that Vonovia Acquisition Holding will become the owner of shares representing more than 58% of the total number of voting rights in Victoria Park on a fully diluted basis, including the shares for which call options were issued (see further below). All of the conditions for the completion of the Offer have thus been satisfied and Vonovia Acquisition Holding will complete the Offer. The final calculations of the shares tendered during the initial acceptance period is still in progress and the final outcome is expected to be announced on or around 21 June 2018. Settlement in respect of the Victoria Park shares duly tendered by 18 June 2018 is expected to occur on or around 28 June 2018. Vonovia Acquisition Holding has also decided to extend the acceptance period until 17.00 (CET) on 3 July 2018 to give remaining shareholders in Victoria Park the possibility to accept the Offer. Settlement in respect of shares tendered during the extended acceptance period is expected to occur on or around 3 July 2018 for the shareholders accepting the Offer no later than on 25 June 2018 and on or around 11 July 2018 for the shareholders accepting the Offer after 25 June 2018.[2] Based on the preliminary calculations, shares representing at least 46% of the voting rights in Victoria Park have been tendered during the initial acceptance period. In addition thereto, as previously communicated, shareholders have issued call options to Vonovia Acquisition Holding under which Vonovia Acquisition Holding has a right, but not an obligation, during the period 15-29 May 2019 to acquire 10,235,198 Class A shares and 14,264,946 Class B shares in Victoria Park (the “Call Option Shares”). The Call Option Shares represent approximately 10.04% of the total number of shares and 12.35% of the total number of voting rights in Victoria Park. The offer document in Swedish and English versions and other information about the Offer are published on (information in Swedish), (information in English) and on The information provided herein was submitted for publication on 18 June 2018, 9:40 p.m. CET. Information about the Offer Information about the Offer is made available at: For further information, please contact: Rene Hoffmann                                                                Klaus Markus Phone: +49 (0)234 314-1629                                             Phone: +49 (0)234 314-1149 E-mail:                                  E-mail: Brief description of Vonovia and Vonovia Acquisition Holding Vonovia is Germany’s leading nationwide residential real estate company. Vonovia currently owns and manages around 394,000 residential units in attractive cities and regions predominantly across Germany and manages around 58,000 units for third parties. Its Real Estate portfolio is worth approximately EUR 38.5 billion. As a modern service company, Vonovia focuses on customer orientation and tenant satisfac­tion. Offering tenants affordable, attractive and livable homes is a prerequisite for the company’s successful development. Accordingly Vonovia makes long-term investments in the maintenance, modernization and senior-friendly conversion of its properties. The company will also be creating more and more new apartments by realizing infill developments and adding to existing buildings. The company, which is based in Bochum, Germany, has been listed on the stock exchange since 2013 and was included in the DAX 30 in September 2015. Vonovia is also included in the international indices STOXX Europe 600, MSCI Germany, GPR 250 and EPRA/NAREIT Europe. Vonovia currently has a workforce of approximately 9,500 employees. Further information about Vonovia is available at Vonovia Acquisition Holding is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vonovia and is registered with the commercial register of the local court of Düsseldorf, Germany under registration no. HRB 56563. Vonovia Acquisition Holding is a holding company for various subsidiaries of the Vonovia group. Its business object is to acquire and hold assets and participations in other companies. Brief description of Victoria Park Victoria Park is a Swedish property company, which, through long-term management and social responsibility for more attractive living, creates value in an expanding property portfolio in growth districts in Sweden. As of 31 March 2018, Victoria Park’s property portfolio amounts to 1,083,000 square metres, comprising 13,725 flats, with a market value of SEK 16.2 billion. The shares in Victoria Park are listed for trading on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap. Victoria Park is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Sweden, with corporate registration number 556695-0738. Important information The Offer, pursuant to the terms and conditions presented in the offer document, is not being made to persons whose participation in the Offer requires that any additional offer document is prepared or registration effected or that any other measures are taken in addition to those required under Swedish law. This press release and any related Offer documentation is not being published in or distributed to or into and must not be mailed or otherwise distributed or sent in or into any country in which the distribution or offering would require any such additional measures to be taken or would be in conflict with any law or regulation in such country. Persons who receive this press release (including, without limitation, nominees, trustees and custodians) and are subject to the law of any such jurisdiction will need to inform themselves about, and observe, any applicable restrictions or requirements. Any failure to do so may constitute a violation of the securities laws of any such jurisdiction. Vonovia Acquisition Holding, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, disclaims any responsibility or liability for the violations of any such restrictions by any person. Any purported acceptance of the Offer resulting directly or indirectly from a violation of these restrictions may be disregarded. The Offer is not being made, and will not be made, directly or indirectly, in or into, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa by use of mail or any other means or instrumentality of interstate or foreign commerce, or of any facilities of a national securities exchange, of Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa. This includes, but is not limited to facsimile transmission, electronic mail, telex, telephone, the internet and other forms of electronic transmission. The Offer cannot be accepted and shares may not be tendered in the Offer by any such use, means, instrumentality or facility of, or from within Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa or by persons located or resident in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa. Accordingly, this press release and any documentation related to the Offer are not being and should not be mailed or otherwise transmitted, distributed, forwarded or sent in or into Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa or to any Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong, Japanese, New Zealand or South African persons or any persons located or resident or with a registered address in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa. Banks, brokers, dealers and other nominees holding shares for persons in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa must not forward this press release or any other documents received in connection with the Offer to such persons. Vonovia Acquisition Holding will not deliver any consideration from the Offer into Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa. Any purported acceptance of the Offer resulting directly or indirectly from a violation of these restrictions will be invalid and any purported acceptance by a person located in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa or any agent, fiduciary or other intermediate acting on a non-discretionary basis for a principal giving instructions from within Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa will be invalid and will not be accepted. Each holder of shares participating in the Offer will represent that it is not an Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong, Japanese, New Zealand or South African person, is not located in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa and is not participating in such Offer from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa and that it is not acting on a non-discretionary basis for a principal that is an Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong, Japanese, New Zealand or South African person, that is located in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa or that is giving an order to participate in such Offer from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Vonovia Acquisition Holding reserves the right to permit the Offer to be accepted by persons not resident in Sweden if, in its sole discretion, Vonovia Acquisition Holding is satisfied that such transaction can be undertaken in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. To the extent permissible under applicable law or regulation, Vonovia Acquisition Holding or its brokers may purchase, or conclude agreements to purchase, shares Victoria Park, directly or indirectly, outside of the scope of the Offer, before, during or after the period in which the Offer remains open for acceptance. This also applies to other securities which are directly convertible into, exchangeable for, or exercisable for Victoria Park shares, such as warrants. These purchases may be completed via the stock exchange at market prices or outside the stock exchange at negotiated conditions. Any information on such purchases will be disclosed as required by law or regulation in Sweden. This press release has been published in Swedish and English. Barclays Bank PLC, acting through its Investment Bank (“Barclays”), which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, is acting exclusively for Vonovia and no one else in connection with the Offer and will not be responsible to anyone other than Vonovia for providing the protections afforded to clients of Barclays nor for providing advice in relation to the Offer or any other matter referred to in this announcement. J.P. Morgan Securities plc (“J.P. Morgan”), which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, is acting exclusively for Vonovia and no one else in connection with the Offer and will not be responsible to anyone other than Vonovia for providing the protections afforded to clients of J.P. Morgan nor for providing advice in relation to the Offer or any other matter referred to in this announcement. Forward-looking information To the extent this press release contains forward-looking statements, such statements do not represent facts and are characterised by the words "will", "expect", "believe", "estimate", "intend", "aim", "assume" or similar expressions. Such statements express the intentions, opinions or current expectations and assumptions of Vonovia Acquisition Holding, for example with regard to the potential consequences of the Offer for Victoria Park, for those shareholders of Victoria Park who choose not to accept the Offer or for future financial results of Victoria Park. Such forward-looking statements are based on current plans, estimates and forecasts which Vonovia Acquisition Holding has made to the best of its knowledge, but which do not claim to be correct in the future. Forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that are difficult to predict and usually cannot be influenced by Vonovia Acquisition Holding. It should be kept in mind that the actual events or consequences may differ materially from those contained in or expressed by such forward-looking statements. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] If Victoria Park pays dividends or makes any other distributions to shareholders, for which the record date occurs prior to the settlement of the Offer, the Offer Price will be reduced accordingly. [2] See footnote 1. This applies, for example, to the dividend on the preference shares with record date on 29 June 2018.

Ahlsell acquires Finnish distributor of HVAC brackets and installation tools

Ahlsell Oy has signed an agreement to acquire Kahipa Oy (Kahipa), a Finnish distributor of HVAC brackets and installation tools with annual sales of approximately MEUR 3,5. "Kahipa offers its customers specialist competence in a strategically important niche market. A bulk of the HVAC brackets are sold under private label, and we see good opportunities to extend the offering of these quality products nationwide.” says Mika Salokangas, Head of operations for Ahlsell in Finland. Kahipa has seven employees, two branches in the southern parts of Finland and cater to a broad customer base covering customers in all sizes, from small installation companies to big construction enterprises. “Both existing and new customers can look forward to an attractive and broad product assortment as we join forces.” continues Mika.The acquisition is expected to be closed in the beginning of July and have a minor positive impact on the Group's earnings in 2018. For further information please contact:Karin Larsson, Head of IR and external communications+46 8 685 59 24, karin.larsson@ahlsell.seJohan Nilsson, President and CEO, Ahlsell AB+468 685 70 00, Ahlsell is the Nordic region’s leading distributor of installation products, tools and supplies for installers, construction companies, facility managers, industrial and power companies and the public sector. The unique customer offer covers more than one million individual products and solutions. The Group has a turnover of over SEK 28 billion and about 97 percent of revenue is generated in the three main markets of Sweden, Norway and Finland. With about 5,600 employees, more than 230 branches and three central warehouses, we constantly fulfil our customer promise: Ahlsell makes it easier to be professional! Press release, June 19, 2018

Hexagon acquires SPRING Technologies, makers of machine tool simulation and verification software

Hexagon AB, a global leader in digital solutions, today announced the acquisition of SPRING Technologies, a software provider specialising in integrated solutions for optimising the machining workflow through machine tool simulation, toolpath verification and optimisation, and machine tool management. Its solutions are in use at major OEMs and suppliers worldwide, helping streamline the manufacturing process through the optimisation of machine tool performance and productivity.SPRING Technologies has been pioneering innovative Computer Numerical Control (CNC) solutions for machine tools for over 30 years. Its flagship portfolio, NCSIMUL, is a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions providing native CNC code programming, CNC simulation, cutting and tool libraries, CNC program management, real-time machine monitoring and technical content publication. Together, they enable complete mastery of the machining process across a variety of manufacturing sectors including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, and transportation.“Manufacturing must be ‘smart’ if it’s to produce the next generation of products at reduced costs. The acquisition of SPRING Technologies further strengthens our Autonomous Connected Ecosystem (ACE) strategy which will ultimately enable the smart factory,” said Ola Rollén . “Machining simulation is essential to connecting the physical world with the digital and achieving autonomy – both of which are prerequisites to delivering smart factory solutions.”Headquartered in France, with offices in America, Germany and China, SPRING Technologies employs around 100 people. The company will operate within Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division as part of the CAD/CAM and production software business currently led by the Vero Software brand.SPRING Technologies will be fully consolidated as soon as regulatory approval has been obtained. The acquisition has no significant impact on Hexagon’s earnings.For further information, please contact:Maria Luthström, Investor Relations Manager, Hexagon AB, +46 8 601 26 27, Kristin Christensen , Chief Marketing Officer, Hexagon AB, +1 404 554 0972, 

Ongoing MTG split process to follow completion of Kinnevik share distribution

MTG and NENT Group will operate as separate companies from 1 July 2018 as previously announced, and the Board of Directors of NENT Group held its first constituent Board meeting in London last Friday. The members of the Board of NENT Group comprise current MTG Board Directors David Chance (Chairman), Simon Duffy and Nathalie Tydeman. Additional Board members will be appointed in due course. Separately, MTG and TDC A/S (“TDC Group”) have terminated the previously announced merger agreement to combine MTG Nordics (MTG Nordic Entertainment and MTG Studios) and TDC Group. The termination follows the completion of the previously announced public takeover offer for all of TDC Group’s shares by a financial consortium. **** NOTES TO EDITORS MTG (Modern Times Group MTG AB (publ)) is a leading international digital entertainment group and we are shaping the future of entertainment by connecting consumers with the content that they love in as many ways as possible. Our brands span TV, radio and next generation entertainment experiences in esports, digital video content and online gaming. Born in Sweden, our shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (‘MTGA’ and ‘MTGB’). This information is information that MTG is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out below, at 08:00 CET on 19 June 2018. Contact (or Tobias Gyhlénius, Head of Public Relations; +46 73 699 27 09) (or Stefan Lycke, Head of Investor Relations; +46 73 699 27 14)Download high-resolution photos: Flickr Follow  / Facebook  / Twitter  / LinkedIn  / Instagram  / YouTube To read MTG’s Privacy Policy : click here 

Portuguese hospital expands its VNA from Sectra with digital pathology to improve cancer care

