As a small charity with a high number of donors, thankQ comprehensively meets the needs of Aberdeen Cyrenians. The thankQ solution is fit for purpose today, as well as having the scalability to manage our forecasted future growth.
Scott Baxter, deputy chief executive for Aberdeen Cyrenians
We believe that Access Group will provide us with the tools to improve the effectiveness of our fundraising initiatives and to gain valuable additional insights into our supporter base.
Chris Duncan, IT and database administrator for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust
Access Group is expanding both through acquisition and organically; it’s very dynamic which really appealed to me. I’m looking forward to working with everyone here, to help build upon the success that has already been achieved and to be part of the growth journey.
Andrew Forster of Access Group
I’m looking forward to bringing my experience within the large corporate environment and blue chip customers to Access Group. The company has ambitious growth plans of which hosting solutions are an important part. It enables organisations to work with one provider for all their business software and hosting requirements making the whole process easier and more manageable for the client.
Daniel Gould, Head of Cloud Hosting, Access Group
It's fantastic to see Burts Chips reaping the benefits of their integrated ERP system and we're delighted to support them in their ambitious growth plans. We look forward to working together as they extend the reach of their solution with business intelligence and human resource management.
Ian Roper, Divisional Director for Supply Chain Solutions at Access Group
With thankQ we’ve made it straightforward for organisations to manage their donations much more effectively and it is part of our overall efforts to ensure our portfolio remains relevant to our marketplace.
Rob Barr, Divisional Director of NFP, Access Group
Changing senior executives' perception of HR is essential given that professional services organisations are fundamentally about the people. Becoming more commercially savvy is key, using technology to back-up strategy with hard data and evidence around the talent base.
Nick Hogan, Divisional Director for HCM at Access Group
Volunteers are the bedrock of any not-for-profit, playing an invaluable part in delivering on the organisation’s remit alongside their employees. The module not only allows organisations to store all manner of data from personal details to DBS disclosures, it also ensures organisations can easily track skills, training history and training needs.
Rob Barr - Divisional Director for NFP at Access Group
Working in partnership with GBG, our clients will be able to conduct pre-employment checks as part of their existing HR process, leveraging their Access solution. This will not only help to improve operational efficiency, but also enhance compliance and reduce the costs associated with manual paper-based screening processes.
Tim Bennett, Manager – Partnerships & Strategic Alliances, for Access Group
We’re now be able to offer a complete solution to museums, galleries, zoos, festivals, and local theatre. With the ticketing component Access will have one of the most comprehensive venue solutions available in the UK. Gamma will complement our existing finance, HR and membership solutions enabling us to offer a more complete package to existing and future customers
Chris Bayne, CEO, Access Group
HR departments can play a key role in helping their organisation by having solid analytical tools in place to track and measure absence trends, not just for the England games but throughout the whole year. By providing these tools they’re helping their colleagues to plan, resource and prioritise more effectively in order to avoid any disruption.
Joshua Gilbertson, MD of TeamSeer
Our HR clients carry great responsibility, not only for day-to-day management of the HR function but also in their duty to understand their talent and advise the Board. Our aim with Access SelectHR is to provide them with the best tools to support them in their role.
Dee Caporali, divisional director for HCM at Access Group
We know that the HR solution will provide our clients with the tools they need to effectively manage their talent base.
Brian Coventry, MD and former CEO for Australian-based Reckon, the parent company behind APS
We use Access Dimensions in our own organisation and rate it highly. We were able to submit our year end audit pack to our accountants just three weeks after our year end because of it. We know it’s a perfect fit for our marketplace and our customers will benefit greatly from what Access has to offer.
Andrew Harrison, FD for Optix
Customers like to know that they are dealing direct with the author of the product, they can question us, visit our development centres and get involved in the product roadmap.
Chris Bayne, CEO, Access Technology Group
We've secured a fantastic speaker line-up for what promises to be an exceptional day for business leaders. With a key focus on how data can be used to drive business success, I believe this will be of invaluable benefit to our attendees.
Chris Tossell, Commercial Director for Access
We also recognised that a major ‘blocker’ is legacy CRM systems that need to be replaced. Failure to do so will lead to continued spend, reduced surplus, increased resource and the opportunity cost of not fully engaging members during times of significant change.
Richard Gott, Head of Membership Development, RCGP & Chair of the MemberWise network
Having Orchestrate as part of our product portfolio adds functionality to our manufacturing solutions. We've been working with the team for a while now and have been very impressed with what they offer, having seen it in action I'm delighted that Orchestrate is now part of our Supply Chain Solutions
Chris Bayne, Access CEO
By using Access' portfolio of manufacturing solutions UK manufacturers can get all the functionality they need from just one supplier. Our software is proven to help businesses grow and become more profitable
Chris Bayne, Access CEO
In an instant we have made our relationship with the sales-force interactive
Jean-Louis Wiedemann, Head of Marketing for Fleet Sales and Used Vehicles at Renault France
I’m a firm believer that our customers’ success will invariably lead to our own success. Investing in commercially viable areas that bring true value to the customer will have a positive impact on the bottom line and drive profits as a result.
Adam Brown, CFO for Access Group
Access SupplyChain will help to streamline our processes, reduce the number of clicks needed to perform any task, as well as reducing the huge number of manual reports that are currently being created. It will make life much easier.
James Wheelwright, CEO for J&C Joel
Through professional services solutions dedicated product boards, working in partnership with our customers, we are defining a ‘total’ ERP solution for professional services automation.