“Sectra’s digital pathology solution gives us access to already-proven calculation algorithms that will translate into greater reproducibility of results and have an impact on clinical decisions,” says Dr. José Cabeçadas, Pathology Manager, Instituto Português de Oncologia de Lisboa. IPO Lisboa is expanding its medical imaging IT solution for radiology to also include pathology. The solution will provide pathologists with instant access to images and related data, digital tools for reviewing the images and the ability to collaborate across both departments and locations. “The use of a single system for the entire hospital guarantees a universal availability of resources and the possibility to work remotely,” continues Dr. Cabeçadas. “An immediate additional benefit is that the solution will provide increased efficiency in the preparations for multidisciplinary meetings.” Sectra’s digital pathology solutionSectra’s digital pathology solution includes digital tools which enable the pathologists to make their diagnoses and carry out reporting with higher precision and less time spent per case. It is a complete, vendor-neutral solution for primary diagnostics that includes storage solutions and an advanced review workstation. Sectra’s pathology solution is part of Sectra’s Enterprise Image Management (EIM) solution. Sectra’s enterprise imaging portfolio provides a unified strategy for all imaging needs, and improves patient outcomes while lowering operational costs. The scalable and modular solution supports the most image-intense departments—radiology, breast imaging, pathology, cardiology and orthopaedics. Being built on the same technical platform, customers can easily extend a departmental solution to create a comprehensive VNA. Read more about Sectra Enterprise Image Management and why Sectra PACS is “Best in KLAS” at

Breakthrough recognition for Veoneer’s LIV research platform

On June 13, CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, organized for the third time in a row the CLEPA Innovation Awards Gala, in The Hague, Netherlands. The gala was a breakthrough for Veoneer’s LIV research platform. LIV demonstrates how we can achieve greater safety benefits from automation, as the car and driver will work together to achieve the driver’s goals in a smooth and fast way. LIV is an artificial intelligence-equipped car with the capability to understand and respond to context. When driving with LIV, drivers will not shut systems off which often is the case in ordinary cars, but keep using them, thus increasing the safety benefits of all safety systems available. LIV finished as second in two separate categories, Safety and Connectivity & Automation, the only project to receive award in more than one category. “This was a recognition that trust and human/system interaction will be a key to success in automation and autonomous driving,” says Jan Carlson, Chairman, President and CEO of Veoneer after the spin-off from Autoliv has been completed. Inquiries: Thomas Jönsson, Group Vice President Communications, Tel +46 (0)8 58 72 06 27 About Veoneer Veoneer has the ambition to be a leading system supplier for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving as well as a market leader in automotive safety electronics products. Veoneer designs and builds state-of-the-art hardware, software, and electronic systems and its offering includes active safety products such as automotive radars, cameras with driver assist systems, night vision systems and positioning systems, restraint control systems, and brake systems. Veoneer and its joint-ventures has 7,500 employees in 13 countries. Veoneer is currently a subsidiary of Autoliv, Inc. with its stock-listing expected on July 2, 2018 on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “VNE” and on Nasdaq Stockholm under the symbol “VNE SDB”. About Autoliv Autoliv, Inc. is the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, and through its subsidiaries develops and manufactures automotive safety systems for all major automotive manufacturers in the world. Together with its joint ventures, Autoliv has more than 72,000 employees in 27 countries. In addition, the Company has 23 technical centers in nine countries around the world, with 19 test tracks, more than any other automotive safety supplier. Sales in 2017 amounted to about US $10.4 billion. The Company's shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ALV) and its Swedish Depository Receipts on Nasdaq Stockholm (ALIV sdb). For more information about Autoliv, please visit our company website at “Safe Harbor Statement” This release contains statements that are not historical facts but rather forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements include those that address activities, events or developments that Autoliv, Inc. or its management believes or anticipates may occur in the future, including those related to the completion and timing of the spin-off and distribution, including the satisfaction of the conditions to the distribution and the receipt of all required regulatory approvals, and the expected performance of Autoliv and Veoneer following completion of the spin-off. All forward-looking statements are based upon our current expectations, various assumptions and/or data available from third parties. Our expectations and assumptions are expressed in good faith and we believe there is a reasonable basis for them. However, there can be no assurance that such forward-looking statements will materialize or prove to be correct as forward-looking statements are inherently subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause actual future results, performance or achievements to differ materially from the future results, performance or achievements expressed in or implied by such forward-looking statements. Numerous risks, uncertainties and other factors may cause actual results to differ materially from those set out in the forward-looking statements, including general economic conditions and fluctuations in the global automotive market. For any forward-looking statements contained in this or any other document, we claim the protection of the safe harbor for forward-looking statements contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, and we assume no obligation to update publicly or revise any forward-looking statements in light of new information or future events, except as required by law. 

Change in Volvo’s Group Executive Board

The current Deputy CEO and CFO Jan Gurander will continue his work as Deputy CEO with the task of leading Volvo’s strategic and operational activities together with President and CEO Martin Lundstedt. In a world that is changing at an increasingly rapid rate, Jan Gurander will assume responsibility for a number of the Group’s key challenges and strategic issues. Jan Ytterberg, born in 1961, has been appointed CFO and will become a new member of the Volvo Group Executive Board. Jan Ytterberg currently serves as the CFO of Swedish company Husqvarna Group and has almost thirty years’ of previous experience from the automotive industry from his various positions at truck manufacturer Scania. The date on which Jan Ytterberg will take up his new position is yet to be decided. In addition, the current Executive Vice President Group Human Resources Kerstin Renard will step down from her role at the end of the year. The process of recruiting her successor has been initiated. “I have great respect for Kerstin Renard’s work over her 11 years at Volvo,” said Martin Lundstedt. “She has led the Group’s HR activities and delivered excellent results in both times of prosperity and a difficult financial crisis.” June 19, 2018 Journalists who would like further information, please contact: Joakim Kenndal, Head of Media relations, Volvo Group, tel, 46 31 323 72 29.  For more information, please visit Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Volvo Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. Volvo, which employs almost 100,000 people, has production facilities in 18 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets. In 2017, the Volvo Group’s sales amounted to about SEK 335 billion (EUR 33.4 billion) and its shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.  

Itiviti partners with Syspower of Taiwan to expand NYFIX global connectivity footprint in Asia

Syspower already benefits from a prevalent position in Taiwan. Over the past decade, the firm has built a strong local market presence allowing buy-side and sell-side financial institutions to reach over 500 connections through its FIXNet connectivity network. Syspower decided to turn to Itiviti’s NYFIX to address the growing demand from Taiwanese institutions to connect to international trading venues. Itiviti has a strong growth strategy for the NYFIX Marketplace international trading network, leveraging the platform’s ability to seamlessly connect with any OMS solutions. This “plug and connect” feature naturally positions NYFIX as the go-to solution for local vendors looking to expand their international footprint at minimal cost. The Itiviti-Syspower partnership is already proving fruitful for the two companies with new clients signed following the availability of the joint offering and prospective business opportunities lining up. “Working with experienced international vendors is second nature for Taiwan firms as we operate in an increasingly globalized marketplace,“ said Stony Fan, Chairman of Syspower. “The quality of our exchanges with Itiviti from our first meetings and the support our teams received during the whole process were fantastic; getting customers live was a simple, fully managed process. This partnership gives us confidence that we can expand greatly.” Philippe Carré, Itiviti Global Head of Business Development commented: “We see a great fit between our expansion strategy in Asia and the growing demand from local technology vendors to extend their reach. Launched early 2017, our NYFIX hub in Asia has helped sustain intense market demand and, under the Itiviti GAP - Global Alliance Program, to onboard a number of key regional partners. making NYFIX the Asian FIX connectivity utility of choice.” Ofir Geffen, President Director Asia Pacific and Japan, Itiviti, adds: “We harbor ambitious plans for our Asian development, with half of the Itiviti offices already located in the region - I firmly intend to make it one of our strongest business. It is essential for us to leverage a strong pan-Asian ecosystem of providers to sustain the growth dynamic – I am delighted to welcome Syspower as our latest partner.” For further information, please contact:Christine Blinke, Chief Marketing Officer, Itiviti, Tel. +46 739 01 02 01,  About SyspowerSyspower is a leading IT service provider with solid industry knowhow, especially in financial category. With fruitful experience in financial industry operations and skillful talents, Syspower has won high reputation and recognition from customers over the years. FIXNet is the leading trading platform operated by Syspower. It provides financial transaction services, including securities and options, which was ranked in the first place in Taiwan’s financial trading market. For more information about Syspower, please visit or write to About ItivitiItiviti is a market-leading global provider of multi-asset trading technology and financial infrastructure solutions for buy-side and sell-side market participants, including NYFIX, one of the industry’s largest FIX-based trading communities. Serving around 2000 clients worldwide, we provide consistent, reliable access to the most up-to-date and innovative order routing, connectivity and trading solutions available. Top-tier trading firms, banks, brokers, exchanges and institutional investors rely on our technology, solutions and expertise to streamline their daily operations, connect to their desired markets, and trade when and where they want. All while being able to comply with global regulation. With global offices in 18 locations covering all major financial centers the merger of Itiviti and ULLINK in March 2018 created a full-service technology and infrastructure provider, covering all asset classes, geographies and regulatory landscapes. For more information, please visit or Itiviti is owned by Nordic Capital Fund VII. 

OptiGroup to acquire Moonen Packaging in the Netherlands

OptiGroup has agreed to acquire 100 percent of the shares of the Dutch packaging distributor Packagegroup Moonen B.V. The transaction, which is subject to approval by the Dutch Competition Authority, is expected to be completed during the summer. The purchase price has not been disclosed. Moonen Packaging, with revenues of EUR 51 million in 2017 and around 80 employees, has been a family business since the 1950s and is a leading and fast growing distributor of packaging solutions in the Benelux. The company designs, develops, sources, stocks, sells and distributes customised packaging solutions as well as hygiene paper, cleaning and catering products. Moonen Packaging is a European leader in the field of sustainability with focus on cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for the industrial and retail sector. The comapny has won the prestigious “most sustainable company in the Netherlands” award. The acquisition of Moonen Packaging follows the recent acquisitions of three other packaging distributors by OptiGroup: Telpak and Mercamer in Finland, and Proxima in Romania. Moonen Packaging will continue to be led by Gé Moonen, who has successfully grown and developed the Company for the last 12 years. OptiGroup’s President and CEO, Christoph Sander comments:“We have followed Moonen Packaging for a long time as a European leader in sustainable packaging, with a strong market position in the Benelux and a long history of developing innovative products and services. Subject to clearance by the Dutch competition authority, we look forward to working together closely. We will provide further information at the appropriate time.” Gé Moonen, Managing Director and third generation owner of Moonen Packaging comments:“Moonen Packaging has been our family business for many years and it has been very important for me to find the right long-term home for the company and all our employees. Potentially becoming part of OptiGroup means that we can develop the business even faster and with access to OptiGroup’s wider assortment. I am certain this combination will benefit existing and new customers and suppliers. OptiGroup shares my passion for sustainable packaging, which is also very important.”

EQT granted exclusivity to acquire Azelis, a global distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients

· EQT VIII, with PSP Investments as co-investor, is in exclusive discussions to acquire Azelis, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients with a global presence in more than 40 countries · Azelis provides a diverse range of products and innovative services to more than 43,000 customers and 2,000 principals · EQT VIII to support Azelis’ continued growth by leveraging EQT’s experience with buy-and-build strategies, digital capabilities and global network of industrial advisors The EQT VIII fund (“EQT” or “EQT VIII”), in partnership with the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (“PSP Investments”) as co-investor, has been granted exclusivity to finalize the discussions to acquire Azelis (“Azelis” or “the company”) from funds advised by Apax Partners. Azelis was established in 2001 through the merger of Novorchem (Italy) and Arnaud (France). It has since followed an active acquisition strategy to create a leading specialty chemical distribution network in Europe. Today, Azelis supports more than 43,000 customers who benefit from its applicationknow-how and technical support and have access to a wide product portfolio from more than 2,000 specialty raw materials producers. The company has 1,800 employees and sales of around EUR 1.8 billion. EQT will support Azelis’ continued development by providing access to both operational and financial resources and by leveraging EQT’s expertise with buy-and-build strategies. In addition, EQT will provide digital capabilities and grant the company access to a global network of industrial advisors. Azelis’ current management team, under the leadership of Dr. Hans-Joachim Müller, will continue to lead the organization. “Azelis holds a leading position in the attractive specialty chemical distribution space,” said Bert Janssens, Partner at EQT Partners, Investment Advisor to EQT VIII. “We have been impressed by how Azelis’ management team transformed the business from a predominantly European operator to a leading global platform. EQT looks forward to working with Hans-Joachim and his team on their continued growth journey.” “We are constantly strengthening our capabilities to serve our key suppliers (“principals”) and our diverse base of customers,” said Dr. Hans-Joachim Müller, CEO of Azelis. “We are grateful for Apax’s support over the past three years and are excited to continue our journey together with EQT.” EQT draws on comprehensive expertise and competence in business services. Since 1994, EQT has invested in many companies within the services sector. “EQT applies a long-term, responsible and sustainable development approach, relying on a consistent industrial logic,” explained Kristiaan Nieuwenburg, Partner at EQT Partners, Investment Advisor to EQT VIII. “Azelis will benefit from this growth-focused investment philosophy, as well as our sector expertise.” “Strong relationships with leading private equity firms are at the core of our investment strategy, and we are excited to partner with EQT for the acquisition of Azelis,” said Simon Marc, ‎Managing Director and Head of Private Equity at PSP Investments. “Azelis is a global leader in an attractive market that has strong consolidation prospects. We are very pleased to back Azelis and its world-class management team in their next stage of growth.” The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and the necessary consultation with employee representatives being conducted, and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2018. The parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction value. ContactsBert Janssens, Partner at EQT Partners, Investment Advisor to EQT VIII, +31 202 62 4001EQT Press office, +46 8 506 55 334Verena Garofalo, Advisor, External Communications and Media Relations, PSP Investments, +1 514 218-3795, About EQTEQT is a leading investment firm with approximately EUR 50 billion in raised capital across 27 funds. EQT funds have portfolio companies in Europe, Asia and the US with total sales of more than EUR 19 billion and approximately 110,000 employees. EQT works with portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership. More information: About AzelisAzelis is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients present in over 40 countries across the globe with around 1,800 employees. Our knowledgeable teams of industry, market and technical experts are each dedicated to a specific market within Life Sciences and Industrial Chemicals. We offer a lateral value chain of complementary products to over 40,000 customers, creating a turnover of EUR 1.8 billion. In the US we operate under a number of renowned co-brands that cater to the various markets in the region. More information: About PSP InvestmentsThe Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments) is one of Canada's largest pension investment managers with USD 153 billion of net assets as of March 31, 2018. It manages a diversified global portfolio composed of investments in public financial markets, private equity, real estate, infrastructure, natural resources and private debt. Established in 1999, PSP Investments manages net contributions to the pension funds of the federal Public Service, the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Reserve Force. Headquartered in Ottawa, PSP Investments has its principal business office in Montréal and offices in New York and London. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Targovax granted EU Patent for mutant-RAS neoantigen platform 2nd generation product TG02

Oslo, 19 June 2018: Targovax ASA (“Targovax” or “the Company”; OSE: TRVX), is a clinical stage company focused on developing and commercializing immune activators to target hard to treat solid tumors, announces that the European Patent Office has granted European Patent no 3079715, A Peptide mixture. The patent protects the composition of Targovax's mutant-RAS specific neoantigen vaccine TG02, for stimulating the immune system of cancer patients with RAS mutated tumors. Targovax’s proprietary mutant-RAS neoantigen vaccine platform is designed to treat patients with tumors harboring RAS mutations. Mutations in the RAS genes are a driving cause of cancer development and progression, and is linked to poor prognosis. By inducing an anti-mutant-RAS specific immune response, the TG products have the potential to delay disease progression and increase survival, with a favorable safety profile compared to chemotherapy and many other treatment options. TG02 expands the coverage of RAS mutations beyond TG01, and is targeting all relevant RAS exon 2 oncogenic point mutations which are found in the vast majority of all RAS mutated cancers. Currently, TG02 is being tested in an exploratory Phase Ib clinical trial in patients with locally recurrent RAS-mutated colorectal cancer in combination with the checkpoint inhibitor KEYTRUDA® (clinical study CT TG02-01). This study will provide important clinical data on the safety, immune activation and mechanism of action of TG02. Jon Amund Eriksen, inventor of the TG technology and Co-founder of Targovax, said: "We are glad to see the European patent for TG02 being granted, further strengthening Targovax's intellectual property portfolio covering the very important mutant-RAS trunk neoantigens. RAS is mutated in 20-30% of all cancers, and this 2nd generation product from the TG platform puts Targovax in a position to address an important unmet medical need, which could eventually benefit all RAS mutated cancer patients." For further information, please contact:Renate Birkeli, Investor RelationsPhone: +47 922 61 624Email:  Media and IR enquires:Andreas Tinglum - Corporate Communications (Norway)Phone: +47 9300 1773Email: andreas.tinglum@corpcom.noSimon Conway/Stephanie Cuthbert - FTI Consulting (International)Phone: +44 20 3727 1000Email: About Targovax  Activating the patient's immune system to fight cancer Targovax (OSE:TRVX) is a clinical stage company focused on developing and commercializing immune activators to target hard to treat solid tumors. Immuno-oncology is currently one of the fastest growing therapeutic fields in medicine. Targovax’s primary product candidate, ONCOS-102, is a genetically modified oncolytic adenovirus, used as potential multi-target, neo-antigen therapeutic cancer vaccines. It has been engineered as an immune activator that selectively targets cancer cells. In phase I trials it has demonstrated immune activation at lesional level which was associated with clinical benefit. ONCOS-102’s lead indication is mesothelioma where the virus is currently being developed in a phase II trial. A second trial, in advanced melanoma, is expected to produce important proof of concept data for checkpoint inhibitor refractory patients. In addition, Targovax has a neo-antigen cancer vaccine under development targeting tumors that express mutated forms of RAS. Key proof of concept data for the TG platform from a clinical trial of TG01 in resected pancreatic cancer patients showed encouraging overall survival. A next generation product candidate, TG02 is currently being combined with pembrolizumab in a phase I trial in colorectal cancer. Both platforms are protected by an extensive portfolio of IP, know-how, and have the potential to yield multiple product candidates.

The Volvo FH 25 Year Special Edition — a tribute to an icon

To celebrate the introduction of the Volvo FH in 1993, a quarter of a century ago, Volvo Trucks releases The Volvo FH 25 Year Special Edition. Available as both Volvo FH and Volvo FH 16, it is characterized by its distinctive exterior and interior design, superb driver comfort and state-of-the-art features. Volvo FH is one of the industry's most successful models ever with nearly 1 million trucks sold, creating a way of life for millions of drivers all over the world. The Volvo FH 25 Year Special Edition is therefore not only a celebration of the truck itself but also a tribute to all the customers and drivers who have been driving this icon for the past 25 years. “Volvo FH is the perfect representation of a customer focused mindset and a model that has been pushing the boundaries for a quarter of a century. This magnificent edition truck is therefore both a tribute to the first 25 years and a starting point for our continued successful journey with customers and drivers”, says Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks. “The first-generation Volvo FH meant so much for Volvo Trucks and the whole industry. It was a milestone; in fact, it was a game changer that totally transformed the perception of a modern truck. Working on the design of the edition truck has been a real honor,” says Nigel Atterbury, Senior Graphic Designer at Volvo Trucks. The exterior of this special edition is best described as contemporary with a retro twist. The silver/grey and orange décor highlights the truck’s origin and the striping forms the number 25 to signal the anniversary. The striping combines 3D effects and shadows to echo the design trend of the early 1990’s and gives the truck a distinct retro look. There are two launch colors, one darker, cool grey tone (Mammoth Tree Metallic) and a shiny red (Crimson Pearl), the latter a modern tribute to the original red cab color of 1993. When opening the door, a premium and luxurious interior awaits the driver. Safety has always been key in the Volvo FH and this passion is manifested by orange details in everything from seat belt stitches to curtains, carpets and reflective safety door decals. Using subtle, yet distinct accents, the design team has created a continuation of the safety and driver focus that has always been essential in the Volvo FH. And to enhance a great driving experience, the seats combine quilt and leather to offer exceptional comfort and design. The edition truck also embodies how the Volvo FH has been and remains an innovation leader. It includes some of the truck’s latest breakthroughs and it can be specified with the brand-new extensions to Volvo Dynamic Steering: · Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist. Designed to prevent skidding accidents. · Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist. Engineered to help the driver stay in lane, preventing collisions and roll-over accidents. · Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings. Allows individual adjustment of steering wheel resistance for convenient and comfortable driving. “This truck really shows how Volvo Trucks is driving progress and continues to set new standards in trucking, just like the Volvo FH has done since 1993,” says Tomas Thuresson, Global Long Haul Segment Manager at Volvo Trucks, and concludes: “It is a fantastic edition that pays tribute to a quite outstanding truck and the millions of people; customers, drivers and fans that have been engaged in the Volvo FH for 25 years.” Facts: Volvo FH 25 Year Special EditionVolvo FH and FH16, Globetrotter high sleeper cab or Globetrotter extra high sleeper cab.Two launch colours: Crimson Pearl or Mammoth Tree Metallic. Volvo FH 25 Year Special Edition branded interior and exterior:- Globetrotter sign- Striping- Emblems- customized interior design (curtains, carpets, seats, safety door decals etc.). The Volvo FH 25 Year Special Edition will be built for a limited period during 2018 and 2019. Sales will begin in end of June 2018 (week 25).  Direct link to images in high resolution Link to web site about FH 25 years  June 19, 2018 For further information, please contact:Fredrik Klevenfeldt, Director Public Relations and Social Media, Volvo TrucksTel: +46 31 3221106; email:  Press images and films are available in the Volvo Trucks image and film gallery at   Volvo Trucks provides complete transport solutions for professional and demanding customers, offering a full range of medium to heavy duty trucks. Customer support is secured via a global network of 2,100 dealers and workshops in more than 130 countries. Volvo trucks are assembled in 16 countries across the globe. In 2017, more than 112,000 Volvo trucks were delivered worldwide. Volvo Trucks is part of Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. Volvo Trucks´ work is based on the core values of quality, safety and environmental care.

Mechanism controlling multiple sclerosis risk identified

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, affecting people at a relatively young age. Most are between 20 and 40 years old when they get the first symptoms, in the form of, for example numbness in the arms and legs, visual impairment and dizziness, but also fatigue and depression. The symptoms are caused by an inflammation in the brain and the spinal cord that breaks down the myelin sheath protecting the nerves, thus damaging the axons. Currently there is no cure for MS, but the disease activity can often be halted through medication. Already over 40 years ago it was discovered that genetic variation in the so-called HLA region is the strongest risk factor for developing disease. HLA encodes molecules that are involved in the immune system. However, the specific genes and molecular mechanisms behind the emergence of the disease are not fully established. By using molecular analyses and combining several studies (so-called meta-analysis), including around 14,000 patients with MS and a control group of more than 170,000 healthy individuals, researchers at Karolinska Institutet found that people with the major risk variant HLA-DRB1*15:01 have an increased expression of the HLA-DRB1 gene, thus increasing the risk for the disease. The researchers further discovered a so-called epigenetic regulation of HLA expression as the mechanism mediating this effect. “We show for the first time that epigenetic mechanisms can cause the disease. In addition, we can connect this mechanism to the genetic variant with the strongest risk for developing MS,” says Maja Jagodic, researcher at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet and one of the authors of the article. The researchers also discovered a new HLA gene variant, rs9267649, which reduces the risk of developing MS. This protective variant decreases the HLA-DRB1 gene expression – through the same epigenetic regulation mechanism – thus reducing the risk for MS. The results open new avenues for potential alternative treatments based on specific epigenetic modulation, i.e. to prevent gene expression artificially. This gives hope for people with MS, as well as other autoimmune diseases. “Almost all autoimmune diseases are associated with HLA,” says Lara Kular, co-author and researcher at the same department. The study was carried out through an international collaboration with researchers in the US, Germany, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland (the deCode company). Financing has been granted through funding from, among others, the Swedish Research Council, Neuro, the Swedish Brain Foundation, the European MS Foundation, Petrus and Augusta Hedlund Foundation, AFA Insurance, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Stockholm County Council, and AstraZeneca. Several of the researchers are employed by deCode genetics/Amgen Inc. For more information, see the scientific article. Publication: ”DNA methylation as a mediator of HLA-DRB1*15:01 and a protective  variant in multiple sclerosis ” . Lara Kular, Yun Liu, Sabrina Ruhrmann, Galina Zheleznyakova, Francesco Marabita, David Gomez-Cabrero, Tojo James, Ewoud Ewing, Magdalena Lindén, Bartosz Górnikiewicz, Shahin Aeinehband, Pernilla Stridh, Jenny Link, Till F. M. Andlauer, Christiane Gasperi, Heinz Wiendl, Frauke Zipp, Ralf Gold, Björn Tackenberg, Frank Weber, Bernhard Hemmer, Konstantin Strauch, Stefanie Heilmann-Heimbach, Rajesh Rawal, Ulf Schminke, Carsten O. Schmidt, Tim Kacprowski, Andre Franke, Matthias Laudes, Alexander T. Dilthey, Elisabeth G. Celius, Helle B. Søndergaard, Jesper Tegnér, Hanne F. Harbo, Annette B. Oturai, Sigurgeir Olafsson, Hannes P. Eggertsson, Bjarni V. Halldorsson, Haukur Hjaltason, Elias Olafsson, Ingileif Jonsdottir, Kari Stefansson, Tomas Olsson, Fredrik Piehl, Tomas J. Ekström, Ingrid Kockum, Andrew P. Feinberg, and Maja Jagodic. Nature Communications, online 19 June 2018, doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04732-5.