Steve Sawyer, Divisional Director for Professional Services Solutions at Access Group
Our latest figures evidence again that our growth strategy is really working. We continue to focus on R&D and organic growth and have been careful to acquire only excellent companies using compatible technologies to accelerate the development of our core software portfolio. We have increased our customer numbers whilst maintaining the focus on existing customers, offering excellent service reflected in high retention levels
Chris Bayne, CEO for Access
We expect more substantial growth in the coming year. We have further acquisition plans in place for FY14 and will also continue our focus on organic growth and investing in product development. Our offering to the mid-market keeps improving through new products developed in-house for our SaaS platform and acquiring best-of-breed solutions that complement existing solutions
Chris Bayne, CEO for Access
If companies hope to avoid potential growing pains, and drive greater profits from increased turnovers, they will need tools which allow them to take advantage of potential economies of scale.
Ian Roper, Divisional Director for Supply Chain Solutions, Access Group
Access SupplyChain has had an immediate impact. We’ve just completed 16 aircraft and delivered on time. No shortage of materials; MRP calculates exactly what we need to buy and when.
Chris Poland, Operations Director for Acro Aircraft Seating
Companies who optimise their stock levels often ‘discover’ significant volumes of stock that they didn’t know they had available. When this has been cleaned up they may find they no longer need to expand their warehousing space. And this can mean a serious cost saving.
Rob Hodgson, Supply Chain Divisional Sales Manager for Access Group
In Access Dimensions we have a great financial product which continues to deliver efficiency and cost savings to its users, and in Access Insight we have a very powerful BI tool which can draw real-time data allowing businesses to make the right decisions.
Chris Bayne, CEO Access Group
We needed a system that could keep pace with our growth plans, that offered detailed financial reporting and a self-service system for staff expenses and purchase orders. The Access solution will improve business processes, saving a great deal of time and effort.
Paul Hardwick, Financial Controller for CSL DualCom
There will be time and cost savings with service management in particular. Reports are being created manually, along with standing orders and scheduling. The new system will enable a much more efficient way of working and we will automate work-flows wherever possible.
Greg Brennan, MD for Brennan & Company
We’d outgrown our existing Opera Pegasus solution; we were at the database limit, we had problems scheduling our MRP and were looking for a modern SQL based system.
Stephen Wright
We spoke to quite a few different software providers, and we really liked the team at Access, they listened to our needs and we could tell that they were a company we could work with
Stephen Wright
We’ve seen big improvements straight away with Access Delta including much more productive picking and packing.
Geoff Chater, Head of Logistics, Aspray24
We’ve been using PeoplePlanner for three years now and have been very impressed with the functionality and ability to adapt. It’s browser-based so we can deploy it quickly without the need for local hardware in the branches, particularly important for us as we continue to rapidly expand through organic and acquisitional growth
Jason Fabien, Business Process Manager at City & County Healthcare
Every piece of information is in real-time so we get a clear picture of where we’re at, it’s fully-integrated rather than going through a 3rd party provider like a lot of the competitors, and we know our staff love using it
Jason Fabien, Business Process Manager at City & County Healthcare
Our integrated system helps organisations to lessen the administrative burden of managing complex supply chain operations, making them much more efficient and leaner in the process.
Ian Roper, Divisional Director, Access Delta
We believe there’s strength in collaboration with our clients to ensure that forthcoming business requirements are built into our solution ahead of market demand. The new division marks our commitment to serving this sector with the strongest proposition in the marketplace.
Ian Roper, Divisional Director - SCS, for Access Group
We’re projecting our cost savings to be 21% this year with a revenue growth of 2.5% despite the continued recession. Access SupplyChain is playing a major part in helping us to achieve this.
James Rodgers, MD of Derbyshire-based SRM Industries
With Access Delta we’re looking to improve our productivity as well as gain more visibility of current workloads, allowing our warehousing team to focus on their core tasks.
Finance Director for SFI Logistics, Nizam Dollie
Our approach within the NFP sector has always been about visibility of information, not just for financial heads and back office, but for the organisation as a whole
Rob Barr, divisional director for NFP at Access
Access aCloud helps organisations address inefficient processes, providing an immediate solution and taking away risk, cost, complexity and time issues. It’s social ERP for business, connecting staff, customers and supply chain via the cloud.
Jon Jorgensen, executive director for Access Group
Access SupplyChain will help future proof our business and support us as we continue to take advantage of market opportunities.
Steve Smith, Commercial Director for Wetherby Building Systems Ltd
The moment we met Access we really like the company ethos and the people. We knew it was a company that we could work with. When we visited their offices we discovered they have similar values to what we’re trying to implement here, so we really felt the two companies were going in the same direction
Valerie Tracy, Finance Manager at Kelly Self Storage
On seeing the software we quickly realised it is capable of doing everything we wanted. It’s tried and tested and easy to use. It’s really going to improve our reporting
Valerie Tracy, Finance Manager at Kelly Self Storage
We’ll be able to identify underperforming areas of the business, and have more analysis which will help us make the right decisions. Using this information we’ll have better managed reports which will help us increase our future turnover
Valerie Tracy, Finance Manager at Kelly Self Storage
We’ll be able to fully customise the software to allow it to grow and adapt to our business needs.
Olwen Thomas, HR Manager at Newydd Housing Association.
This HR system will empower our staff and managers to have information they need at their finger tips at any time and any place.
Olwen Thomas, HR Manager at Newydd Housing Association.
We really liked Access SelectHR for its familiar look and feel and its intuitiveness. The system is very user friendly, making it easy for our store management teams to access and edit information at their convenience. Information is literally just a click or two away.
Amy Mills, Head of HR for Hamleys
aCloud HR is as easy to use as Facebook and has none of the complexity or time-consuming data entry requirements of other systems that claim to be designed for SMEs. If you have less than 100 employees this is what you need.
Ally Maughan, HR consultant and MD of People Puzzles