Kesko further strengthens its Byggmakker chain in Norway – acquires Gipling AS

Kesko Corporation's subsidiary Byggmakker Handel AS has agreed to purchase Gipling AS, a Norwegian operator in the building and home improvement trade with net sales of approximately €151 million in 2017. With the acquisition of Skattum Handel AS, announced on 7 June, the Byggmakker chain will now have control over 30 Byggmakker stores, providing even greater potential for growth and increased profitability in Norway.  K Group’s building and technical trade division operates in eight countries. Byggmakker is one of the leading operators in the building and home improvement trade in Norway. Byggmakker Handel AS is now strengthening its operations by acquiring the largest Byggmakker retailer Gipling AS. The acquisition follows the recent acquisition of the second largest Byggmakker retailer Skattum Handel AS, announced on 7 June. Gipling AS operates 19 Byggmakker stores and employs some 540 professionals around the Trondheim area. In 2017, the company made €5.5 million in operating profit. “We have now acquired the two largest Byggmakker retailers to secure significant volume for the Byggmakker chain in Norway. The acquisitions of both Skattum Handel and now Gipling strengthen our possibilities for further growth and profitability in Northern Europe. The transaction price of the acquired companies, including financial liabilities, is some €147 million. In 2017, the companies’ combined net sales totalled €245 million and EBITDA €11.5 million,” says Jorma Rauhala, President of Kesko’s building and technical trade division and deputy to Kesko's President and CEO. In the building and technical trade, Kesko’s strategic objective is to strengthen its market position in Northern Europe and improve profitability in all operating countries. In Norway, the division operates 25 Onninen stores and 65 Byggmakker stores, of which 35 will operate under the retailer business model and 30 will be operated by the Byggmakker chain following the transaction. Gipling AS, headquartered in Steinkjer, operates Byggmakker stores in the counties of Nordland, Nord-Trøndelag, Sør-Trøndelag and Hedmark. The completion of the acquisition is subject to the approval of the Norwegian competition authorities and the fulfilment of the other terms and conditions of the transaction. Further information:Jorma Rauhala, Deputy to President and CEO of Kesko Corporation, President of the building and technical trade division, tel. +358 105 322 211, jorma.rauhala@kesko.fiJessica Diktonius, Vice President, Communications, K Group's building and technical trade, +358 40 709 9176, Kesko Corporation DISTRIBUTIONMain news

Citycon decided on a quarterly distribution

The Board of Directors of Citycon Oyj has today decided, on the basis of the authorisation by the Annual General Meeting 2018, that an equity repayment of EUR 0.0325 per share be distributed from the invested unrestricted equity fund of the company. The equity repayment will be paid to a shareholder registered in the company’s shareholders’ register maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd on the record date for the equity repayment 21 June 2018. The equity repayment will be paid on 29 June 2018.Following the asset distribution on 29 June 2018, Citycon Oyj has distributed a total dividend and equity repayment of EUR 0.065 per share during the year 2018 and the remaining authorisation of Citycon’s Board of Directors is EUR 0.065 per share.Helsinki, 19 June 2018CITYCON OYJFor further information, please contact:Marcel KokkeelChief Executive OfficerTel. +358 40 154 6760marcel.kokkeel@citycon.comEero SihvonenExecutive VP and CFOTel. +358 50 557 9137eero.sihvonen@citycon.comCitycon is a leading owner, manager and developer of urban, grocery-anchored shopping centres in the Nordic region, managing assets that total approximately EUR 4.5 billion. Citycon is No. 1 shopping centre owner in Finland and among the market leaders in Norway, Sweden and Estonia. Citycon has also established a foothold in Denmark.Citycon has investment-grade credit ratings from Moody's (Baa2) and Standard & Poor's (BBB). Citycon Oyj’s share is listed in Nasdaq

Sandvik divests its stainless wire business

Sandvik's business area Sandvik Materials Technology has signed an agreement to divest its stainless wire business to Zapp Group, a German family-owned leading supplier of advanced metal products. This completes the full scope of the divestment plan for the welding and stainless wire operations, initially announced on 17 May 2017. The deal includes the production unit in Sandviken, Sweden and the global sales organization, along with selected trademarks and patents; in total approximately 145 employees, of which the majority in Sandviken. Revenues for the stainless wire business amounted to 310 million SEK in 2017 and the enterprise value is 183 million SEK. “I am pleased that we have further consolidated the business portfolio to the core operations of Sandvik. Zapp is a focused and strong player in its field, providing a solid platform for the stainless wire business and its employees”, says Björn Rosengren, President and CEO of Sandvik. Closing of the divestment is expected in the third quarter 2018, following fulfillment of customary closing conditions.  For further information, contact Ann-Sofie Nordh, Vice President Investor Relations, tel: +46 8 456 14 94 or Martin Blomgren, Press and Media Relations Manager, tel: +46 70 577 05 49. Stockholm, 19 June 2018 Sandvik AB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sandvik GroupSandvik is a high-tech and global engineering group offering products and services that enhance customer productivity, profitability and safety. We hold world-leading positions in selected areas – tools and tooling systems for metal cutting; equipment and tools, service and technical solutions for the mining and construction industries; products in advanced stainless steels and special alloys as well as products for industrial heating. In 2017, the Group had approximately 43,000 employees and sales of 91 billion SEK in more than 150 countries within continuing operations. Sandvik Materials TechnologySandvik Materials Technology is a business area within the Sandvik Group and a world-leading manufacturer of high value-added products in advanced stainless steels and special alloys as well as products for industrial heating. The cutting-edge expertise is based on an integrated production platform and industry-leading metallurgy and R&D. In 2017, sales were approximately 14 billion SEK with about 6,500 employees.

ChemoTech signs Memorandum of Understanding

The aim of this clinical study is to demonstrate a probable reduction of tumor size(s) and level of pain as well as improvement of life, when patients with cutaneous and subcutaneous head and neck tumors are treated with IQWave™ D-EECT. PPUM has already received “Special Access” for IQWave™ from the authorities, which is an import license for equipment or drugs that are not yet registered in the country. PPUM is formerly known as ‘University Hospital’ is a government-funded medical institution located in Pantai Dalam, southwest corner of Kuala Lumpur, the dynamic and bustling capital city of Malaysia. It was established by Statute in September 1962 and is part of University of Malaya. The objectives of PPUM are to establish, operate and develop a medical centre of international standard and repute; and to co-operate with Faculty in providing facilities for medical education, training, research, internship and consultancy. For more information, please contact: Mohan Frick, CEO +46 (0)10-218 93 00 Scandinavian ChemoTech AB (publ) ChemoTech is a young and dynamic life science company that possesses a great medical expertise and technical knowledge. Our latest launch of IQWave™ is an innovation within electrochemotherapy, that is adapted for the treatment of different types of tumors. ChemoTech strives to contribute to a more accessible cancer care. ChemoTech's shares (CMOTEC B) are listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm and Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance AB is the company's Certified Adviser. The company is headquartered in Malmö, in the midst of the medical technology expansionary Öresund region.

Cantargia’s immuno-oncology antibody CAN04 has obtained the INN nidanilimab by WHO

Cantargia’s lead project CAN04 is investigated in the phase I/IIa CANFOUR clinical trial evaluating treatment of patients with cancer. The focus is on non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) or pancreatic cancer. As part of the ongoing development, WHO has reviewed Cantargia’s application for the INN, confirmed that it fulfills the requirements and selected the generic name nidanilimab for CAN04. “The CAN04 development has reached a stage with a generic name being of relevance. WHO has selected the INN nidanilimab. Cantargia will primarily use nidanilimab in future communication”, Göran Forsberg, Cantargia’s CEO says. For further information, please contact Göran Forsberg, CEOTelephone: +46 (0)46-275 62 60E-mail: This constitutes information that Cantargia AB is required to publish under the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication through the above contact person on 19 June 2018, at 15:00. About Cantargia Cantargia AB (publ), 556791-6019, is a biotech company that is developing antibody-based treatments for life-threatening diseases. The original discovery by the research team behind Cantargia was the overexpression of a specific target molecule, interleukin 1 receptor accessory protein (IL1RAP) in leukemic stem cells. Subsequent research has also identified IL1RAP in many other forms of cancer. The company’s main project, the CAN04 antibody targeted at IL1RAP, is being studied in the CANFOUR clinical phase I/IIa study, where the primary focus is on non-small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. CAN04 has two modes of action: it blocks the function of IL1RAP and stimulates the immune system to destroy tumour cells. Cantargia’s second project, currently in the research phase, is aimed at developing an IL1RAP-binding antibody that is optimised for treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Cantargia is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North (ticker: CANTA). Sedermera Fondkommission is the company’s Certified Adviser. More information about Cantargia is available at


Lund, Sweden – 19 June 2018 –  Dignitana AB , world leader in clinically superior scalp cooling technology, has responded to the announcement made earlier today by the American Medical Association (AMA), on their decision to reject the company’s application to create a unique CPT® code for FDA-cleared automatic scalp cooling devices. The request, which was made at the May 2018 CPT Editorial Panel Meeting, was part of Dignitana’s efforts to provide a pathway for a more universal and standardized patient coverage method. At present, the service of scalp cooling used in conjunction with patients’ chemotherapy treatments for solid tumor cancers is not reflected in CPT nomenclature. CPT® Codes, which are designated by the American Medical Association (AMA) and used to report medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures and services to physicians, health insurance companies and accreditation organizations, are required by insurance companies (Third Party Payers) to correctly and consistently process claims for scalp cooling. Though Third Party Payers determine covered items within a specific patient plan, the creation of a CPT® Code  provides a pathway for a more universal and standardized patient coverage method thereby providing greater access to this quality of life cancer care option nationwide. “While we are disappointed with the outcome of our request to establish a new CPT code for scalp cooling which would have simplified the process for all parties involved, we respect the AMA’s decision and will continue to provide the necessary documentation and data needed to aid in their future assessments,” said William Cronin, CEO of Dignitana AB. “This decision does not change the increasing demand for scalp cooling by patients and we remain committed to working on behalf of all cancer patients to make access to this valuable therapy option easier and more affordable.” Until recently, hair loss was deemed an inevitable side effect of chemotherapy and continues to serve as an unwelcome reminder of the disease to cancer patients and their caregivers. An estimated 10 percent of patients decline prescribed chemotherapy out of fear of losing their hair, making greater accessibility and coverage of scalp cooling a vital component of cancer care. Demand for scalp cooling grew exponentially across the U.S. following successful results from extensive, multi-center clinical trials and subsequent FDA clearances of the technology. The DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System was the first of its kind to be cleared by the FDA in 2015 for use by breast cancer patients  and in July 2017 it became the first device to receive FDA clearance for use by patients with solid tumor cancers . Dignitana will continue to work with the AMA on the complex process of creating a pathway to insurance coverage for scalp cooling and remains dedicated to its role as a market leader and advocate for improving comprehensive cancer care on a national scale. This information is information that Dignitana AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, by the contact below, for publication at 1720 (CET) 19 June 2018 For more information contact: William Cronin, CEO, Dignitana AB +1 469 917 5555 Mikael Wahlgren, Deputy Managing Director, Dignitana AB    +46 709 33 72 20

Apple Pay comes to Nordea’s First Card customers

Offering an easy, secure and private way to pay Because time is precious! Business expenses get a makeover as Apple Pay becomes available to First Card users in the Nordics.Security and privacy are at the core of Apple Pay. When you use a credit or debit card with Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device, nor on Apple servers. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element on your device. Each transaction is authorized with a one-time unique dynamic security code.From the largest companies to the smallest one-person firms, everyone that has ever used a corporate card knows the challenges sometimes associated with making business purchases. Time can be lost in all sorts of administrative processes. This is even more the case if you forget your corporate card and need to use your own personal card or ask for an invoice. Now with the introduction of Nordea’s corporate First Card to Apple Pay, business payments of all kinds from travel expenses to purchasing office supplies are made easy, private and secure.Erik Zingmark, Head of Transaction Banking at Nordea, says: - We are delighted to make it easier to always use your corporate card whether you are a business traveller or making other work-related purchases. The same ease of use and convenience customers enjoy when making consumer purchases with Apple Pay can now be equally enjoyed with a corporate card.Goodbye plastic, hello conveniencePlacing both corporate and personal cards within Apple Pay gives customers the choice of making mobile payments for whatever they may be purchasing throughout the day. - Now we are closing the circle and you can use Apple Pay 24/7 for both your business expenses and consumer purchases. Apple Pay is perfect for both business and pleasure, adds Erik Zingmark. - For business travelers, every minute saved during a long day of taking taxis, planes and trains is extra time that can be used more productively elsewhere.Staying relevant- Our aim is to be more convenient and relevant for our customers and meet them where we see that digital trends are demanding new services. We can see a clear movement from plastic into mobile payments so we started with the consumer side and now it’s only natural to offer the benefits of Apply Pay to our corporate card customers as well. Our strategy is to secure that all cards are connected so it’s possible for the customer to easily choose different ways of paying. We are committed to giving our customers the best experience and Apple have been very dedicated in securing that the customer convenience is really there, notes Lars Boström, Head of Cards, Transaction Banking at Nordea.Apple Pay is easy to set up and users will continue to receive all rewards and benefits offered by credit and debit cards. In stores, Apple Pay works with iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later, and Apple Watch.  Online shopping in apps and on websites accepting Apple Pay is as simple as the touch of a finger with Touch ID, so there is no need to manually fill out lengthy account forms or repeatedly type in shipping and billing information. When paying for goods and services on the go in apps or Safari, Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 and later, iPhone SE, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 and later. You can also use Apple Pay in Safari on any Mac introduced in or after 2012 running macOS Sierra and confirm the payment with iPhone 6 or later or Apple Watch, or with Touch ID on the new MacBook Pro.Read more on: For further information:Claes Eliasson, Group Communications, +46 72 141 67 12

The Children’s Climate Prize presents this year’s jury!

The prize was initiated in 2016 by Telge Energi, a company exclusively working with renewable energy sources thus taking a stand for sustainable development for more than 10 years. But Telge Energi want to do more to help save the world while also supporting others on the same journey. Therefore, the company launched the Children's Climate Prize two years ago to award a child or youth who has made extraordinary world-enhancing efforts focusing on climate and the environment. The prize was established to spotlight the climate issue from the perspective of children and young adults, with the insight that the future at stake is theirs. The winner and all finalists are selected by a jury and the winner receives diploma, a medal and 50,000 SEK. An independent jury has now been appointed and holding the gavel yet another year will be climate profile, Johan Kuylenstierna. Another member of this year’s jury is Luca Berardi, a finalist of the Children’s Climate Prize in 2016, who has since moved to Lund, Sweden. Earlier this year, Luca received Lund's environmental award for his substantial involvement in climate issues. Telge Energi's staff will be more involved in the initiative this year and a staff representative will also take part in this year's jury.  The Children’s Climate Prize Jury 2018:  Johan Kuylenstierna, Senior advisor to Stockholm Environment Institute  Micael Dahlén, writer and professor at Stockholm School of Economics  Doreen Månsson, TV personality, engaged in environmental and social causes  Luca Berardi, finalist of the Children’s Climate Prize in 2016 and recipient of Lund’s environmental award 2018  Zeinab Ismail Adem, WWF Sweden Youth  Katarina Mohlin, Board member of Telge Energi  Telge Energi-staff representative, chosen just before the jury meeting this fall  The Children’s Climate Prize takes place on November 20 - 21st. On April 23rd we started accepting applications and all contributions are easily submitted via a form on our website which can be found here >>   We’d like it if you’d follow us on social media Children’s Climate Prize on Facebook >>  Children´s Climate Prize on Twitter >>  Children’s Climate Prize on Instagram >> 

Changes in ASSA ABLOY’s Group Management

Carolina Dybeck Happe, CFO and Executive Vice President of ASSA ABLOY has decided to leave the company for a position outside the Group. She will be leaving at the end of December 2018 and the process to find her successor has been initiated. “During her time as CFO of ASSA ABLOY Carolina Dybeck Happe has been instrumental in the Group’s growth and acquisition strategy. She has successfully initiated and implemented a digital transformation program enabling the company’s growth in digital services to our customers as well as improving the company’s efficiency by streamlining the information flow within sales, supply chain, R&D and financial and administration services,”says Nico Delvaux, President and CEO ASSA ABLOY. “I would like to take the opportunity to thank Carolina for her long and valuable time within the ASSA ABLOY Group, and I wish her great success in her new position,” Nico Delvaux concludes.  For more information, please contact:Nico Delvaux, President and CEO, tel. no: +46 8 506 485 82Holger Lembrér, Investor Relations Officer, tel. no: +46 8 506 485 76Ann Holmberg, Head of Group Communications, tel. no: + 46 8 506 485 54 This is information that ASSA ABLOY AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, at 08.00 CET on 20 June 2018. About ASSA ABLOYASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end‑user needs for security, safety and convenience. Since its formation in 1994, ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company into an international group with about 47,500 employees, operations in more than 70 countries and sales of SEK 76 billion. In the fast-growing electromechanical security segment, the Group has a leading position in areas such as access control, identification technology, entrance automation and hotel security.

Tieto: new comparison figures based on business transfers

Tieto Corporation        STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE        20 June 2018, 9.00 EET Tieto has implemented internal business transfers that help the company capture consulting-driven market opportunities as well as further drive customer value. As from 1 April, business transfers from Technology Services and Modernization to Business Consulting and Implementation include enterprise application-related business for cloud-born applications, integration consulting and Value Networks as a related solution. Annual sales of the transferred businesses amount to around EUR 37 million. In addition, Tieto's Financial Digital Channels business (previously part of the Industry Solutions service line), with sales of EUR 11 million, was transferred to Business Consulting and Implementation on 1 May. Other business transfers are smaller in size. The business transfers will be included in the second-quarter interim report for 2018 to be published on 20 July. The restated comparison figures are provided in the attachment and the figures are also available in Excel format at . For further information, please contact: Tanja Lounevirta, Head of Investor Relations, tel. +358 50 321 7510, tanja.lounevirta (at) TIETO CORPORATION DISTRIBUTIONNASDAQ HelsinkiPrincipal Media Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. We aim to be customers’ first choice for business renewal by combining our software and services capabilities with a strong drive for co-innovation and ecosystems.  Headquartered in Finland, Tieto has over 14 000 experts in close to 20 countries. Tieto’s turnover is approximately EUR 1.5 billion and shares listed on NASDAQ in Helsinki and Stockholm. 

Wärtsilä introduces new hybrid solar PV and storage solution

The technology group Wärtsilä introduces a new hybrid solar PV and storage solution. Wärtsilä Hybrid Solar integrates solar PV generation and storage to deliver a true “renewables as baseload” solution that is not only climate-friendly, increases resilience and efficiencies but can be supported by a power producer’s existing grid infrastructure. Hybrid Solar will allow utilities to transform the efficiency and reliability of their systems with an adaptable solar PV power plant that can support its baseload needs,” said Magnus Miemois, Director, Hybrids, Wärtsilä Energy Solutions. “As our global energy ecosystem evolves, Hybrid Solar represents a ground-breaking approach to electricity production and power generation.” The IEA estimates  that by 2040, total global generation capacity will increase by 60 percent, and renewable energy sources, like solar, wind and hydro, will make up more than 45 percent of that total. As the world moves towards 100% renewable energy, utilities, independent power producers (IPPs) and other energy providers are motivated to harness its potential. A critical component in maximising the value of the hybrid solution is the software and controls platform that optimizes its performance. Greensmith Energy, a Wärtsilä company, develops and deploys the GEMS platform , now in its fifth-generation. GEMS enables intelligent energy applications that focus on monitoring and operating energy storage power plants and hybrid power plants formed by energy storage, thermal generation, and renewable sources. GEMS ensures system optimization of both energy storage and generation assets through changes in market conditions and rate structures – effectively "future-proofing" energy storage investments for both power developers and regulated utilities. This is just the latest hybrid energy solution offering Wärtsilä has brought to the market. Most recently, Wärtsilä delivered a 15 MW solar PV hybrid power plant  – the largest in the world – to Essakane Solar SAS in Burkina Faso, which operates with 55 MW Wärtsilä thermal power plant. The solar PV plant and the engine power plant are now controlled and operated in synchronisation, thus forming the largest engine-solar PV hybrid power plant in Africa. The ability to control and optimise the usage of engines and solar power will enable the mine to decrease its fuel consumption by approximately 6 million litres per year and to reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 18,500 tons. Wärtsilä introduces the new Hybrid Solar at Intersolar Europe 2018 , the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry, at Messe München exhibition center in Munich. Wärtsilä, located in Hall B2, booth #154, will host an event to mark the launch of Hybrid Solar on Wednesday, 20 June from 14:00-15:00. Intersolar attendees and members of the media are invited to attend. For more information, please contact: Magnus MiemoisDirector, Hybrid Energy SolutionsWärtsilä Energy SolutionsTel: +358 10 Lisa MagnusonSenior Vice President, Global MarketingGreensmith Energy – a Wärtsilä CompanyTel: +1 (415) 531 Wärtsilä Energy Solutions in briefWärtsilä Energy Solutions is a leading global energy system integrator offering a broad range of environmentally sound solutions. Our offering includes ultra-flexible internal combustion engine based power plants, utility-scale solar PV power plants, energy storage & integration solutions, as well as LNG terminals and distribution systems. The flexible and efficient Wärtsilä solutions provide customers with superior value and enable a transition to a more sustainable and modern energy system. At the end of 2017, Wärtsilä had 67 GW of installed power plant capacity in 177 countries around the world.  Wärtsilä in briefWärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. By emphasizing sustainable innovation, total efficiency and data analytics, Wärtsilä maximizes the environmental and economic performance of the vessels and power plants of its customers. In 2017, Wärtsilä's net sales totaled EUR 4.9 billion with approximately 18,000 employees. The company has operations in over 200 locations in more than 80 countries around the world. Wärtsilä is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. 

Tikkurila launches a new high-performance all-seasons epoxy primer for Protective Coatings

The volume solids content of Temacoat HS-F Primer is 80%, so the paint has a lower VOC value compared to conventional epoxy primers. It also provides shorter drying and recoating times even at low temperatures (down to -10°C), which is a considerable advantage. Temacoat HS-F Primer can be used all year round, expanding the geographic area of application. This high-performance primer enables a wide range of film thicknesses in one layer, which makes the painting process of complex structures easier. – Temacoat HS-F Primer is developed for the demanding, long-term protection of steel. Compared to traditional primers, it dries and cures very fast even at low temperatures typical for Northern Europe. It is truly a time-saving solution: since it is over-coatable after only two hours, you can get the job done in one day, says Michael Aamodt, Group Business and Portfolio Development Director at Tikkurila Oyj. Temacoat HS-F Primer at a glance ·All-seasons product (-10°C – +40°C) ·Fast drying and curing especially at low temperatures ·80% volume solids ·Short overcoating time (2 h) with polyurethane topcoat ·Wide film thickness range ·Excellent adhesion to steel, aluminum and galvanized steel ·Low VOC (200 g/l) ·High corrosion resistance ·Easy application with airless spray and brush ·Long max overcoating interval Download the Temacoat HS-F Primer brochure  Further information: Tikkurila GroupMichael AamodtBusiness & Portfolio Development Director, Protective and Industrial CoatingsTel. +47 22 80 32 90, Mobile +47 47 41 98 48Email

Million homes programme houses become self-sufficient in energy using PowerCell’s fuel cells

Gothenburg, Sweden, June 20, 2018 The English version is an in house-translation. In case of any discrepancy, the Swedish text will prevail. The municipal housing company Vårgårda Bostäder, together with Nilsson Energy, is currently working on making several houses of the million homes programme self-sufficient on renewable energy. The properties are owned by the municipal housing company Vårgårda Bostäder, while Nilsson Energy is responsible for systems and integration. The first house is now being renovated and the ordered fuel cell system will be used there. In total, six houses with 29 apartments each will be renovated, and the plan is to install fuel cells in each house. The hydrogen will be stored in a building separated from the residential buildings. The houses are initially two-story buildings but are now being expanded with a third floor to accommodate more apartments and new roofs optimized for the use of solar cells. At the same time, the houses are being made more energy-efficient. The energy that is not used during the summer will be converted to hydrogen and stored. In the winter, the stored hydrogen will be used to run fuel cells which will generate both electricity and heat. The houses will become fully self-sufficient in electricity and heat. "This is a very exciting project that in a very tangible way shows the huge potential and benefits of hydrogen-fuelled fuel cells," Per Wassén, CEO of PowerCell, said. "These houses will produce all the energy they need and will become off grid, that is, disconnected from the grid and completely self-sufficient in electricity and heat. Increased domestic production of hydrogen by means of solar and wind energy, together with fuel cells, could create a society without any negative impact on our environment and our climate. This is technology that truly can help save our planet.” The work of rebuilding the million homes program houses in Vårgårda has already started and the first house is expected to be ready for occupancy during autumn-winter. The houses in Vårgårda are not the only ones that will be self-sufficient in energy using hydrogen and fuel cells. PowerCell has already delivered a fuel cell system to Skellefteå Kraft’s Zero Sun Project. Zero Sun is a house that has been specifically designed and built for the use of hydrogen and fuel cells. Also, this house will be completely self-sufficient in energy using the sun and with hydrogen as an energy carrier. Despite being built in the northern part of Sweden, this house will produce enough energy during the summer to cover the need for heat and electricity during the cold and dark winter months. About PowerCell PS-5 PowerCell PS-5  has been developed to meet the need to generate electricity on an environmentally friendly, silent and reliable basis. The system can be used as a back-up power generator for telecom and traffic systems, but also as a generator for buildings and households. PowerCell PS-5 is available in three versions and facilitates increased use of renewable energy, if it is integrated with e.g. solar panels. The system is based on the PowerCell S2  robust fuel cell stack.

TagMaster has received a significant order for the new RFID RailTag

Press release, Stockholm, Sweden, June 20, 2018 TagMaster, the leading supplier of advanced sensor systems for Smart Cities within Traffic and Rail Solutions has received a significant order for the new RFID RailTag to be used in London Underground. The new RailTag is an evolution of the successful MarkTag HDS FP with a proven track record in numerous CBTC Metro installations worldwide. The Marktag HDS FP has been sold in numbers of tens of thousands during the last 12 years. The new RailTag is designed to have a 20 year expected Service Life in CBTC applications and by this it addresses the increased need of availability of the tracks in the most heavily trafficked Metro Systems around the globe. Since it is fully compatible with the MarkTag HDS FP it can be used in existing CBTC installations without any further adjustments of the RFID Radio systems on the vehicles. The London Underground upgrade is an essential part of Transport for Londons effort to cope with the capitals population growth by a projected 1-2 million people over the next 15 years The products will be delivered during 2018. ” This order confirms that our ambition that, together with Balogh, become a stronger supplier within Rail Solutions is clearly materializing. We together have a wider product offering and we will together become a true leading actor in train signaling” says Jonas Svensson, CEO, TagMaster. For further information please contact: Jonas Svensson, CEO, +46 8-6321950,   About TagMaster TagMaster is an application driven technology company that designs and markets advanced sensor systems and solutions based on radio & vision technology (RFID, Radar & ANPR) for demanding environments. Business areas include Traffic Solutions and Rail Solutions sold under the brands TagMaster, CitySync, Balogh, CA Traffic and Magsys with innovative mobility solutions in order to increase efficiency, security, convenience and to decrease environmental impact within Smart Cities. TagMaster has dedicated agencies in the US and in China and exports mainly to Europe, The Middle East, Asia and North America via a global network of partners and, systems integrators. TagMaster was founded in 1994 and has its headquarters in Stockholm. TagMaster is a public company and its shares are traded on First North stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden. TagMasters certified advisor is Erik Penser Bank.

Gasum diversifies services by acquiring Enegia’s energy market services

Gasum has signed an agreement with Enegia to acquire Enegia’s energy market services business. The transaction covers the shareholdings of Enegia Consulting Oy, Enegia Portfolio Services Oy and intStream Oy. The transaction is anticipated to be completed during August 2018. Customers of Enegia energy market services business include energy companies, industry and the public sector. Energy market services employ around 35 professionals in energy sourcing and sales and in emissions trading and green certificates. Enegia’s energy market services personnel will transfer to Gasum when the transaction is closed. Energy market services will continue its business and service provision to current customers. Gasum’s aim with the transaction is to expand service provision to the natural gas market and throughout the company's operating area in the Nordic countries. ”The energy sector and gas market are changing rapidly. The competencies of Enegia’s experts will diversify and strengthen Gasum's service mix. The acquisition will enable us to offer more comprehensive services to our current customers and lead the way in the energy sector. It will also provide us with an excellent platform for the development of our product selection in the future by expanding our services geographically as well as by launching new services also in the gas market,” says Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen.  ”The transaction will make Enegia an EnerKey-driven expert in energy management. We’re happy that Gasum as the new energy market services owner will strengthen the further development and expansion of this business as well,” says Enegia Group Oy Managing Director Kalle Ahlstedt.

Cognosec completes acquisition of ITWAY’s Cyber Security Value Added Distributor interests in Turkey and Greece

Cognosec AB (publ) (“Cognosec”), (Nasdaq:COGS OTCQX:CYBNY), a leading provider  of cyber security resilience with operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, signs Share Sale and Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) with ITWAY S.p.A. (“ITWAY”), a public company listed on the stock exchange managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (“ITW.MI”), to acquire its Turkish and Greek cyber security product Value Added Distributors, subject to usual closing conditions.   Cognosec today announces the signing of a SPA related to the acquisition by Cognosec AB of 100% of the shares in ITWAY HELLAS SL SA & ITWAY TURKYIE LTD with aggregate revenues in 2017 of €26m* and EBITDA of €1.9m resulting in a Cognosec AB combined 2017 pro-forma revenue basis of €44m* The total consideration payable by Cognosec for the transaction is €10m consisting of €2m in cash with the balance made up of €8m in Cognosec AB new issue shares. The share consideration will be satisfied by the issue of 16,666,666 new shares resulting in 278,958,409 issued shares from 262,291,743 previously and a dilution of 6.35%. No external debt has been required to complete this transaction. The sale by ITWAY of the Value Added Distribution (VAD) businesses in Greece and Turkey completes the divestment programme of their VAD businesses. The Greek business, headquartered in Halandri, Athens, is the sole distributor for market-leading cyber brands including Check Point, RSA & McAfee and generated around 30% of the combined businesses’ revenues in the last financial year. The Turkish business, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, generates around 70% of the combined businesses’ revenues and counts CyberArk, Algosec and Rapid7 amongst its sole distributor relationships. Between them, the businesses employ 23 full time personnel. Both organisations have evidenced strong growth records in their respective geography and are both profitable and balance sheet positive. The acquisition of these businesses complements the recent acquisitions made by Cognosec already established in key synergistic geographies that both support and complement Cognosec’s existing geographical and technological infrastructures. The acquisition of the ITWAY businesses will also improve Cognosec’s competitive advantage especially within further geographical footholds for aggressive expansion. The transaction, as expected and previously announced, closed in Q2, 2018. Kobus Paulsen, Chairman of Cognosec commented – “It is with great pleasure that we welcome the ITWAY businesses to the Cognosec Family. Andrea and his Teams in Greece and Turkey have built remarkable cyber businesses that have shown consistent CAGRs of 20% over the past few years. They have built impeccable reputations and strong, loyal and ever expanding customer bases. I am also sincerely looking forward to working closely with Andrea, moving forwards, as a key Strategic Advisor to Cognosec AB where, with his many years cyber-specific experience, he will assist me and my Teams in identifying profitable opportunities for both organic and, merger & acquisition led growth.” G. Andrea Farina, Chairman and CEO of ITWAY said: "We believe that Cognosec is the best option for the future of Value Added Distribution operations in Greece and Turkey. The clever vision of Kobus and the deep knowledge of the cybersecurity market of Cognosec AB, together with the highly ITWAY-relevant roles & footprints in the Greek and Turkish markets represent an exceptionally strong and consistent basis for both growth and leadership in the future. Meanwhile, we will also continue to strengthen our cooperation with Cognosec AB in our common development growth strategies.” 

Anders Nyström new President and CEO of Bulten

Anders Nyström is a mechanical engineer with supplementary education in leadership and economics. He has extensive international experience from the automotive industry and has previously held several leading positions within, amongst others Kongsberg Automotive, Volvo Cars and Ford Motor Company. Anders joins Bulten from IAC Group where he has been Vice President Commercial since 2018. “The Board is delighted with the appointment of Anders Nyström who brings solid experience and knowledge of the automotive industry to Bulten. With his background and leadership I am convinced that he will be able to further develop the company and take it to new successes”, says Ulf Liljedahl, Chairman of the Board. “Bulten is an extremely well-managed company with a very strong platform and position as supplier and partner of fastener solutions to the global automotive industry. I look forward to taking part in the continued journey that this exciting company faces,” says Anders Nyström, incoming President and CEO. Anders takes over as President and CEO after Tommy Andersson, who retires after nineteen successful years at Bulten as previously announced on October 26, 2017. Tommy Andersson will remain President and CEO up to and including February 7, 2019. For further information, please contact: Ulf Liljedahl, Chairman of the Board, Bulten ABtel: +46 40-660 30 00, e-mail: Kamilla Oresvärd, SVP Corporate Communicationstel: +46 70-520 59 17, e-mail: This information is information that Bulten AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the SVP Corporate Communications set out above, at 11:00 CET on 20 June, 2018. Bulten is one of the leading suppliers of fasteners to the international automotive industry. The company’s product range includes everything from customer-specific standard products to customized special fasteners. The company also provides technical development, line-feeding, logistics, material and production expertise. Bulten offers a Full Service Provider concept or parts thereof. The company was founded in 1873, has some 1,400 employees in eight countries and head office in Gothenburg. The share (BULTEN) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. More information can be found at

HSwMS Gotland Relaunched After Mid-Life Upgrade

Strategically important in a nation’s defence, submarines are designed to operate for decades in challenging environments whilst remaining adaptable given the advance of technology and future threats. To keep them at the cutting-edge of technology, Sweden’s Gotland-class submarines have received regular overhauls and upgrades during their operational life. Due to this MLU, the Gotland submarine has capabilities that will be found in the next generation of Swedish submarines, the A26.    “The relaunch of Gotland is an important milestone in the evolutionary development of Swedish submarines. After a comprehensive upgrade, integrating the latest generation of important systems such as the Stirling engine, modern sensors and new management functions, Gotland is almost a new submarine, ready to take on missions around the world,” says Gunnar Wieslander, Senior Vice President, head of business area Kockums at Saab. The Gotland was designed and built by Kockums in Malmö in the early 1990’s and commissioned in 1996. The mid-life modification consists of upgrades of onboard systems and technology, sustaining the submarine’s operability, and ensuring service to Sweden beyond 2025. The upgrade process entails many important systems, such as the Stirling Air Independent Propulsion (AIP). Sensors and management system are replaced with updated versions. Even the traditional optical periscope is replaced with a new optronic mast. This updated version of the Gotland will pave the way for the most modern AIP submarine under production today: the A26 for the Royal Swedish Navy. More than 20 systems on-board the new Gotland-class will be implemented in the A26. The MLU of Gotland therefore contributes to the test and qualification of some of the innovative solutions to be implemented in the future Swedish A26 submarine class. The relaunch ceremony of the Gotland took place in Karlskrona on June 20. Please visit for interviews, images and infographics regarding the relaunch. Facts about the MLU of Gotland Length overall                       62 m Beam                                    6.2 m Displacement                       1580 tons (surfaced) Weapons                              Torpedoes, bow tubes, swim-out Propulsion                            Single-shaft, diesel-electric and Stirling AIP Endurance                            Weeks (submerged) Hull                                       Single pressure hull, two pressure tight compartments Crew                                     25 The Building Contract          Modifications of two submarines, verification incl. Set to Work (STW), Harbour Acceptance Test (HAT), Sea Acceptance Test (SAT), training, documentation, spares and upgrade of land-based Training Facility                                              Delivery end of 2018 and 2019 respectively Mid-life Upgrade                   Submarine is cut open in the mid-tank section, adding a new section including sea water cooling, fresh water cooling, water chiller units Improved capabilities;          Stirling AIP MkIII, Masts, Sensors, Communication, Special Ops New rules and regulations:  IMO, Security, Crew Comfort End-of-life and obsolescence issues: Combat and Ship’s Management Systems Experience based improvement For further information, please contact: Saab Press Centre, +46 (0)734 180 018  Follow us on twitter: @saab  Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions within military defence and civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents around the world. Through innovative, collaborative and pragmatic thinking, Saab develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. 

Invitation to Ahlsell's Capital Markets Day

Ahlsell, the leading Nordic distributor of installation products, tools and supplies, will host a Capital Markets Day (CMD) for institutional investors, analysts and financial media on September 4, 2018. The CMD will be held in Stockholm and conducted in English. The day starts at lunchtime and concludes with an optional dinner in the evening. During the CMD, Johan Nilsson, CEO, Kennet Göransson, CFO, and other members of the Group Management will provide further insights into Ahlsell’s strategy for profitable growth. We will cover topics such as market exposure and resilience, profitability development, organic growth initiatives in our main markets and an M&A-deep dive. Please register no later than August 24 by using this link: Please note that the number of participants is limited and that institutional investors, analysts and financial media are prioritized to participate. For further information please contact:Karin Larsson, Head of IR and external communications+46 8 685 59 24, karin.larsson@ahlsell.sePetra Aldén, Senior Executive Assistant+468 685 70 68, Ahlsell is the Nordic region’s leading distributor of installation products, tools and supplies for installers, construction companies, facility managers, industrial and power companies and the public sector. The unique customer offer covers more than one million individual products and solutions. The Group has a turnover of over SEK 28 billion and about 97 percent of revenue is generated in the three main markets of Sweden, Norway and Finland. With about 5,600 employees, more than 230 branches and three central warehouses, we constantly fulfil our customer promise: Ahlsell makes it easier to be professional!

BioGaia appoints new Managing Director

Previously, Isabelle Ducellier has held a number of senior international positions within the Pernod Ricard Group for 20 years, mainly within sales and marketing. She completed her career there as CEO and Board member of Pernod Ricard Sweden and successfully led the integration of Vin & Sprit AB into the Group. After that, she has been a partner and consultant at McKinsey Sweden, among other things in the fields of advanced digital marketing, mergers and acquisitions. In addition to a Master's degree in International Marketing Isabelle has also completed Executive MBA programs at both Harvard and INSEAD. "We are very pleased that we have been able to recruit Isabelle. She has extensive knowledge and a solid international experience of leading positions in sales and consumer marketing, which has become an increasingly important component of our business development. Isabelle also has the intellectual curiosity and energy needed to be able to embark on the advanced research in our business areas including the microbiome field. Here, her experiences from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund are also well-suited," says Peter Rothschild, Chairman of the Board at BioGaia. "I am very happy about this appointment and look forward to contributing with my special skills to BioGaia’s already very successful business model,” says Isabelle Ducellier, future Managing Director of BioGaia. As previously announced, BioGaia's current Managing Director terminates his employment June 30. From this point until November 5, when Isabelle can leave her assignment at the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, Sebastian Schröder is Acting Managing Director. This information is information that BioGaia AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 20 June 2018, at 15:00 CET.  Latest press releases from BioGaia2018-05-23 Management changes at BioGaia2018-05-22 BioGaia signs exclusive agreement in Mongolia 2018-04-26 General Meeting of BioGaia

Nuevolution publishes prospectus in connection with the listing on Nasdaq Stockholm

Stockholm, 20 June 2018, Nuevolution AB (publ) (“Nuevolution” or the “Company”) announced that Nasdaq Stockholm’s listing committee had approved that the Company’s shares are admitted to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm’s main market. The prospectus that has been prepared in connection with the listing was approved and registered by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority today on 20 June 2018 and is now available on Nuevolution’s website,  The first day of trading on Nasdaq Stockholm occurs on 25 June 2018. Last day of trading on Nasdaq First North Premier is 21 June 2018. The ticker for the Company’s shares, NUE, will remain unchanged. The ISIN code for the Company’s shares, SE0007730650, will also remain unchanged. Shareholders in the Company do not need to take any action in connection with the list change. For further information, please contact: Alex Haahr Gouliaev, CEOPhone: +45 7020 0987       E-mail:   Henrik D. Simonsen, CFO  Phone: +45 3913 0947       E-mail:            The information was sent for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, on 17.00 CET on 20 June 2018. About Nuevolution AB (publ) Nuevolution AB (publ) is a leading small molecule drug discovery biotech company founded in 2001, and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nuevolution partners its discovery platform and programs with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to seek future benefit of patients in need of novel medical treatment option. Nuevolution’s internal programs are focused on therapeutically important targets within inflammation, oncology and immuno-oncology. Nuevolution AB (publ) is listed at Nasdaq First North in Stockholm, Sweden (ticker: NUE). Redeye AB acts as Certified Advisor to Nuevolution AB (publ). More information about Nuevolution can be found on:

New RayStation 8A release adds support for TomoDirect Treatment Delivery

The release of RayStation 8A is one more step towards RaySearch’s goal of unifying treatment planning for as many treatment delivery systems as possible, eliminating the complications and additional steps that arise from using multiple software systems. All TomoTherapy and Radixact users now have access to advanced RayStation features, including multi-criteria optimization (MCO), adaptive planning and Plan Explorer. With the addition of Plan Explorer functionality, TomoTherapy and Radixact clinics can now automatically generate a large number of treatment plans for defined clinical goals and combinations of treatment techniques and machines, optimizing the use of treatment machines and increasing treatment planning efficiency. Improvements for proton and carbon ion therapy include automatic selection of range shifter for PBS machines and DICOM export of magnets in the lateral spreading device sequence for all ion treatment machines. Ion beam commissioning tools have also been refined for easier use, and carbon ion treatment machines are now supported in RayStation’s physics module. RayStation 8A strengthens integration with RayCare. Other general improvements include the possibility to choose independent isocenters and/or independent directions for robust optimization, the ability to view DVHs in absolute volume and an improved user interface for DICOM import. Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, says: “This latest RayStation release is an important step forward. We are very pleased to expand our support for the TomoTherapy platform, giving all users access to innovative RayStation features. We have also included some significant additional features for particle therapy, which is an important focus area for RaySearch. Many more exciting developments are in the pipeline for upcoming releases, and we will announce these in the near future.” About RayCare RayCare represents the future of OIS technology, developed from the ground up by RaySearch to support the complex logistical challenges of modern, large-scale radiation therapy centers. RayCare will integrate the high-performance radiation therapy algorithms available in RayStation with advanced features for clinical resource optimization, workflow automation and adaptive radiation therapy. About RayStation RayStation integrates all RaySearch’s advanced treatment planning solutions into a flexible treatment planning system. It combines unique features such as multi-criteria optimization tools with full support for 4D adaptive radiation therapy. It also includes functionality such as RaySearch’s market-leading algorithms for IMRT and VMAT optimization and highly accurate dose engines for photon, electron, proton and carbon ion therapy. The system is built on the latest software architecture and features a graphical user interface with state-of-the-art usability. About RaySearch RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) is a medical technology company that develops innovative software solutions for improved cancer treatment. RaySearch markets the RayStation treatment planning system to clinics all over the world and distributes products through licensing agreements with leading medical technology companies. The company has now launched the next-generation oncology information system, RayCare, which comprises a new product area for RaySearch. RaySearch’s software is used by over 2,600 clinics in more than 65 countries. The company was founded in 2000 as a spin-off from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and the share has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2003. To learn more about RaySearch, go to:  * Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets. For further information, please contact: Johan Löf, President and CEO, RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) Telephone: +46 (0)8-510 530 00 

Capio appoints Attila Vegh as new CEO

"I am pleased to announce the appointment of Attila Vegh as the new CEO for Capio. He will bring a wide range of experience combined with a dedication to manage change and transformation in clinical environments, both in the private and the public sector", says Michael Wolf, Chairman of the Board of Capio AB. "I also want to take the opportunity to express my and the Boards gratitude to Thomas Berglund who has served Capio for the last ten years. Under his leadership Capio has established itself as market leader through the strategies of Modern Medicine, Rapid Recovery and Modern Management ", continues Michael Wolf. Attila Vegh is a trained doctor with a proven track record as a CEO. He's aged 42 and is currently CEO of Penta Hospitals International, a multi-national healthcare group with over 70 hospitals and clinics in three countries, employing over 14,000 staff. Previous positions include CEO of University Hospitals of South Manchester and CEO at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom. Prior to his CEO roles, Attila Vegh spent five years at McKinsey & Company, leading the transformation programs of large hospital groups across Europe, US and Asia. In addition to his medical training, he also holds a Ph.D in Molecular Cancer Research from the University of Paris and an MSc in Health Management from Imperial College London."I am looking forward to joining Capio, which has a strong international reputation. Healthcare markets are transforming and with Capios strong medical knowledge and operational capabilities, I see exciting potential for its future development. Together with the management team, I look forward to further advancing the company by accelerating the execution of the Capio strategy, with a strong focus on specialization and digitalization", says Attila Vegh. "With the appointment of Attila Vegh we secure a strong and proven manager for Capio and we will now accelerate our strategy to drive medical quality, growth and shareholder value. To ensure this development, the Board and management continuously review operational and structural measures on the back of our increased focus on specialization and digitalization” ends Michael Wolf. For information, please contact:Michael Wolf, Chairman of the Board, Capio ABTelephone: +46 761 11 34 14 This is information that Capio AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 08.00 (CET) on June 21, 2018. Capio AB (publ) is a leading, pan-European healthcare provider offering a broad range of high quality medical, surgical and psychiatric healthcare services through its hospitals, specialist clinics and primary care units. Capio operates in five countries; Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France and Germany. In 2017, Capio’s 13,314 employees (average full-time equivalents) provided healthcare services during 5.1 million patient visits across the Group’s facilities, generating net sales of MSEK 15,327. Capio operates across three geographic segments: Nordic (57% of Group net sales 2017), France (35% of Group net sales 2017) and Germany (8% of Group net sales 2017). For more information about Capio, please see

Alligator Bioscience’s ATOR-1017 strongly activates both T cells and NK cells, important for the effective eradication of tumor cells

Lund, Sweden, June 21, 2018 – Alligator Bioscience (Nasdaq Stockholm: ATORX), a biotechnology company developing antibody-based pharmaceuticals for tumor-directed immunotherapy, will present additional preclinical data for the drug candidate ATOR-1017 at the 3rd Annual World Preclinical Congress in Boston, US. ATOR-1017 is a monoclonal antibody being developed for the treatment of metastasizing cancer. ATOR-1017 activates the costimulatory receptor 4-1BB which is highly expressed on both T cells and NK cells in the tumor environment. These new data show that ATOR-1017 activates NK cells as well as T cells, both contributing to an effective immune-mediated killing of tumor cells. NK cells are immune cells that directly target tumor cells which attempt to evade the immune system. NK cells also enhance the cytotoxic response induced by tumor specific T cells. Agonistic antibodies recognizing 4-1BB will therefore strengthen the tumor killing capacity of both NK cells and cytotoxic T cells. The data further support a best-in-class profile for ATOR-1017, with demonstrated high efficacy and potential for tumor-directed immune activation. “These preclinical data provide further evidence of ATOR-1017’s unique positioning as a best-in-class 4-1BB antibody. ATOR-1017 has the properties and potential to minimize side-effects and to induce a powerful, long lasting immune response,” said Christina Furebring, SVP Research, at Alligator Bioscience. Dr Karin Enell Smith, Senior Scientist Preclinical Development at Alligator, will give an oral presentation with the title: “ATOR-1017 – A tumor directed Fcγ-receptor cross-linking dependent 4-1BB agonistic antibody” today at 3:30 p.m. EDT (9:30 p.m. CEST) For further information, please contact:Cecilia Hofvander, Director Investor Relations & CommunicationsPhone +46 46 286 44 95E-mail: The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 8:00 a.m. CEST on June 21, 2018. About ATOR-1017ATOR-1017 is an immunostimulatory antibody (IgG4) that binds to the costimulatory receptor 4-1BB (also known as CD137) expressed on tumor-specific T cells and NK cells. 4-1BB has the capacity to support the immune cells involved in tumor control, making 4-1BB a particularly attractive target for cancer immunotherapy. ATOR-1017 is differentiated from other 4-1BB antibodies, partly because of its unique binding profile, but also because its immunostimulatory function is dependent on cross-linking to Fc-gamma receptors on immune cells. The aim is to achieve effective tumor-targeted immune stimulation with minimum side effects. About Alligator BioscienceAlligator Bioscience AB is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing tumor-directed immuno-oncology antibody drugs. Alligator’s growing pipeline includes four lead clinical and preclinical drug candidates (ADC-1013, ATOR-1015, ATOR-1017 and ALG.APV-527). ADC-1013 (JNJ-7107) is licensed to Janssen Biotech, Inc., part of J&J, for global development and commercialization. Alligator’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (ATORX). The Company is headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and has approximately 50 employees. For more information, please visit .

Preem and Setra Collaborate on Renewable Fuel

Petter Holland, CEO Preem, and Hannele Arvonen, CEO Setra Group. Photo: Sten Jansin.The planned production facility will turn sawdust into pyrolysis oil, a renewable raw material for biofuel. Construction is expected to begin in 2019, and the facility is estimated to provide around 25,000 tonnes of pyrolysis oil per year that, via Preem’s refinery in Lysekil, will be refined into biofuel. An application for an environmental permit has been made. “This is Europe’s first production facility for pyrolysis oil linked to a refinery. To meet Sweden’s national target of 70 percent fewer carbon emissions in the transport sector by 2030, a number of measures are required. This is why we were immediately interested when Setra got in touch with their plans for a pyrolysis oil manufacturing facility. It’s important to invest in different biofuels, with sawdust being one possibility,” says Sören Eriksson, development engineer at Preem. “Sawdust is a by-product in our manufacture of wood products, and the possibility of producing pyrolysis oil, which can then be used in biofuel, is completely in line with Setra’s strategy to increase the value and climate benefit of our products. We’ve been running the pyrolysis oil manufacturing project with the aim of finding a partner for commercial applications. The fact that Preem now wishes to invest in this facility with us is extremely positive,” says Hannele Arvonen, CEO of Setra Group. The partnership with Setra is part of Preem’s ambition to manufacture 3,000,000 cubic metres of renewable fuel at refineries in Lysekil and Gothenburg by 2030. In 2017 a total of around 9,000,000 cubic metres of fuel were sold in Sweden, of which just over 1,900,000 were biofuel, according to Svenska Petroleum och Biodrivmedel Institutet (SPBI, the Swedish petroleum and biofuel institute). Around 15 percent of all biofuel was produced in Sweden, with the rest being imported from other countries. FACTS – PyrolysisPyrolysis is a process in which a substance is rapidly heated to a high temperature so that the solid material is vaporised and can be condensed into a liquid. Through pyrolysis, branches, roots, tops and sawdust can be turned into oil, which can then be refined into renewable petrol and diesel. For further information, please contact:Preem’s press telephone, +46 (0)70 450 10 01, press@preem.seHannele Arvonen, CEO Setra Group, +46 (0)70 618 19 17Pontus Friberg, Director Enterprise Risk Management Setra Group, +46 (0)70 234 18 94Sören Eriksson, development engineer Preem, +46 (0)70 450 11 05Niclas Brantingson, press officer Preem, +46 (0)70 362 03 99  About PreemPreem is the largest fuel company in Sweden. Our vision is to lead the transformation towards a sustainable society. Our two refineries are among the most modern and environmentally adapted in Europe, with a refining capacity of more than 18 million cubic meters of crude oil per year. Our business encompasses production, sales, distribution, trading and goods supply. We refine and sell petrol, diesel, heating oil and renewable fuels to companies and consumers in Sweden and Norway. Around two-thirds of our production is exported. We also have a nationwide service network with some 570 fuel stations for private and commercial traffic. Preem employs around 1,400 people, of which 950 work at the refineries. Preem had a turnover of SEK 69 billion in 2017. Read more at About SetraSetra is one of Sweden’s largest wood products companies. We process raw material from responsibly managed forests and offer climate-friendly products and solutions for building and living in a global market. The Group has approximately 800 employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 4 billion. Exports to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia account for about 65% of sales. Read more at

Mr Green winner at EGR Marketing and Innovation Awards 2018

In an industry, as generic as online casino, standing out through a creative usage of marketing channels is key to attract and retain your customers. The usage of marketing channels in a relevant and efficient way was the key criteria in this year’s challenge set by the EGR jury. Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO Mr Green Ltd, commented; “Every year in December, all casino operators across the industry bring their best game to attract the most players to their sites. A successful Christmas period is not only important to close of the year, it also builds momentum going into the next year. Being recognised for our creativity and ability to entertain in a relevant way did not go unnoticed by our players last year and we are happy to see it also appealed to the EGR jury." Mr Green’s won the award for a Christmas calendar campaign filled with challenges based on the player’s preferences instead of classic bonus offers. In total over 50 tailored challenges where set up to fit every player’s needs. Being the gentleman of online gaming, all challenges followed the UKGC criteria across all markets. “We base all our product development and player communication on data”, Kärrbrink continued. “The individual player interest is a key driver for our actions. Last year’s Christmas calendar was a great test proving relevance is key when delivering true entertainment and we look forward to taking this one step further this year delivering a 1:1 player experience fully tailored for each individual.”

Nightingale Health and UK Biobank announce major initiative to analyse half a million blood samples to facilitate global medical research

Nightingale Health, the Finnish innovator of an internationally recognized blood biomarker technology for studying chronic diseases, will analyse the biomarker profiles of 500,000 blood samples from UK Biobank. The ground-breaking research initiative was announced today at the UK Biobank Scientific Conference 2018 in London.  Nightingale’s biomarker profiling technology will be used to analyse UK Biobank blood samples by measuring metabolic biomarkers that recent studies have found are predictive of future risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and many other common chronic diseases. Until recently, technological constraints and prohibitive costs have prevented the analysis of comprehensive metabolic data from large-scale biobank collections, but this process has been made viable by Nightingale’s technology, which measures over 200 metabolic biomarkers in a single blood test. This initiative will further enrich the world’s most detailed public health database provided by the UK Biobank.  Professor Sir Rory Collins, UK Biobank’s Principal Investigator, said the commitment by Nightingale to perform these assays would allow researchers around the world to advance health research more quickly. He expects the combination of these biomarker data with the detailed health information that participants have already provided to generate many new insights. “We are delighted to see these novel blood sample analyses being done in UK Biobank,” said Professor Collins. “We already have an enormous amount of information about the lifestyles and genetic make-up of the participants in UK Biobank, as well as about their health, and are currently conducting imaging studies of their brains, hearts and bodies. Providing the medical research community with these additional high quality metabolic biomarker data on such a large scale will enhance discovery science and population science, providing opportunities to benefit patient care and public health.” “Analysing 500,000 blood samples from a single study with Nightingale’s comprehensive biomarker profiling technology allows us to uncover metabolic signatures that reflect a risk for future disease onset, as well as their underlying risk factors. We anticipate this detailed molecular readout of the health state, combining both lifestyle and genetic makeup, will result in a wealth of scientific applications from the research community. This will be relevant not only to the British population but also yield ground-breaking science and enhanced drug development opportunities with a global public health impact,” said Dr. Peter Würtz, Scientific Director and Founder, Nightingale Health. Nightingale Health’s technology has been previously used to analyse more than 500,000 blood samples from over 200 cohort studies and clinical trials around the globe, with more than 150 peer-reviewed publications showcasing how the detailed metabolic biomarker data provide novel insights into health and disease. “Nightingale’s mission is strongly linked to scientific evidence generation. This means working with world-leading institutions and biosample collections to continuously improve the understanding of health and disease. Our aim is to translate this understanding into improved early prediction of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, achieving better healthcare for everyone. Our initiative with the UK Biobank demonstrates Nightingale’s unwavering commitment towards supporting innovative medical science carried out by researchers from across the world,” said Teemu Suna, CEO and Founder, Nightingale Health. The initiative corresponds to over 10 million EUR investment in UK Biobank and will be funded by Nightingale Health, with analyses of UK Biobank samples being performed at Nightingale’s laboratory in Finland. In line with the founding principles of the UK Biobank, this metabolomic data will be incorporated back into the UK Biobank's resource following a 9 months exclusivity period for Nightingale Health and made openly available to the scientific community. 

Kesko becomes the largest omnichannel player in the Baltics by acquiring 1A Group

Kesko Corporation's joint venture in the Baltics, Kesko Senukai, has agreed to acquire 1A Group, one of the leading online retail market players in the Baltic states, with net sales of approximately €41 million in 2017. The acquisition of 1A Group will make Kesko Senukai one of the leading e-commerce operators in the Baltics with online operations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The parties do not disclose the transaction price.  Kesko’s strategic objective in the building and technical trade is to strengthen its market position in Northern Europe and improve profitability in all operating countries. By acquiring 1A, Kesko will gain a strong foothold in the Baltic countries’ growing ecommerce market. "The e-commerce market in the Baltics is fast growing and strongly outpacing brick-and-mortar retailing. With this acquisition, we will become the largest omnichannel player in the Baltics and can serve our customers via our comprehensive store network as well as growingly online. 1A complements the existing online sales of Kesko Senukai Digital especially in Latvia and Estonia, providing us a comprehensive e-commerce platform to serve the whole Baltic market,” says Jorma Rauhala, President of Kesko’s building and technical trade division and deputy to Kesko's President and CEO. 1A Group was founded in 2002 and has grown into one of the leading online retail market players in the Baltic states. The company started as an electronics online retailer, but has since transformed into a multi-industry product online retailer. K Group’s building and technical trade division operates in eight countries and growingly online. Kesko Senukai is the leading Do-It-Yourself retail company in the Baltics and operates 22 K-Senukai stores in Lithuania, 9 K-Senukai stores Latvia, 8 K-Rauta stores in Estonia and 17 Oma stores in Belarus as well as a successful e-commerce platform. The completion of the acquisition is subject to the approval of the local competition authorities and the fulfilment of the other terms and conditions of the transaction. The transaction is expected to be completed during the second half of 2018. Further information:Jorma Rauhala, President of the building and technical trade division of Kesko Corporation and Deputy to President and CEO of Kesko Corporation, tel. +358 105 322 211, jorma.rauhala@kesko.fiJessica Diktonius, Vice President, Communications, K Group's building and technical trade, +358 40 709 9176, Kesko Corporation DISTRIBUTIONMain news

Nexam Chemical publish newsletter

Read, amongst other things, about the new focus area electronics and the new project, together with Swerea Sicomp and others, regarding the development of high performance resins for the aviation industry, funded by Clean Sky Joint Undertaking. The next issue of the newsletter is planned to be published in September 2018. Note: This news has been translated from Swedish. The Swedish text shall govern for all purposes and prevail in case of any discrepancy with the English version. For further information please contact: Anders Spetz, CEO, +46-703 47 97 00,  ____________________________________________________________________________ About Nexam Chemical Nexam Chemical develops technology and products that make it possible to significantly improve the production process and properties of most types of plastics in a cost-effective manner and with retained production technology. The improved properties include strength, toughness, temperature and chemical resistance as well as service life. The improvements in properties that can be achieved by using Nexam Chemical's technology make it possible to replace metals and other heavier or more expensive materials with plastics in a number of applications. In applications where plastic is already used, Nexam Chemicals products can improve the manufacturing process, reducing material use and enable more environmental friendly alternatives. Example of commercial applications: pipe manufacturing, foam production and high-performance plastics. More information about the business will be found on The company´s Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB.

European Commission backs Minesto roadmap for commercial breakthrough

“This grant underscores Minesto’s ability and industry-leading track record in obtaining public funding support from the EU”, said Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto. “More importantly, it also shows that the European Commission acknowledges and supports our market entry approach based on initial small-scale installations and early-stage customer involvement.” Supported by potential customers and partners in the Faroe Islands, France and Belgium, Minesto’s proposal was one of the few selected by the European Commission in competition with 2,148 other applications from small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in 43 countries. The awarded phase 1 grant of €50,000 will be used for a feasibility study of commercial Island Mode (off grid) installations of Minesto’s marine energy converter DG100. In addition to composing a commercial product that will enable faster market entry and volume scale-up, the DG100 system also serves a key role in the commercialisation and industrial rollout of Minesto’s utility scale systems, which target the company’s main market of large-scale array installations. SME Instrument is part of the European Commission’s research and development programme Horizon 2020 and supports ground-breaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to conquer global markets. Highly innovative small and medium-sized enterprises with a clear commercial ambition and a potential for high growth and internationalisation are the prime target. The SME Instrument is divided in different phases with €50,000 grants for feasibility assessment purposes available in phase 1. In phase 2, grants in the range of €500,000–€2.5m or more are available for innovation development and demonstration purposes. “We are looking forward to compete for the SME Instrument phase 2 together with utility customers”, said Dr Martin Edlund. For additional information please contact: Magnus MatssonCommunications Manager, Minesto AB+46 70 570 75 The information in this press release is such that Minesto AB (publ) shall announce publicly according to the EU Regulation No 596/2014 on market abuse (MAR). The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 14:00 CET on 21 June 2018. About Minesto Minesto is a marine energy technology company with the mission to minimise the global carbon footprint of the energy industry by enabling commercial power production from the ocean. Minesto’s award winning and patented product, Deep Green, is the only verified marine power plant that operates cost efficiently in areas with low-flow tidal streams and ocean currents. In May 2015, Minesto secured a €13m investment from the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh European Funding Office, for the commercial rollout of Deep Green. Minesto was founded in 2007 and has operations in Sweden, Wales, Northern Ireland and Taiwan. The major shareholders in Minesto are BGA Invest and Midroc New Technology. The Minesto share (MINEST) is traded on the Nasdaq First North Stockholm stock exchange, with G&W Fondkommission as Certified Adviser. Read more about Minesto at Press images and other media material is available for download via 

Nordic Nanovector Announces First Patient Dosed in Pivotal PARADIGME Trial of Betalutin® in Third-line Follicular Lymphoma Patients

Oslo, Norway, 21 June 2018 Nordic Nanovector ASA (OSE: NANO) announces that the first patient has been dosed in its pivotal PARADIGME Phase 2b trial with Betalutin® (177Lu-satetraxetan-lilotomab) in third-line (3L) follicular lymphoma (FL) patients who are refractory to anti-CD20 immunotherapy (including rituximab), a population with high unmet medical need. PARADIGME is a global randomised Phase 2b clinical trial comparing two Betalutin® dosing regimens (15MBq/kg Betalutin® following 40mg lilotomab pre-dosing; 20MBq/kg Betalutin® following 100mg/m2 lilotomab pre-dosing) in 3L FL patients. PARADIGME aims to enrol 130 patients across 80-85 sites in approximately 20 countries. The objective of PARADIGME is to determine the best dosing regimen for Betalutin® as a new treatment option for 3L FL patients. The data from this study are expected to support market authorisation applications for Betalutin® as a new treatment option for 3L FL patients. The primary endpoint for the trial is overall response rate (ORR) and secondary endpoints include duration of response (DoR), progression free survival (PFS), overall survival (OS), safety and quality of life. Initial efficacy and safety data read-out for PARADIGME is target for the first half 2020. Lisa Rojkjaer MD, Nordic Nanovector CMO, commented: “Dosing of the first patient in PARADIGME marks important progress for Nordic Nanovector in the development of Betalutin® for the treatment of FL patients. We remain convinced of the drug’s potential in this indication following promising clinical data to-date and look forward to advancing this clinical trial to a successful conclusion.” -End- For further information, please contact: IR enquiries Malene Brondberg, VP Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Cell: +44 7561 431 762 Email: International Media Enquiries Mark Swallow/David Dible/Isabelle Andrews (Citigate Dewe Rogerson) Tel: +44 207 638 9571 Email: About Betalutin® Betalutin® is a tumour-seeking anti-CD37 antibody (lilotumab) conjugated to a low-intensity radionuclide (lutetium-177). CD37 is highly expressed in B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL), representing a novel therapeutic target. Betalutin® is internalised in tumour cells and prolonged exposure of the nucleus to radiation destroys DNA leading to tumour cell death. Betalutin® also has a crossfire effect limited to a radius of 40 cells, which destroys surrounding tumour cells. Betalutin has shown promising efficacy and tolerability in the Phase 1/2a LYMRIT 37-01 clinical study in relapsed/refractory follicular lymphoma (R/R FL) and is currently in a pivotal Phase 2b trial, PARADIGME, in third line (3L) FL patients who are refractory to standard-of-care anti-CD20-based therapy (including rituximab). About Nordic Nanovector Nordic Nanovector is committed to develop and deliver innovative therapies to patients to address major unmet medical needs and advance cancer care. The Company aspires to become a leader in the development of targeted therapies for haematological cancers. Nordic Nanovector's lead clinical-stage candidate is Betalutin®, a novel CD37-targeting antibody-radionuclide-conjugate designed to advance the treatment of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL). NHL is an indication with substantial unmet medical need, representing a growing market forecast to be worth nearly USD 20 billion by 2024. Nordic Nanovector intends to retain marketing rights and to actively participate in the commercialisation of Betalutin® in core markets.   Further information about the Company can be found at